ഫ Format Kindle Download 䇧 Men Among the Ruins: Post-War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist (English Edition) ඈ ePUB Author Julius Evola ඨ

ഫ  Format Kindle Download 䇧 Men Among the Ruins: Post-War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist (English Edition)  ඈ ePUB Author Julius Evola ඨ ഫ Format Kindle Download 䇧 Men Among the Ruins: Post-War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist (English Edition) ඈ ePUB Author Julius Evola ඨ Men Among the Ruins Post War Reflections of a Radical TraditionalistFrom chapter 13, The Occult War Various causes have been adduced to explain the crisis that has affected and still affects the life of modern peoples historical, social, socioeconomic, political, moral, and cultural causes, according to different perspectives The part played by each of these causes should not be denied However, we need to ask a higher and essential question are these always the first causes and do they have an inevitable character like those causes found in the material world Do they supply an ultimate explanation or, in some cases, is it necessary to identify influences of a higher order, which may cause what has occurred in the West to appear very suspicious, and which, beyond the multiplicity of individual aspects, suggest that there is the same logic at work The concept of occult war must be defined within the context of the dilemma The occult war is a battle that is waged imperceptibly by the forces of global subversion, with means and in circumstances ignored by current historiography The notion of occult war belongs to a three dimensional view of history this view does not regard as essential the two superficial dimensions of time and space which include causes, facts, and visible leaders but rather emphasizes the dimension of depth, or the subterranean dimension in which forces and influences often act in a decisive manner, and which, often not than not, cannot be reduced to what is merely human, whether at an individual or a collective level Having said that, it is necessary to specify the meaning of the term subterranean We should not think, in this regard, of a dark and irrational background which stands in relation to the known forces of history as the unconscious stands to consciousness, in the way the latter relationship is discussed in the recently developed Depth Psychology If anything, we can talk about the unconscious only in regard to those who, according to the three dimensional view, appear to be history s objects rather than its subjects, since in their thoughts and conduct they are scarcely aware of the influences which they obey and the goals that they contribute toward achieving In these people, the center falls in the unconscious and the pre conscious than in the clear reflected consciousness, no matter what they who are often men of action and ideologues believe Considering this relation, we can say that the most decisive actions of the occult war take place in the human unconscious However, if we consider the true agents of history in the special aspects we are now discussing, things are otherwise here we cannot talk of the subconscious or the unconscious, since we are dealing with intelligent forces that know very well what they want and what are the means most suited to achieve their objectives The third dimension of history should not be diluted in the fog of abstract philosophical or sociological concepts, but should rather be thought of as a backstage dimension where specific intelligences are at work An investigation of the secret history that aspires to be positivist and scientific should not be too lofty or removed from reality However, it is necessary to assume as the ultimate reference point a dualistic scheme not dissimilar from the one found in an older tradition Catholic historiography used to regard history not only as a mechanism of natural, political, economic, and social causes, but also as the unfolding of divine Providence, to which hostile forces are opposed These forces are sometimes referred to in a moralistic fashion as forces of evil, or in a theological fashion as the forces of the Anti Christ Such a view has a positive content, provided it is purified and emphasized by bringing it to a less religious and metaphysical plane, as was done in Classical and Indo European antiquity forces of the cosmos against forces of chaos To the former correspond everything that is form, order, law, spiritual hierarchy, and tradition in the higher sense of the word to the latter correspond every influence that disintegrates, subverts, degrades, and promotes the predominance of the inferior over the superior, matter over spirit, quantity over quality This is what can be said in regard to the ultimate reference points of the various influences that act upon the realm of tangible causes, behind known history These must be taken into account, though with some prudence Let me repeat aside from this necessary metaphysical background, let us never lose sight of concrete history Methodologically speaking, we need to be careful to prevent valid insights from degenerating into fantasies and superstition, and not develop the tendency to see an occult background everywhere and at all costs In this regard, every assumption we make must have the character of what are called working hypotheses in scientific research as when something is admitted provisionally, thus allowing the gathering and arranging of a group of apparently isolated facts, only to confer on them a character not