ᗹ Reading ৵ The Genesis Race: Our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species for kids ᙷ By Will Hart ᛧ

ᗹ Reading ৵ The Genesis Race: Our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species for kids ᙷ By Will Hart ᛧ ᗹ Reading ৵ The Genesis Race: Our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species for kids ᙷ By Will Hart ᛧ from Chapter 14The First Divine Rulers Myth or HistoryWhat is myth According to the American Heritage Dictionary a myth is 1 A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental worldview of a people.2 A fiction or half truth.3 A fictitious story, person or thing.From this widely accepted definitions it is clear that myths are to be distinguished from historical accounts and accurate records If someone tells you that they are relating a true account and you do not accept it or dismiss it as a myth, you are basically telling them one of two things either they are lying, or they are too nave to know the difference between fact and fiction.Many myths are stories handed down as part of an oral tradition and are not intended to be taken as historical fact these are legends and folktales All cultures have these kinds of stories Folktales are usually easy to identify But we have to be careful when we are told that something is a myth The person claiming to know the real facts might not know as much as they think they do They may have a worldview that will not permit that particular myth to exist as an actual historical account.Skeptics and most scientists consider the gods, angels, and sons of God in the bible to be myths Even believers and biblical scholars shy away from taking the Bible literally However, the Bible never says that these beings are supernatural That is a long standing misinterpretation of what the Bible actually says Are the accounts in the Bible folktales and myths Or do they simply refer to a superior race of beings that once walked the earth and intervened in the affairs of humanity, as the bible indicates Sumer was called a myth for centuries until it was discovered and excavated and found to be the cradle of civilization The Great Flood is called a myth, and yet this mythic account is found in than 200 cultures all over the world Were all of our human ancestors just ignorant, superstitious storytellers Why would unrelated cultures invent the same story, and not just in general terms The Mayans, the Incans, and the Aztecs all tell of a time when a white, bearded man in a cape walked among them teaching the arts of civilization He had different names but the accounts of his deeds are identical He brought agriculture, tools and laws to the people Then he and his assistants departed saying they would return one day That has been dismissed as a myth and the man Questzcoatl or Virachoca has become a god in a mythical pantheon.The plain fact is, western religious adherents, anthropologists and historians said these gods were nothing but the myths of a culture hero Is Jesus a myth How one culture interprets another cultures history is relative In Judeo Christian cultures Christ is a historical figure But why would these disparate cultures invent a story about a white man, when they didnt know white men existed until the Conquistadors arrived The same people that accept Christ as a historical personage reject Quetzcoatl.Why would Montezuma all but hand over his kingdom to Cortez if he was not absolutely convinced that their history was true Western scholars may have spent too much time intellectualizing and abstracting the properties of myths when they should have been looking to see if they were true historical accounts If the gods were, in fact, representatives of an advanced race and not references to supernatural beings or some kind of archetypical cultural figures, then we have missed the boat.O mother The creature you are going to name has come into being Give it the image of gods Mix the mud of the bottomless pit Make his arms and legs O mother Announce the newborns destiny That is man It may have been impossible to decode all this until recently But now that we are biogenetically engineering plants and animals and soon human beings, is it so hard to decipher what the Sumerians were trying to tell us On the whole it agrees with the Biblical account The gods created man in their image and then instructed this embryonic race how to live If we interpret gods to mean an advanced human race then it starts to make sense and our ancestors do not seem like imaginative children, which they certainly were not The view of modern science tends to be incredibly patronizing.If the gods that created man in the bible are physical, as the account infers, and they are performing a genetic cloning experiment using a proto human in Genesis, the passages make perfect sense to us now at this stage of our own technical development But they did not seem like anything but fantasy and supernatural intervention to prior generations that lacked our level of technology, DNA and biogenetic knowledge.At the same time that our scientists are willing to grant that they invented the wheel, the