᠕ Read Format Kindle [ כֿ The Princess Diarist ] ᠴ By Carrie Fisher ᢠ

᠕ Read Format Kindle [ כֿ The Princess Diarist ] ᠴ By Carrie Fisher ᢠ ᠕ Read Format Kindle [ כֿ The Princess Diarist ] ᠴ By Carrie Fisher ᢠ From The Princess Diarist George Lucas held his auditions for Star Wars in an office on a lot in Hollywood It was in one of those faux Spanish cream colored buildings from the thirties with dark orange tiled roofs and black iron grated windows, lined with sidewalks in turn lined with treespine trees, I think they were, the sort that shed their needles generously onto the street belowand interrupted by parched patches of once green lawns Everything was a little worse for the wear, but good things would happen in these buildings Lives would be led, businesses would prosper, and men would attend meetingshopeful meetings, meetings where big plans were made and ideas were proposed But of all the meetings that had ever been held in that particular office, none of them could compare in world impact with the casting calls for the Star Wars movie A plaque could be placed on the outside of this building that states, On this spot the Star Wars films conducted their casting sessions In this building the actors and actresses entered and exited until only three remained These three were the actors who ultimately played the lead parts of Han, Luke, and Leia Ive told the story of getting cast as Princess Leia many times beforein interviews, on horseback, and in cardiac unitsso if youve previously heard this story before, I apologize for requiring some of your coveted store of patience I know how closely most of us tend to hold on to whatever cache of patience weve managed to amass over a lifetime and I appreciate your squandering some of your cherished stash here George gave me the impression of being smaller than he was because he spoke so infrequently I first encountered his all but silent presence at these auditionsthe first of which he held with the director Brian De Palma Brian was casting his horror film Carrie, and they both required an actress between the age of eighteen and twenty two I was the right age at the right time, so I read for both George and Brian George had directed two other feature films up till then, THX 1138, starring Robert Duvall, and American Graffiti, starring Ron Howard and Cindy Williams The roles I met with the two directors for that first day were Princess Leia in Star Wars and Carrie in Carrie I thought that last role would be a funny casting coup if I got it Carrie as Carrie in Carrie I doubt that that was why I never made it to thenext level with Carriebut it didnt help as far as I was concerned that there would have to be a goofy film poster advertising a serious horror film I sat down before the two directors behind their respective desks Mr Lucas was all but mute He nodded when I entered the room, and Mr De Palma took over from there He was a big man, and not merely because he spoke or spoke, period Brian sat on the left and George on the right, both bearded As if you had two choices in director sizes Only I didnt have the choicethey did Brian cleared his bigger throat of bigger things and said, So I see here youve been in the film Shampoo I knew this, so I simply nodded, my face in a tight white toothed smile Maybe they would ask me something requiring than a nod Did you enjoy working with Warren Yes, I did That was easy I had enjoyed working with him, but Brians look told me that wasnt enough of an answer He was What was he They needed to know He helped me work a lot I mean, he and the other screenwriter they worked with me Oh my God, this wasnt going well Mr De Palma waited for , and when wasnt forthcoming, he attempted to help me How did they work with you Oh, thats what they wanted to know They had me do the scene over and over, and with food There was eating in the scene I had to offer Warren a baked apple and then I ask him if hes making it with my mothersleeping with heryou know George almost smiled Brian actually did Yes, I know what making it means I flushed I considered stopping this interview then and there But I soldiered on No, no, thats the dialogue Are you making it with my mother I asked him that because I hate my mother Not in real life, I hate my mother in the movie, partly because she is sleeping with Warrenwhos the hairdresser Lee Grant played my mom, but I didnt really have any scenes with her, which is too bad because shes a great actress And Warren is a great actor and he also wrote the movie, with Robert Towne, which is why they both worked with me With food It sounded a lot natural when you talk with food in your mouth Not that you do that in your movies Maybe in the scary movie, but I dont know the food situation in space The meeting seemed to be going better What have you done since Shampoo George asked I repressed the urge to say I had written three symphonies and learned how to perform dental surgery on monkeys, and instead told the truth I went to school in England Drama school I went to the Central School of Speech and Drama I was breathless with information I mean I didnt just go, Im still going Im home on Christmas vacation I stopped abruptly to breathe Brian was nodding, his eyebrows headed off to his hair in something like surprise He asked me politely about my experience at school, and I responded politely as George watched impassively I would come to discover that Georges expression wasnt indifferent or anything like it It was shy and discerning, among many other things, including intelligent, studious, and and a word like