袹 Read Format Kindle [ Joy Bauer's Food Cures: Eat Right to Get Healthier, Look Younger, and Add Years to Your Life ] For Free Ѥ PDF by Joy Bauer ढ

袹 Read Format Kindle [ Joy Bauer's Food Cures: Eat Right to Get Healthier, Look Younger, and Add Years to Your Life ] For Free Ѥ PDF by Joy Bauer ढ 袹 Read Format Kindle [ Joy Bauer's Food Cures: Eat Right to Get Healthier, Look Younger, and Add Years to Your Life ] For Free Ѥ PDF by Joy Bauer ढ CHAPTER 1WELCOME TO MY OFFICEMy motto is this Life is hard food should be easy.But for many people, knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat is a puzzle they have lost all hope of ever solving.Anyone who has ever tried to make a commitment to healthy eating knows the obstacles The dizzying number of choices in grocery stores and restaurants the crazy, always on the go schedules of nearly every member of the family the relentless hype and marketing surrounding fatty and sugary snack foods and the powerful appetites fueled by habits, traditions, and humongous portion sizes As if that wasn t enough pressure, add in the swirl of conflicting information about specific diets high carb versus low carb, high fat versus low fat, calorie counting versus no counting, cabbage versus grapefruit versus eggs versus whatever.Who wouldn t feel overwhelmed and frustrated And when we re frustrated, we tend to fall back into old, unhealthy eating patterns Have you ever gone on a diet to lose weight but ended up gaining weight instead Or did you lose weight only to put it back on again within a year or two Has your doctor ever put you on a special diet to treat a health problem, but you soon abandoned it because it was just too complicated for real life If so, you re not alone These scenarios happen often than you might think No one consciously plans to eat her way into a larger dress size or to make himself a candidate for triple bypass surgery But dietary uncertainty can turn the best intentions sour, even when the stakes are high When it comes to good nutrition, it is so easy to go from being totally motivated to feeling utterly defeated.It doesn t have to be that way Whatever else is going on in your life, food should be the least of your worries Eating is a piece of cake.Really.HOW FOOD MAKES US NUTSWe have a strange love hate relationship with food We want to eat cupcakes but still be as slim as Gwyneth Paltrow We fantasize about our ideal meal but settle for a burger and fries from a drive thru window We buy skinny jeans for the body we want to have but then eat comfort foods because those jeans don t fit anything but our dreams Love hate two sides of the same sneaky cookie.Food does than nourish us, so it makes sense that it can elicit complex feelings Of course, its most important role is to give us the vitamins, minerals, energy, and nutrients necessary to keep us alive and healthy but food is also about love and family traditions It s how we celebrate and comfort and nurture which is why food is at the center of weddings and funerals and why it s the first thing we think to bring when we hear a friend is sick Food is about taking away the pain of hunger, but it also has become about easing our boredom, stress, or depression We tend to eat too much of almost everything whenever we get the chance We eat in the car, at work, in front of the TV, or standing over the kitchen sink We snack before meals, after meals, and sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes without even waking up Next to sex, eating is the activity most responsible for making us feel any number of emotions, including happiness, longing, pride, pleasure, shame, weakness, and power.Food is like that great big proverbial elephant in the room that also follows you around all day We try to ignore it, but every time we turn around, there it is Yet despite the huge mammoth role food plays in our lives, we don t really know how to talk about it, at least not in a way that helps us make the best choices when it comes time to eat.I believe the reason some diets become wildly popular for a time is that they allow us to understand food and eating in a new way, and they give us a different language to use when trying to sort out our confusion Think about it During the past decade, we ve all learned the language of carbs what carbs are, what low carb eating looks like, the difference between net carbs and total carbs, bad carbs and good carbs Before that, we studied the language of fats And before fats, we all knew how to parse calories.So it s not that people lack information about food and eating In fact, most of us have information than we know what to do with Many of my clients have such sophisticated vocabularies that they sound like third year nutrition students The problem is that they don t know how to combine all the disparate pieces of the diet puzzle into a plan that they can use to achieve their individual, highly personal goals They are eager desperate, perhaps to gain control over food But they can t do it with words alone That s where I come