ₑ digital ⊂ Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance (English Edition) ₮ Kindle By Jennifer L Scott ⃒

ₑ digital ⊂ Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance (English Edition)  ₮ Kindle By Jennifer L Scott ⃒ ₑ digital ⊂ Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance (English Edition) ₮ Kindle By Jennifer L Scott ⃒ Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic Chapter 1 MADAME CHIC KNEW THE POWER OF POISE Madame Chic, my host mother as a study abroad student in Paris, looked presentable and elegant on a daily basis It was her default way of being When she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast in her dressing gown, she had a calm contentedness Every day, whether at home or in the outside world, she presented herself beautifully, with flattering clothes natural, age appropriate makeup and excellent grooming She had great posture that seemed to come naturally to her She was well spoken and highly intelligent She cultivated her love of cooking to an art and made our nightly dinners very elegant affairs in everything from how she set her table to how she presented the food She had a very pleasant demeanor and was an advocate for etiquette and manners, which was evident in the way her entire family behaved Madame Chic was a beautiful example of a poised and powerful woman I had never really thought much about poise before living in Paris I was a twenty year old California girl who loved cutoff shorts, flip flops, and snacking all day long Self discipline seemed like something boring I never wanted to have Observing formal traditions seemed stuffy As far as etiquette and manners went, there was just too much to remember But all of my perceptions changed after living in Paris Madame Chic helped me see myself in a new way Observing what a passionate and fulfilling life she and her family led, I became open to the concept of everyday elegance I allowed myself to believe that even this casual California girl could be graceful I began to see that I could actually have style and learn to express myself beautifully, whether through speech or action I learned that I too could have poise.5 CHARACTERISTICS OF POISE 1.Confidence Feeling comfortable in your own skin a genuine self assurance 2.Composure Keeping a positive perspective while maintaining calm self possession 3.Compassion Thinking of others and practicing selflessness 4.Presentation Appropriately and stylishly dressed, with good posture 5.Present Poised people live passionately in the present moment.Poise is defined as a graceful and elegant bearing Madame Chics graceful and elegant bearing certainly laid the foundation for the gracious way she lived, but it was allowing this grace and this elegance to guide every choice she made throughout the day that truly solidified her poise Heres the good news shes not the only Madame Chic in the world There are millions Youve probably seen them The woman who is stylish, self assured, grounded, and poised The woman who presents herself with grace and dignity, speaks elegantly, who lives every day as though it were a special gift The woman with the air of mystery who cultivates her mind and seeks out the arts The woman with the lovely home, who is not a slave to shopping The woman who walks through her day as though she knows a delicious secret We are all capable of living with style, grace, and elegance It doesnt matter what your past was like It doesnt matter how you grew up It doesnt matter how you behaved yesterday or even in the last hour It doesnt matter how much money you have It doesnt matter what the people in your family live like It doesnt matter if your circle of friends are not interested in this subject It doesnt matter if your family doesnt understand you The only thing that matters is that we are all capable of changeof transformation No one is born a Madame Chic Dignity, grace, style, and elegance are all learned behaviors Anyone can cultivate these attributes It doesnt matter who you are or how hopeless your situation may seem You can elevate your life with poise Poise has always been a subject of fascination in the entertainment world Take George Bernard Shaws Pygmalion or the musical adaptation, My Fair Lady Take Gigi, Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries, and Sabrina We love a good transformation story We love watching the caterpillar turn into the butterfly Why do we love this story Because deep down we believe that we are all capable of a beautiful transformation, and that gives us hope We dont have to say, I wish I could be like that, or Too bad Im just not that way No We can be inspired and say, If she can do it, so can I There is nothing powerful than a changed mind The moment you change your mind and decide youd like to pay attention to your appearance, you ignite that power Once you change your mind and decide youd like to conquer shyness when you decide to turn your smartphone off for a while when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a store window and decide you want to stop slouching when you decide youd like to remain levelheaded during disagreements when you decide youd like to have confidence when presenting your next pitch at work when you change your mind and decide to clean up your languageamazing things can happen A voice in your head will try to stop this transformation It will make you question yourself Who do you think you are You are a phony You are a fraud People are going to think youre pretentious You are going to lose your friends Everyone is going to think you are stuck up No one is going to like you any Pay no attention to this voice You have made up your mind to be your own version of Madame Chic You will stand out with your grace, with your elegance, with your chicness, with your poisefor poise is a very powerful thing, indeed Poise is silent It is intangible