darling Only not that word, because its too young and androgynous, and besides which, and most important, George would hate it What do you plan on doing if you get one of these jobs youre meeting on continued Brian I mean, it really would depend on the part, but I guess Id leave I mean I know I would Because I mean I know what you mean, Brian interrupted The meeting continued but I was no longer fully presentutterly convinced that Id screwed up by revealing myself to be so disloyal Leave my school right in the middle for the first job that came along Soon after, we were done I shook each mans hand as I moved to the door, leading off to the gallows of obscurity Georges hand was firm and cool I returned to the outer office knowing full well that I would be going back to school Miss Fisher, a casting assistant said I froze, or would have, if we werent in sunny Los Angeles Here are your sides Two doors down Youll read on video My heart pounded everywhere a pulse can get to The scene from Carrie involved the mother who would be memorably played by Piper Laurie A dark scene, where the people are not okay But the scene in Star Warsthere were no mothers there There was authority and confidence and command in the weird language that was used Was I like this Hopefully George would think so, and I could pretend I thought so, too I could pretend I was a princess whose life went from chaos to crisis without looking down between chaoses to find, to her relief, that her dress wasnt torn I have no recollection now of how I felt reading the two scenes I can only assume I beat myself up loud and long Did they like me Did they think I was fat Did they think I looked like a bowl of oatmeal with features Four little dark dots in one big flat pale face Me pale faceyou Tonto Did they think I looked pretty enough Was I likable enough for me to relax at all Not on your life Because a there was no relaxing anywhere in my general area, and b there was no relaxing anywhere in show business But George must have thought I did well enough to have me back They sent me the Star Wars script so I could practice it before the last reading I remember opening the manila envelope it came in very carefully, one edge at a time, before removing its unknown cargo It didnt look any different from other scriptscardboard like paper on each end, protecting the ordinary paper withincovered in antlike scratches of letters I dont know why, but I wanted to read this screenplay out loud Enter Miguel Ferrer Miguel wasnt certain that he wanted to be an actor yetlike me But we were both intrigued enough that we continued exploring Like me, he came from a show business background His father was the actor Jos Ferrer and his mother the singer actress Rosemary Clooney We were friends, and I called him up and asked him to read this script with me He arrived at my mothers newer, much smaller housesince her dramatically reduced financial circumstances due to a second failed marriageand we went to my bedroom on the second floor Like every young man wanting to be an actor in Hollywood then, he had also read for the film, so both of us were dimly aware what we were in store for We sat on my bed and began to read From the first pageSTAR WARS A SPACE FANTASYthe images and characters jumped off the pages Not only into our minds, but into the chairs and other furniture that surrounded us Im exaggerating a little but it could have jumped onto the furniture, eaten all of it, and drank the blood of an Englishmanbecause it was as epic as any fee fi fo fum rhyme you ever heard The images of space opened around us, planets and stars floated by The character I was reading for, Leia, was kidnapped by the evil Darth Vaderkidnapped and hung upside down when the smuggler pilot Han Solo who Miguel was reading for and his giant monkey creature copilot Chewbacca rescued me I had been in the script upside down and unconscious with yellow eyes Ill never forget that image Whoever got the part of the princess named Leia would get to do this I would potentially get to do this Maybeif I was luckyI would be rescued by Han and Chewbacca Chewie from the caverns underneath wherever theyd tortured me, and Chewie would carry me, slung over his shoulder through thigh deep water as we made it out of interplanetary harms way Unfortunately, none of this imagery was ever realized due to a combination of cost and the fact that Peter Mayhewwho they hired to play Chewiecouldnt do the stunt due to his extreme height of over 7 feet He had a condition that left him unable to stand up quickly and remain stable it was impossible for him to lift up weight of any kind And my weight, as everyone at Lucasland can recall, was, and remains, of the any kind variety But I can safely say that any girl cast in the part of the feisty Princess Leia wouldve been of the any kind size because once Peter was cast, the lifting and being carried through those thigh high drenched caverns was out But I also recall hearing that the water engulfed caverns were quite an expensive set to build, and this was a low budget film, so they were out for that reasonleaving only Leias unconsciousness and those yellow eyes Most of us know how inexpensive unconsciousness is or was to achieve, so that wouldnt have been a budget problemjust inappropriate But by the time you lose Peters inability to carry any feisty princess and consider the cost ineffective underground water cavernsit doesnt matter how beautifully you can portray insensibilityit aint happening anyway The Force was put in me in a non invasive way by the script that day