written word and knew the planets in the solar system they also say the Sumerians were polytheists that believed everything was a god It is all a matter of interpretation and attitude We find the Sumerian god Enki traveling around the Fertile Crescent to various places carrying out a variety of duties.Enki appointed over each of these a god or a goddess He then went to place the brick god Kabta in charge of the pickaxe and the brick mould Enki laid the foundations, built the houses and put them under the charge of Mushdamma the great builder Enlil.Are these gods supernatural beings or are they physical beings that the Sumerians knew were superior and therefore referred to them as gods Are Kabta and Enki spirits or men in charge of supervising workers on large scale projects We have to keep in mind that the Sumerians attributed their civilization to these beings.Refreshing view point that elegantly melds science and philosophy Will Hart delves into the creation stories of various world cultures David Paulsen, New Age Retailer, July Aug 2004, Vol.18 No.4 To anyone new to the subject, it will be a major revelation Good solid research without wild speculation W Ritchie Benedict, New Dawn, October 2004 The myths are not just stories but seem to be much closer to the truth than generally believed Nexus, January 2004, Vol.11 No.1 fascinating historical and archaeological information, related in a scholarly yet reader friendly prose Sean Casteel, Fate, June 2004, Vol.57 No.6 PE firms in race for Manjushree Technopak Reliance Brands Private equity The Carlyle Group, Advent International and KKR are the fray to acquire a controlling stake Bengaluru based Technopack Ltd, Economic Times reported US companies IPG Inc Graham Packaging also race, report said, citing two people aware of development Genesis Space Race Inner Earth Extra Genesis Terrestrials John B Leith, Donald M Ware, Robin C Andrews, 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package including third studio album released fourth double vinyl disc Shem Wikipedia In Bible refers relative ages Shem his brother Japheth, but sufficient ambiguity have yielded different English translationsThe verse translated King Version as Unto also, father all Eber, Japheth elder, even him However, New American Standard Fall man fall man, fall, term used Christianity describe transition first woman state innocent obedience guilty disobedience Although not named Bible, doctrine comes biblical interpretation chapter At first, Adam Eve lived Garden Eden, serpent tempted Chapter Explained bible studys we begin genealogy patriarchs last lesson, looking at evil ancestors s Now Seth, Godly line through Savior would come CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Pentateuch NEW ADVENT Sources Many works referring been cited throughout course this article We shall here add list mainly exegetical works, both modern, without attempting give complete catalogue Ruth Bader Ginsburg receives Prize lifetime award Foundation pointed groundbreaking legal work field civil liberties women rights it announced winner November Chapter Barry Bandstra INTRODUCTION begins famous beginning created heavens sentence asserts essential belief Jewish Christian faith, deity Jews Christians creator world Where Does Neanderthal Fit Biblical identity revealed he pre flood clear shortly creation, sinned extremely wicked, so wicked sorry had made Neon Evangelion MyAnimeList Looking information anime Neon Find out MyAnimeList, most active online manga community database year stands brink destruction Humanity hope lies hands Nerv, agency under United Nations, Evangelions, giant machines capable defeating Angels who The Our Extraterrestrial DNA True has ratings Daniel said Another book whose main hypothesis humans visited helped by ETs dist Will Hart Ancients Will early s, Nobel winning co discoverer Sir Francis Crick colleague Leslie Orgel proposed distant past, extraterrestrial sent spacecraft loaded microorganisms seed life Origins Species Book Official Publisher By Shows bioengineered modern its image taught how construct pyramids Traditions Examines flaws Darwin theory evolution presents startling new evidence intellig Alternative History Dawn Esolibris For millennia humanity showed consistent homogenous pattern Then suddenly, around BCE, great civilisations sprang up globe They constructed huge monuments gods using advanced technological knowledge Genesis, Journey Racing Adventure designed be introduction into amazing adventure racing Teams will participate running mountain biking orienteering water traverse find check points finish obstacles allotted time ebook Rakuten Kobo Read Kobo BOOKS EDITION Free Top results your surfing Start Download Portable Document Format PDF books Electronic Books Online Rating News can inspiration, insight, reader radiopublic Internet Archive Dear Archive Supporter, I ask only once please help today Most t afford give, you From Since virtual certainty reached 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    • 13 January 2016

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