It is under the surface It is mysterious, but we intuitively know when someone has it There is something attractive about that person If you meet a poised person, her confidence and friendliness put you at ease Being poised is not about being a robotic Stepford wife who looks perfect and acts perfect and doesnt show emotion Being poised is being aware of oneself and ones surroundings and being flexible and adaptable This is not to say that the poised person never gets flustered, or that the poised person never loses her temper This is not to say that the poised person never steps out of line But the poised person is self aware She is driven by faith, inner peace, and high standards These are the tools she uses to get through any situation in life This book discusses cultivating poise rather than attaining or acquiring it This is because poise is something that one works toward for the rest of ones life Poise isnt something you can simply acquire like an item you buy in a shop and then never think about again Weve all heard that expression money cant buy class Poise, also known as class, is not something you can acquire Its something you practice on a daily basis Poise as a way of life is an art form Just as an artist strives to perfect her art throughout her life, we will work on our poise Poised Not So Poised Has good posture Slouches Speaks clearly Mumbles Makes eye contact Has shifty eyes Is dressed presentably Is sloppily dressed Is well groomed Needs to wash hair Controls temper Is quick to argue Is well mannered What manners Is a good listener Would rather talk than listen Has an ordered home life Has a chaotic home life Is kind and forgiving Is argumentative and aggressive Maintains an air of mystery Shares life story on Facebook every day Accepts compliments graciously Deflects compliments Puts screen time in its place Addicted to the smartphone Uses clean language Curses regularly Cultivates her mind Is done with learning Seeks out the arts Is content with reality TV marathons Savors her food Eats on the run Takes pride in everything she does Sees what she can get out of a situation Savors the good times Waits for the other shoe to drop Keeps the faith in difficult times Believes the worst This is not to say that when you cultivate poise you handle every situation that comes your way with calm perfection No Just when you think youve mastered the art of poise, something unexpected will happen that will test you A driver will cut you off on the road, and, overcome with rage, you might shout an obscenity and shake your fist out the window These things happen But the key is you will catch yourself And because you catch yourself, you might choose a different response next time Poise is keeping your wits about you so that when you have a negative experience, you can learn from it and handle the situation better next time You can cultivate poise from the moment you wake up until the moment you sleep You can choose good posture when youre exhausted and feel like slumping over You can pause before snapping at your spouse You can remain firm when teaching your children common courtesy You can take the high road when a coworker makes a snide comment You can avoid the office lunchtime gossip session You can have the self respect to say no when someone is taking advantage of you You can accept a compliment graciously You can be a powerful role model for your children, your family, and the people in your community You realize that you are a significant part of society and that your poise has an impact You can do all of this and still enjoy your life, because this challenge is fun Poise adds vitality to your life, and that is attractive The Scarcity of Poise You can see that poise is scarce if you step out in public But you might have to adjust your thinking first Practicing poise is a forgotten art, and therefore we take its absence for granted Is it really okay for your neighbor to ignore you as you pass each other on the sidewalk, or for a person to walk up to a store clerk and shout out a question without greeting the clerk first What do you think when you hear people cursing loudly on their cell phones while they wait for the bus or see someone walk around in public sloppily dressed, with posture to match Most people today have forgotten about poise Its not their fault necessarily They might not have had good role models or perhaps they werent introduced to the concept Society certainly doesnt help The celebrities who pass as role models do little to provide inspiration We used to have high standards of behavior for those in entertainment, for example During the golden age of Hollywood you would never have seen people grinding in thong underwear on stage at an awards show Movie and television stars now strip down to their underwear or beyond for magazine spreads Pop stars wear skimpy bathing suits and writhe and jiggle their oiled up backsides as close to the camera as possible Can you imagine Audrey Hepburns reaction if she saw such a thing The scary thing is, weve gotten used to it And if weve gotten used to it, just think about our children, who have known nothing else This vulgarity is the new normal So while many people might think that this book is just a sweet little etiquette book, I urge you to take its contents seriously Because the principles discussed in this book just might save our society from slipping into the oblivion of crassness While you may feel a bit hopeless right about now about the scarcity of poise in our society especially after envisioning Audrey Hepburns reaction to twerking , I am here to tell you that there is hope The Commodity of Poise Because poise is scarce, it is also a commodity A commodity is described in the dictionary as a useful and valuable thing Poise is certainly useful Youd be surprised by the doors that will open for you when you employ even just