in.THE POWER OF A STEP WISE PROGRAMI ve been a nutritionist for than 2 decades and have helped thousands of people overcome their worst problems with eating In the process, they have grown stronger and healthier In many cases, they have added 10, 15, or even 20 years to their lives by controlling or even reversing disease.How can food turn your life around Let me tell you about 56 year old Stephen, a high powered lawyer who was all but ordered by his doctors to make an appointment with me To say he was initially resistant to seeing a nutritionist would be an understatement, but in the end, the encouragement and begging and pleading of his wife and children persuaded him to come to see me.He was a nutritional wreck At 5 foot 9 and 250 ds, Stephen was significantly overweight His body mass index BMI was 37, officially classifying him as obese His lab values were high across the board High cholesterol and triglycerides put him at high risk of heart disease, and, due to his high fasting glucose levels, he was officially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.To try to get control over these risk factors, Stephen s doctors put him on three powerhouse medications a blood pressure drug, a statin to lower his cholesterol, and Glucophage to lower his blood sugar And then I got ahold of him.I gave him a food plan to help him lose weight and lower his blood sugar and cholesterol, and when he had an episode of gout, I gave him tips on how to treat that, too Once he overcame his initial reluctance, Stephen approached his new eating program with the same intensity that he used to succeed in every other aspect of his life He made a spreadsheet to track his weight loss and his lab numbers, and he memorized and followed his plan religiously He consulted me whenever circumstances made it than likely that he would need to deviate from the plan that way, he made sure he wouldn t do too much harm He ate cake at his birthday party, he socialized with friends, and he enjoyed holiday celebrations, but he always came back to the guidelines of his food program.At the end of a year, Stephen had lost than 60 ds His critical blood measurements triglycerides, cholesterol, and fasting glucose had all dropped to within normal ranges He continued to take the statin, but he was able to stop taking the Glucophage and the blood pressure medication As of this writing, Stephen has maintained his weight loss and health benefits for eight years His doctor told him that because of the nutritional changes, Stephen has probably added at least ten healthy years to his life.As amazing as this story sounds, Stephen s results are not unusual, and they re well within anyone s reach No matter what your personal health aspirations are, I have a terrific food plan for you I ll even help you figure out exactly what your goals should look like.My objective is to make reading this book as similar as possible to an inperson, one on one consultation with me I ll tell you everything you need to know to lose weight, look gorgeous, improve your mood and memory, boost your bone density, and stay healthy I ll even give you a script to follow a focused 4 Step program that spells out everything you need to know in order to think and eat just like a nutritionist In short, you ll find all of the tools you need for success.STEP INSIDE MY OFFICELet s start at the beginning, with the absolute basics One of the questions I m asked over and over is What defines good nutrition In general, it means eating the right foods in the right combinations throughout the day to optimize your energy and overall health.Of course, the people who come to see me lead different lives and strive to achieve a wide range of goals So for some, good nutrition means focusing on increasing energy I ve worked with professional and student athletes, dancers, actors, and business executives who need to maintain a consistent level of performance For other people who have a strong family history of disease, good nutrition means minimizing their risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, migraine headaches, arthritis, osteoporosis, or cancer For others, it means finding a way to lose the weight they might have been struggling with for years.A while ago, a man I ll call Bruce called me up and told me that one of his friends had lost a ton of weight after he became my client and that this friend now looked phenomenal This client of mine said that I worked miracles Bruce was calling because he had a weight problem, and he knew all the tricks and had been on all the diets, and he had gained and lost 100 ds times than he could count But he was a very busy man and didn t want to bother with an appointment if I couldn t guarantee success Tell me, he said, are you the person who is absolutely going to help me prevail, once and for all The answer to this outright question is what all my clients, and probably you, want to know Can my programs work immediately, quickly, and forever The short answer is Yes, dramatic and long lasting results are absolutely