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↝ search  Format Kindle ⌃ Shelter (Book One): A Mickey Bolitar Novel  ⇥ Author Harlan Coben ∮ ↝ search Format Kindle ⌃ Shelter (Book One): A Mickey Bolitar Novel ⇥ Author Harlan Coben ∮ Normal0falsefalsefalseMicrosoftInternetExplorer4st1 behavior url ieooui Style Definitions table.MsoNormalTable mso style name Table Normal mso tstyle rowband size 0 mso tstyle colband size 0 mso style noshow yes mso style parent mso padding alt 0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt mso para margin 0in mso para margin bottom.0001pt mso pagination widow orphan font size 10.0pt font family Times New Roman mso ansi language 0400 mso fareast language 0400 mso bidi language 0400 Chapter 1I was walking to school, lost in feeling sorry for myselfmy dad was dead, my mom in rehab, my girlfriend missingwhen I saw the Bat Lady for the first time.I had heard the rumors, of course The Bat Lady supposedly lived alone in the dilapidated house on the corner of Hobart Gap Road and Pine You know the one I stood in front of it now The worn yellow paint was shedding like an old dog The once solid concrete walk was cracked into quarter size fragments The uncut lawn had dandelions tall enough for the adult rides at Six Flags.The Bat Lady was said to be a hundred years old and only came out at night, and if some poor child hadnt made it home from a playdate or practice at the Little League field before nightfallif he or she risked walking home in the dark instead of getting a ride, or was maybe crazy enough to cut through her yardthe Bat Lady got you.What she supposedly did with you was never made clear No child had vanished from this town in years Teenagers, like my girlfriend, Ashley, sure, they could be here one day, holding your hand, looking deep into your eyes, making your heart go boom boom boomand be gone the next But little kids Nope They were safe, even from the Bat Lady.So I was just about to cross to the other side of the streeteven I, a mature teenager entering my sopho year at a brand new high school, wanted to avoid that spooky housewhen the door creaked open.I froze.For a moment, nothing happened The door was all the way open now, but no one was there I stopped and waited Maybe I blinked I cant be sure.But when I looked again, the Bat Lady was there.She could have been a hundred years old Or maybe two hundred I had no idea why they called her Bat Lady She didnt look like a bat Her hair was gray and hippie long, hanging down to her waist It blew in the wind, obscuring her face She wore a torn white gown that resembled a bridal costume in an old horror movie or heavy metal video Her spine was bent like a question mark.Slowly Bat Lady raised a hand so pale it was vein blue than white, and pointed a shaky, bony finger in my direction I said nothing She kept pointing until she was sure I was looking When she saw that I was, Bat Ladys wrinkled face spread into a smile that sent little icicles down my spine.Mickey I had no idea how she knew my name.Your father isnt dead, Bat Lady said.Her words sent a jolt that knocked me back a step.He is very much alive.But standing there, watching her vanish back into her decrepit cave, I knew what she was telling me wasnt true.Because I had seen my father die.Okay, that was weird.I stood in front of Bat Ladys house and waited for her to come back out No go I walked over to her door and looked for a doorbell There was none, so I started pounding on the door It shook under the onslaught The wood was so rough it scraped my knuckles like sandpaper Paint chips fell off as if the door had a bad case of dandruff.But the Bat Lady did not appear.So now what Kick down the door and then what Find an old lady in a weird white dress and demand she explain her whack a doodle rants Maybe she had gone upstairs Maybe Bat Lady was now getting ready for her loony day, changing out of her white dress, heading to the showerUgh.Time to go I didnt want to miss the first bell anyway My homeroom teacher, Mr Hill, was a stickler for punctuality Plus I still hoped that Ashley would show up today She had vanished into thin air Maybe she would just reappear the same way.I met Ashley three weeks ago at high school orientation for both new kids Ashley and me, for example and incoming freshmen, all of whom already knew one another because they went to middle school and elementary school together No one ever seems to leave this town.An orientation should consist of visiting your classes, getting a tour of the facilities, and maybe meeting a few classmates But no, thats not enough We had to participate in these moronic, dehumanizing, and totally awkward team building exercises.The first involved the trust fall Ms Owens, a PEteacher with a smile that looked like itd been painted on by a drunk clown, started off by trying to fire us up.Good morning, everyone A few groans.Thenand I hate when adults do thisshe shouted, I know youre excited than that, so lets try it again Good morning, everyone The students yelled Good morning louder this time, not because they were excited but because they wanted her to stop.We were broken down into groups of sixmine featured three incoming freshmen and three upperclassmen who had just moved to town.One of you will stand on this pedestal and wear a blindfold Ms Owens exclaimed Everything she said ended in an exclamation mark You will cross your arms and now I want you to pretend that the pedestal is on fire Oh no Ms Owens put her hands on her cheeks like the kid in Home Alone Its so hot that youll have to fall back Someone raised his hand Why would we keep our arms crossed if the pedestal was on fire Murmurs of agreement.Ms Owenss painted on smile didnt change, but Ithought I noticed a twitch in her right eye Your arms are tied