a little bit of poise People will want to help you Youll leave a good impression at job interviews You will attract the right kind of romantic partner Youll be treated with respect Poise is useful And because its so useful, it is also valuable Getting the job you want or the promotion youve longed for is valuable Attracting high quality people into your life is valuable Receiving help from others is valuable These things elevate the quality of your life When you practice cultivating poise on a daily basis, this valuable commodity will enrich your life That is not to say that you should cultivate poise to see what you can get out of the deal No, you should commit to cultivating poise because you long to make a change in your life because you are ready to reach your full potential because you no longer wish to go through your life looking as if you dont care about yourself, avoiding real connections with people and suffering from insecurities You should cultivate poise because this is your one life and you are finally ready to bloom You are ready to be present and to live fully You are ready to adorn the amazing body youve been given, in whatever shape youre in, with clothes that express your true style Youre ready to enhance your beauty by doing something special with your hair or applying natural makeup Youre ready to stand straight as you walk down the sidewalk Youre ready to make eye contact with the next person you have a conversation with Youre ready for whatever conflict comes your way and arent afraid of confrontation Youre ready to feel chic Youre ready for inner peace Youre ready for poise If all of this sounds enticing but impossible, dont worry I felt the same way as an awkward student in the home of Madame Chic One thing that has helped me tremendously is observing role models, whether fictional or real Role Models One has to look hard to find good role models these days Behaviors that were considered shocking in the past are now considered completely normal It used to be that you could watch a movie or television show and be inspired by the poise and inherent elegance of the stars Take any film with Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or Cary Grant Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh The characters these actors played had poise, and their poise was representative of the time Who could forget how Grace Kellys Margot Wendice responded when she was on trial in Dial M for Murder Or how Audrey Hepburns Holly Golightly maintained poise even throughout a case of the mean reds in Breakfast at Tiffanys What about Cary Grants Johnnie Aysgarths elegant handling of money woes in Suspicion For anyone who is not familiar with these actors or their classic films, I suggest taking a night or two each month to watch one of them Youll be charmed by the stars mannerisms, the way they dress and the way they react to stressful situations Their behaviors might seem antiquated to you, but they dont have to be In addition to finding role models in classic films, you can also find them in todays society and entertainment Its not so hard to spot them People with poise shine like gems, and we become fascinated with them The Duchess of Cambridge is a prime example Why is the world so enad with the future Queen of England It is because she is a young person with poise She is well dressed, well groomed, and well mannered when out in public She is a young person who presents herself with dignity, yet she is still active, fun, and very modern Even though I mentioned you have to look hard for good role models in entertainment today, that doesnt mean they arent there They are there Its just that they are not the most vocal in our society, so one has to look harder to find them They are not the ones posting selfies of their newly enhanced lips or latest tattoo on Instagram They are the ones quietly going about their business focusing on their art So while one has to go to a bit trouble to seek out these people, they do exist Classic actors with poise Audrey Hepburn Joan Fontaine Cary Grant Vivien Leigh Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers Grace Kelly Jimmy Stewart Katharine Hepburn Laurence Olivier Examples of modern actors with poise Andie MacDowell Angela Lansbury Audrey Tautou Catherine Deneuve Dame Helen Mirren Dame Maggie Smith Denzel Washington Meryl Streep Natalie Portman Pierce Brosnan Literary characters with poise Charlotte Bronts Jane Eyre Louisa May Alcotts March sisters from Little Women Jo does have a temper and a sharp tongue, but she tries to work on herself, and that is all one can ask for when cultivating poise Agatha Christies Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple Jane Austens Elizabeth Bennet Shakespeares Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing, Rosalind from As You Like It, and Desdemona from Othello Alexander McCall Smiths Mma Ramotswe Carolyn Keenes Nancy Drew Ian Flemings James Bond Lewis Carrolls Alice E B Whites Charlotte from Charlottes Web I do realize that Charlotte is a spider, but she sure had class And what about real life role models The people who dont have endless amounts of money to spend on personal stylists and hairdressers The people who arent airbrushed when you see them in pictures The men and women you come in contact with every day are the real deal That is why Madame Chic in Paris was such an inspiration to me I could see that her poise was not an act It was part of her personality, and I wanted to be like her It is a wonderful thing to be able to observe someone you admire You might think you have no role models in your life to look up to, but Im sure you do your mother, an aunt, your grandmother, one of your teachers at school, a principal, your former dance teacher or music conductor, a next door neighbor, a woman who works at the local fashion boutique Keep your eye out for