of hypothesis but of truth when, at the end of a serious inductive work, the data converge in validating the original assumption Every time an effect outlasts and transcends its tangible causes, a suspicion should arise, and a positive or negative influence behind the stages should be perceived A problem is posited, but in analyzing it and seeking its solution, prudence must be exercised The fact that those who have ventured in this direction have not restrained their wild imaginations has discredited what could have been a science, the results of which could hardly be overestimated This too meets the expectations of the hidden enemy After considering the state of society and modern civilization, one should ask if this is not a specific case that requires the application of this method in other words, one should ask whether some situations of real crisis and radical subversion in the modern world can be satisfactorily explained through natural and spontaneous processes, or whether we need to refer to something that has been concertedNot for the feint of heart His writing typically demands a concentration of focus and a strong level of comprehension Robert James Buratti, New Dawn, July August 2002 Evola is one of the most interesting minds of the world war generation He has a really astounding knowledge at his disposal Mircea Eliade, author of The Sacred and the Profane Evola writes in lively prose with fascinating detail To read his description of higher spiritual states is like watching a champion mountain climber on a vertical glacier Gnosis Disgusted by the cruelty and artificiality of communism, scorning the dogmatic, self centered fascism of his age, Evola looks beyond man made systems to the eternal principles in creation and human society The truth, as he sees it, is so totally at odds with the present way of thinking that it shocks the modern mind Evola was no politician, trying to make the best of things, but an idealist, uncompromising in the pursuit of the Best itself John Michell, The New View Over Atlantis Men among the Ruins is Julius Evola s most notorious work an unsparing indictment of modern society and politics Evola rises above the usual dichotomies of left and right, liberal and conservative, through a trenchant critique of the metaphysics that lies at the base of modern values, challenging us to reconnect our lives and our institutions to the timeless spiritual standard that guided our ancestors Men among the Ruins is not a work for complacent, self satisfied minds it is a shocking and humbling text that will be either loved or hated Evola s 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politique contre rvolutionnaire avec les doctrines traditionnelles, affirmant ncessit Evola, meglio conosciuto come Roma, maggio giugno stato filosofo, pittore, poeta, scrittore ed esoterista italianoFu personalit poliedrica nel panorama culturale italiano del Novecento, ragione dei suoi molteplici interessi arte, filosofia, storia, politica, esoterismo, religione, costume, studi sulla razza Fondazione Pagina iniziale QUALI SONO GLI SCOPI DELLA FONDAZIONE EVOLA Al fine di chiarire una volta per tutte idee quanti, buona soprattutto mala fede, mettono discussione attivit della Fondazione accusandola addirittura tradire riportiamo articolo dello Statuto che venne dettato, si dovrebbe ben sapere, poco prima morte, da persona, cui Ride Tiger Ride refer Tiger, Yo La Tengo song album Dragon Fly Jefferson Starship book American film been most misunderstood controversial authors Twentieth Born Rome, began pursuit truth Dadaist painter Idealist philosopher, quickly lost taste modernism moved on The Yoga Power Tantra, Shakti, Secret Way FREE shipping qualifying offers Drawing original texts self mastery, discusses two Hindu movements Tantrism Shaktism which emphasize path JULIUS filosofico JULIUS nacque famiglia siciliana nobili origini Le poche notizie sui anni formazione possono ricavare dalla sua autobiografia Il Cammino cinabro filosofo scomodo tutti nasce Roma Poco sa adolescenza scarne informazioni derivano quella sar sorta spirituale cammino pi giovinetto viene impetuosamente attratto filosofia pensatori Nietzsche Michelstaedter mentre parimenti faceva sentire su lui forte influenza artistica Letters Guenon I Gornahoor Lettere saved correspondence, unlike Guenon, so we half correspondence That era before photocopy machines Psychology Mystical Experience Opposites Attract Man, Woman, Self Emmanuel Swedenborg interpretation Genesis, Eve appears Adam male principle Intelligence Spengler, Yockey Subversive Teachings Warning You now staring word compilation textual content When comes political, spiritual, philosophical consciousness metaphysical meanderings mind within intellectual realm jew wise racialists, many us find ourselves repeatedly encountering unscientific, silly, subversive beliefs teachings Oswald Spengler, L esoterismo Ren Gunon Evola Riflessioni sull opera Gunon, tratte presentazione al volume Considerazioni Via Iniziatica RigenerAzione Ripartire restare Nostro obiettivo divulgazione dell messaggio quale esponente Tradizione metaphysics, religion, occult gain power over energies latent body female symbolizes Will Wolves Vinland Fascist Countercultural Tribe Pacific Northwest Mon, Nov Over recent years, host new organizations projects surfaced US, attempting rebrand fascism audiences Men Among the Ruins: Post-War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist (English Edition)


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