possible But the odds of success depend entirely on you I don t want to give anyone false promises, not in my office and not in this book I m only as good as my clients follow through, so if you re after the kind of transformation that your friends will call miraculous, I m here to help We are a team I m your food coach, but ultimately, you re the one who ll be doing the heavy lifting.A FEW WORDS ABOUT COMMITMENTTo meet your goals, you absolutely need 1 The right coach Well, you ve got me, so cross this one off your list I have a great track record of success with my clients.2 Rock solid nutrition and health information Cross this one off the list, too, because that s what this book is all about.3 A personal commitment to stay in it for the long haul This one is up to you Personal commitment is a big deal None of my tenets will work for very long if you re following them only because you re going on vacation or because someone else is on your back about losing weight You have to be doing this because you want to succeed You have to want results and be willing to work for them, no matter what obstacles get in your way After the economy took a tumble in 2008 and unemployment skyrocketed, I heard lots of stories about how people ran for comfort foods and the liquor cabinet and gave themselves permission to overeat and drink for months My belief is that it s incredibly important, especially in times of intense stress, to stay on top of your nutrition and health.Think about it Whenever you say I m overwhelmed or I m depressed or too busy or too anxious, what do you do Many people react by giving up on good nutrition and eating foods that contribute to illness and make them put on weight that they then spend months trying to shed In the end, they re left feeling depressed, sluggish, and irritable What they don t feel is healthy physically or emotionally.Your commitment to this plan is essential It is a commitment you ll need to honor when you re home, when you re out, when you re traveling, and when you re socializing It is a commitment to totally change your lifestyle.PREPARE YOURSELFChanging how you eat is never easy The first step is to get in the right place mentally If we re going to try to create a little nutritional magic, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for this adventure.Whether you re trying to lose weight, get glowing skin, or reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease, Joy takes the guesswork out of healthy eating Even better, she gives step by step plans that make it easy to work these foods into your everyday life Elizabeth Mayhew, editor in chief of Woman s Day magazineJoy Bauer has done it again This book truly moves the conversation about nutrition forward Joy is one of those rare experts who understands the entire spectrum of food, consumerism, and medicine, and in Food Cures, she encourages the American family to adapt with a large does of urgency, compassion, and common sense Nancy Snyderman, MD, FACS, chief medical editor for NBC NewsJoy wants to help you live longer What better gift could you give the people who love you Ann Curry, cohost of the Today showThis is one book that will change your life Good nutrition is about than diet and counting calories It s a lifestyle of healthy choices that could improve your body and help prevent or cure certain ailments Joy s step by step guidelines make for a hard to fail program that gives you the most out of what you eat and yes, may even change your life Natalie Morales, news anchor for the Today showIf you think of food as the enemy, then you need to devour this book Joy has compiled the total guide to eating yourself healthy It s no surprise I call her the patron saint of no nonsense nutrition Meredith Vieira, cohost of the Today showJoy Bauer is the best nutritionist in the world Shaquille O NealJoy Bauer, a fabulous nutritionist, has produced a great resource for understanding the relation of specific components of healthy diet to fighting common diseases of our Western civilization diseases largely caused by our toxic lifestyle Arthur Agatston, MD, best selling author of The South Beach Diet and The South Beach Heart ProgramI have nothing but the utmost respect for Joy and her work For many years she has helped me and my family with dieting and nutrition She is forever searching for new ways to improve health and wellness She is a star in my eyes Tommy Mottola, music mogul, former chairman Sony Music EntertainmentWhen it comes to questions about nutrition, Joy Bauer is your go to source She s got all the facts, with great tips for healthy eating and living with a totally sensible and, importantly, realistic outlook on all of it In my experience, this is the woman and now the book with the answers Bobby Flay, chef owner Mesa Grill, Bolo, Bar Americain, and Bobby Flay Steak, and author of Grilling For LifeWhile reading Joy Bauer s Food Cures, I felt like I was visiting with Joy at her office The book captures her real life persona one of encouragement, humor, resiliency, support, genuine