poise It will shine like a diamond when you come across it, because it is so rare If you feel bold, give this poised person a compliment If not, merely observe her when she is with you What is it about her that is so attractive I guarantee it wont be just one thing, it will be many She will have made many wise choices about the way she speaks, acts, dresses, and grooms herself the way she sits, cultivates her mind, and chooses her entertainment You Have Viewers Too No one is insignificant No one is an accident We are all valuable and we all have something to contribute to the world You might think your sphere of influence is small, but even if you live in the middle of nowhere and only have your family and a few neighbors around, your poise can influence others in the most dramatic ways Some people say to me that the videos on my YouTube channel really impact their lives in an inspirational way They urge me to keep up the good work for my viewership But I have some surprising news to tell you You have viewers too Sure you might not have a YouTube channel, or a music video thats trending on social media You might not be gracing the cover of a magazine, but you too have viewers Your children view you Your spouse views you Your coworkers view you Your neighbors view you The moms at your childrens school view you Your childrens teachers view you The complete strangers you nod to as you cross the street view you The barista working at the local coffee shop views you The flight attendants on the airplane view you You have viewers And with these viewers you have the opportunity, the platform, to be a role model of grace and poise Sure, you probably thought about this already with regard to your family Of course your children are looking up to you to see how you behave and how you carry yourself But I bet you never thought you could have an impact on a total stranger Let me ask you this How many times in your life has a complete stranger made a powerful impression on you Perhaps it was that woman at the airport who just looked so chic and effortless Perhaps it was a man riding his bike down the street who was so handsomely dressed Perhaps it was the woman in the waiting room at the doctors office who had excellent posture Perhaps it was the post office employee who surprised you with his kind courtesy We become fascinated by strangers with poise, and in the same way strangers will become fascinated with you You have viewers, whether you like it or not, whether you know these people or not You are an important part of society Are you acting like a member of the society youd like to see When you look at life like this, its hard not to think about the way you live and how youd like to make changes What About When No Ones Watching Often people who start the journey to cultivate poise only make an effort when they are in the presence of other people While this might work temporarily, it wont feel authentic because you will be doing it for the wrong reasons Youll feel like a fake and you may impress others that way too Thats why how you live when no one is watching is even important How can this be When you are alone and no one is watching, you are your true self, your most authentic Thats why its the best time to cultivate poise and make changes in your life If you decide to wear presentable pajamas to bed or not to gorge on an entire bag of potato chips while watching a sitcom marathon on television, you are setting the precedent for how you will behave when you are around other people When you choose to savor your lunch at a set table rather than eating out of the microwave tray while scrolling through your texts, you are setting a precedent When you decide to comb your hair and put on a nice dress, even when you have no plans to leave the house, you are setting a precedent for how you will present yourself in public You are shifting the thermostat of your behavior and setting up new routines that will soon become a natural part of your life You will then have replaced your old behaviors with new ones We should not cultivate poise in order to impress other people There is no point in this pretense if you are not going to make solid changes in the way you live, whether people are watching or not How you behave and live when you are alone is the indicator of how you live your entire life Now that weve explored the power of poise, lets get started on implementing it in our own lives Lets dive right in Cultivating poise is an adventure Are you ready for the challengeA guide for women who yearn to channel Audrey Tautou Personable, anecdote filled, and studded with lifestyle tips its vivacity and sincerity have struck a chord among women who would like a French role model of their own, but don t have a year to spend apprenticing with one in Paris The New York Times Part tribute to the effortlessly glamorous Parisian way of life, and part tutorial on how to emulate the French je ne sais quoi Daily Mail UK Downright intriguing Youll close the book feeling inspired The Plain Dealer The writing here, a combination of elegance and breeziness, seems to reflect Madame Chics personal philosophy that life is to be lived fully and elegantly Smoky Mountain News Winningly combines sincerity and self deprecation sweet natured and well intentioned full of advice Kirkus Reviews The Madame Chic Collection Lessons from Chic The Chic, At Home with and Polish Your Poise Jennifer L Scott on FREE shipping qualifying offers For women who yearn to channel 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Aniston Joanna February film producer, businessperson daughter Greek actor Nancy DowAniston gained worldwide recognition portraying Rachel Green television sitcom Friends earned Primetime Emmy Award, Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance (English Edition)


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