They are No, theyre not.Pretend But if we pretend that, why do we need the blindfold Cant we just pretend not to see Or close our eyes Ms Owens fought for control The pedestal is so hot from the fire that you fall backward off of it.Backward Wouldnt we jump, Ms Owens Really Why would we fall backward I mean, if its that hot.Ms Owens had enough Because I say so You will fall backward The rest of the group will catch you Then youll switch places until everyone has a turn falling backward We all did this, though some of us were hesitant Im six four and weigh two hundred pounds The group winced when they saw me Another girl in my group, an incoming freshman dressed all in black, was on the fat side I know I should call her something other than fat, something politically correct, but Im not sure what without sounding condescending Large Chubby Heavy I say those without judgment, the same way I might say small, bony, or skinny.The big girl hesitated before she climbed onto the pedestal Someone in our group laughed Then someone else.Other than to show this girl that cruelty will not stop when you enter high school, I had no idea how this exercise was supposed to help anyone.When the girl didnt fall back right away, one of the freshman boys snickered and said, Cmon, Ema Well catch you.It was not a voice that gave her confidence She pulled down her blindfold and looked back at us I met her eye and nodded Finally she let herself fall We caught hersome adding dramatic gruntsbut Ema didnt look any trusting.We then played some dumb paintball game where two people got hurt and then we moved into an exercise calledI wish I were kiddingPoisoned Peanut Butter For this event, you had to cross over a ten yard patch of Poisoned Peanut Butter but, as Ms Owens explained, Only two of you can wear the Anti Poison shoes to get across at a time In short, you had to carry other team members on your back The small girls laughed with a tee hee as they were carried A photographer with the Star Ledger newspaper was there, snapping away The reporter asked a glowing Ms Owens questions, her answers filled with words like bonding, welcoming, trusting I couldnt imagine what sort of story youd do on something like this, but maybe they were desperate for human interest material.I stood in the back of the Poisoned Peanut Butter line with Ema Black mascara was running down her face with what might have been silent tears I wondered if the photographer would get that.As it came closer to Emas turn for teammates to carry her across the Poisoned Peanut Butter, I could actually feel her start to shake in fear.Think about it.Its your first day at a new school and youre a girl who weighs probably two hundred pounds and youre forced to put on gym shorts and then, to complete some inane group task, your new smaller classmates have to lug you like a beer keg for ten yards while you just want to curl up in a ball and die.Who thinks this is a good idea Ms Owens came over to our team Ready, Emma Ema with a long e or Emma I didnt know what her name was now.Emma Ema said nothing.You go, girl Right across the Poisoned Peanut Butter You can do it Then I said, Ms Owens She turned her gaze on me The smile never changed, but the eyes narrowed slightly And you are My name is Mickey Bolitar Im an incoming sopho And Im going to sit out this exercise, if its okay.Again the flutter in Ms Owenss right eye Excuse me Yeah, I dont really think Im up for being carried.The other kids looked at me like I had a third arm growing out of my forehead.Mr Bolitar, youre new here The exclamation point was gone from Ms Owenss voice I would think youd want to participate.Is it mandatory I asked.Excuse me Is participating in this particular exercise mandatory Well, no, its not mandaThen Im sitting out I looked over at Ema Emma Would you mind keeping me company We walked away then Behind me I could hear the world go silent Then Ms Owens blew a whistle, stopping the exercise and calling for lunch.When we were a few feet away, Ema Emma said, Wow.What She looked me straight in the eye You saved the fat girl I bet youre really proud of yourself.Then she shook her head and walked away.I looked behind me Ms Owens watched us She still had the smile, but the glare in her eyes made it clear that Id managed to make an enemy my first day.The sun beat down upon me I let it I closed my eyes for a moment I thought about my mother, who was coming home from rehab soon I thought about my father, who was dead and buried.I felt very much alone.The school cafeteria was closedschool opening was still weeks awayso we all had to bring our own I bought abuffalo chicken sub at Wilkes Deli and sat by myself on a grassy hill overlooking the football field I was about to bite into it when I noticed her.She wasnt my type, though I really dont have a type Ive spent my entire life traveling overseas My parents worked for a charitable foundation in places like Laos and Peru andSierra Leone I dont have any siblings It was exciting and fun when I was a kid, but it got tiresome and difficult as I grew older I wanted to stay in one place I wanted to make some friends and play on one basketball team and, well, meet girls and do teenage stuff Its hard to do that when youre backpacking in Nepal.This girl was very pretty, sure, but she was also prim and proper and preppy Something about her looked stuck up, though I couldnt say what Her hair was the pale blond of a porcelain doll She wore an actual, well, skirt, not one of those short short ones, and what might have been bobby socks, and looked as though shed just walked out of my grandparents Brooks Brothers catalog.I took a bite of my sandwich and then I noticed that she didnt have a lunch Maybe she was on some kind of weird diet, but for some reason I didnt think