concern and, above all, her ability to present realistic and practical options in achieving your personal goals and objectives Paul Carlucci, publisher of the New York PostJoy Bauer has somehow made the impossible, possible She makes smart eating, weight loss, and now, in this book, preventive and curative health a reality Joy s simple and practical steps are easy to follow, even for those who feel challenged in this area Our family knows firsthand that success is inevitable when you listen to Joy Jessica Seinfeld, author and founder president, Baby Buggy, Inc.In a world crammed with crackhead nutritionists, Joy Bauer is a beacon of sanity No joke she saved my life Dany Levy, founder and editor in chief of DailyCandyJoy Bauer is an amazing food coach Food Cures will connect the dots between eating well, feeling healthy, and really enjoying your life Vicki Wellington, associate publisher, Domino magazineThis is an easy to read, absolutely comprehensive, medically accurate guide to food as a body fuel This book is a real contribution to the field it explains the principles of nutrition and lays out the practices of eating for health and well being It is a gem Orli R Etingin, MD, professor of clinical medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York Presbyterian HospitalJoy has written a superb, readable, and tremendously useful book that distills all her expertise into a volume I will use personally and give to all my patients It s uniquely valuable Marianne J Legato, MD, founder and director of the Foundation for Gender Specific Medicine, Inc professor of clinical medicine, Columbia University and adjunct professor of medicine, Johns HopkinsWow Joy has finally given us what we need She has written a comprehensive, well researched, easy to use nutritional guide for people who want to protect their vision from cataracts and macular degeneration Paul T Finger, MD, FACS, clinical professor of ophthalmology, New York University School of Medicine, and author of The Macular Degeneration NetworkJoy Bauer has been the go to nutritionist in New York for many years This easy to read book captures her warmth, her humor, her clinical wisdom, and her vast experience, and gives sensible advice about managing your diet and staying healthy It is a most welcome resource B Timothy Walsh, MD, Ruane Professor of Psychiatry, College of Physicians and director, Eating Disorders Research Unit, New York Psychiatric InstituteJoy s book serves up heaping portions of useful nutritional and general health information, coupled with lots of common sense advice and guidance She spices it up with great anecdotes and recipes, written in a conversation style that makes this book a joy to read I thought I d just glance at the Weight Loss and Beautiful Skin chapters, but each chapter was filled with so many goodies I could not put it down Marsha Gordon, MD, clinical professor, dermatology, Mount Sinai School of MedicineJoy Bauer s Food Cures offers a welcome addition to my shelf of trusted books It is a well researched guidebook for helping select the foods that will make and keep you healthy Evelyn Attia, MD, associate director, The Eating Disorders Clinic, New York State Psychiatric Institute, and associate clinical professor of psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians Joy Bauer s new book is well written, easily read, and a great guide for eating properly Her style and 4 step outlines make it easy for anyone to understand and follow the programs It is a great recipe for all of us to learn Phillip Bauman, MD, orthopaedic consultant for the New York City Ballet Joy Bauer s Food Cures Eat Right to Get Healthier, Look Joy Younger, and Add Years Your Life Bauer, Carol Svec on FREE shipping qualifying offers NYT BESTSELLER Nutrition Expert for THE TODAY SHOW shows you From Junk All the Foods You Love is one of nation leading health authorities nutrition expert NBC Today show She host popular series Fit Club From Remedies PBS Special ANewDayANewMe may have seen Certified Nutritionist best selling author or many her regular appearances Show as their expert, sharing countless tips, recipes advice And if are a fan, will be in treat lucky enough catch own special Official Site Weight Loss MS, RDN, CDN world weight loss As show, shares reliable, practical, easy follow that helps millions people eat better, live healthier, lead fulfilling lives Healthy Recipe Curried Chicken Use these delicious lower your cholesterol blood pressure, prevent migraines, manage arthritis symptoms, nutritionist has food PaleOMG Paleo Recipes Real SimpleKILA I m hoarder really bad dancer If don t know me well, probably not understand my humor Therefore, apologize ahead time Joy Personal Story RDN new Health Happiness, also founder Nourish Snacks, monthly columnist Woman Day magazine, official New York City Ballet The Plan A Scientifically Designed The Balance Healthy Fun In just two weeks ll lose weight, can still favorite chips, 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