so.I dont know why, but I decided to walk over to her I wasnt much in the mood to talk or to meet anyone I wasstill reeling from all the new people in my life and really didnt want to add any .Maybe it was just because she was so pretty Maybe Im just as shallow as the next guy Or maybe it was because the lonely can sometimes sense the lonely Maybe what drew me to her was the fact that, like me, she seemed to want to keep to herself.I approached tentatively When I got close enough, I gave a half wave and said, Hi.I always open with super smooth lines like this.She looked up at me and shaded eyes the green of emeralds Hi.Yep, very pretty.I stood there, feeling awkward My face reddened My hands suddenly felt too big for my body The second thing I said to her was, My name is Mickey.Man, am I smooth or what Every line is killer.Im Ashley Kent.Cool, I said.Yeah.Somewhere in this worldin China or India or a remote section of Africathere was probably a bigger dork than me But I couldnt swear to that.I pointed at her empty lap Did you bring lunch No, I forgot.This sandwich is huge, I said Do you want half Oh, I couldnt.But I insisted and then she invited me to join her Ashley was also a sopho and also new in town Her father, she said, was a renowned surgeon Her mother was a lawyer.If life were a movie, this was the part where youd start the music montage Some sappy song would be playing while they flashed to Ashley and me sharing lunch, talking, laughing, looking coy, holding handsand ending with that first chaste kiss.That was three weeks ago.I made it into Mr Hills class just as the bell sounded He took roll call The bell pealed again, and it was time for first period Ashleys homeroom was across the hall I waited and saw that yet again she wasnt here.I described Ashley before as my girlfriend That might have been an exaggeration We were taking it slow, I guess Wed kissed twiceno I didnt really like anyone else at my new school I liked her It wasnt love But it was also early On the other hand, feelings like this usually diminish Thats the truth We like to pretend that they grow as we get closer to our new partner But most times, its the opposite We guys see that gorgeous girl and we get this big time crush, one that makes it hard to breathe and makes us so anxious, want it so bad, that we always blow it.If we do somehow land her, the feelings begin to diminish almost immediately In this case, my feelings for Ashley really did grow That was a little scary in a good way.Then one day I came to school and Ashley was absent I tried her cell phone, but there was no answer She was gone the next day too Then the next I wasnt sure what to do I didnt have her home address I checked the name Kent online, but they must have been unlisted In fact, there was nothing about her online at all.Ashley had simply vanished into thin air.A gripping tale DAILY MIRROR SHELTER will introduce a whole new generation of fans to the humorous dialogue and clever plotting of his popular suspense thrillers TAKE A BREAK Harlan Coben is the modern master of the hook and twist luring you in on the first page, only to shock you on the last Dan Brown His thrillers come with the guarantee of a great read and a twist in the tale EVENING TELEGRAPH Harlan Coben specialises in rousing the snake that lurks in the perfectly cut grass of American suburbia Coben makes you care about them but never neglects a plot that is full of his trademark shocks 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rehab, he forced estranged Uncle Myron switch high schools PenguinRandomHouse About young adult debut internationally bestselling author uncle Ebook written Read using Google Play Books app android, iOS devices offline reading, highlight, bookmark take notes Series harlancoben New York Times numerous novels, well SHELTER SECONDS AWAYHe won Edgar Award, Shamus Anthony Award receive three Walmart Average rating stars, based reviews Write review Walmart Rollback button opens dialog displays additional images product option zoom Tell us something incorrect Author Published Paperback pages member club members have The stunning international bestseller paperback Of Soft Cover From Penguin Group Free shipping Add cart save offer If Buy Now, ll purchasing item d items ve selected qualify offer, close window add these available Depository free delivery Goodreads OK little leery, YA word title learned away titles Cohen am big fan exceeded expectationsThe Official Website With over million books print worldwide, perennial novels including FOOL ME ONCE, TELL NO ONE, SECOND CHANCE renowned series Harlan In Order Back June released Dead romantic suspense novel would go become number Biography an American thriller born Jewish Newark, Jersey, Wikipedia writer mystery thrillersThe plots often involve resurfacing unresolved misinterpreted events past, murders, fatal accidents multiple twists HarlanCoben Twitter Financial columnist commentator around deep thinker felixsalmon names SPInitiative Sustainable Preservation Initiative charities worth supporting Home Facebook K likes OFFICIAL page More info than twenty five bestsellers Fool Me Once, Stranger, Missing You, Six Years, Stay Close, Live Wire, Caught, Long Lost, Hold Tight, aimed adults featuring nephew, No last seven consecutive MISSING YOU, SIX YEARS, STAY CLOSE, LIVE WIRE, CAUGHT, LONG LOST HOLD TIGHT debuted list lists Instagram photos videos k Followers, Following Posts See videos IMDb Coben, Writer Ne le dis personne USA He producer, known Five Juste un Shelter (Book One): A Mickey Bolitar Novel


    • Shelter (Book One): A Mickey Bolitar Novel
    • 3.4
    • 261
    • Format Kindle
    • 321 pages
    • Harlan Coben
    • Anglais
    • 11 December 2017

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