with Miguel, and it has remained in me ever since I ended up reading for the film with a new actor, an actor Id never seen before, but then he had never seen me, either Ill bet since that reading with me hes rued the dayif he can get his strong hands on a rue that isand if anyone could get their hands on a rue or a Woo it was Harrison Ford We read together in a room in that same building Id met George and Brian De Palma in I was so nervous about the reading I dont remember much about Harrison, and given how nervous Harrison would come to make me, that was plenty frightened indeed The following week, my agent, a man whod been my mothers agent, Wilt Melnick, and was now mine, called me Carrie he asked I knew my name So I let him know I knew it Yeah, I said in a voice very like mine Mine but hollow, mine but it didnt matter because my stomach had swung into action They called, he said Great, cause that was really all I wanted to know If they called, that they called, not what they saidthat didnt matter They want you, he continued There was a silence They do I mean they did He laughed, then I laughed and dropped the phone and ran out into the front yard and into the street It was raining It didnt rain in L.A It was raining in L.A and I was Princess Leia I had never been Princess Leia before and now I would be her forever I would never not be Princess Leia I had no idea how profoundly true that was and how long forever was They would pay me nothing and fly me economya fact that would haunt my mother for monthsbut I was Leia and that was all that truly mattered Im LeiaI can live in a tree, but you cant take that away from me I never dreamt there actually might be a day when I maybe hoped that you couldPraise for The Princess Diarist People Magazines Best Book of Fall 2016Fisher offers a thoughtful, sardonic meditation on the price of fame, cost of living adjustments included.J.D Biersdorfer, The New York Times Book ReviewCharacteristically frank and unflinching, funny and true The Princess Diaristis about a womans relationship with desireher own, and of others for herwrit large, as large as Star Wars.Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Jezebel.comIn her funny and frequently touching new memoir The Princess Diarist, the iconic Star Wars actress and author reveals the diaries she kept as a 19 year old starring in the blockbuster sci fi film Its an eye opener for fans, but it also shows a gifted writer even at a young age There was a lot going on between Princess Leias hair buns.Brian Truitt, USA TodayTheres tremendous insight into the volatile heart of a young woman, seen through the eyes of her wiser, older self still seeking her place in the universe.Anthony Breznican, Entertainment Weekly Are you a woman whos ever fallen for a man who might fit this description With him love was easier done than said instead of taking you to heart he would take you to bed and you take what he has to offer lying down youre getting involved while hes still getting around Yes Read on The Princess Diarist is a radical truth bomb.Julia Felsenthal, VOGUE.comAn unflinching, sometimes painful, sometimes hilarious look inside the mind of a 19 year old actress in the throes of a Hollywood locationship.Meredith Woerner, Los Angeles TimesAn unexpectedly emotional read.The VergeFisher is a force to be reckoned with, both on the page and in real life.Heather Havrilevsky, BookforumA frank,self deprecating memoiroutspoken, honest commentary of what it s like to be Princess Leia on and off the screen Kirkus Reviews The Princess Diaristis about the making ofStar Warsin 1976, but its definitely not for the kids a wry, witty look back through the diaries she kept at the time, its main event is her steamy affair with co star Harrison Ford.Colette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times The Princess Diarist eBook Carrie Fisher was an author and actress best known for her role as Leia in the Star Wars franchise She appeared countless other films, including Shampoo When Harry Met Sally wrote four bestselling novels Surrender Pink, Delusions of Grandma, Best Awful, Postcards from Edge, well memoirs Carrie s last Harrison Ford story isn t romantic Jan , In wake unexpected death at age new memoir, Diarist, is unexpectedly emotional read But emotions aren grief nostalgia so much alarm Fisher Official website actor, mental health advocate Princess Charlotte Wales Wikipedia As entered teenage years, members Court considered behaviour undignified Lady de Clifford complained about allowing ankle length underdrawers to show Bury, a lady waiting Caroline diarist whose writings have survived, described fine piece flesh Sophia United Kingdom Matilda November May twelfth child fifth daughter King George III Mecklenburg StrelitzSophia perhaps rumours surrounding supposed illegitimate which she gave birth young woman Pamela Ribon I write lot Sometimes it gets weirdKILA Pamela screenwriter Moana, Ralph Breaks Internet, Bears TV writer, comic book author, selling novelist named one Variety Screenwriters Watch Film Independent Directing Lab Fellow has been member Disney Animation StoryTrust since Her first graphic novel, Fisher, Hollywood who blazed path Dec never tired poking fun Wars, starting with instantly iconic buns character, Leia, wore on sides head, once called hair don Queen Victoria Journals Information Site Seven decades royal history Queen product unique partnership between ProQuest, Royal Archives Bodleian Libraries The Complicated Sisterhood Jackie Kennedy Lee COMPARING NOTES Radziwill First Jacqueline Kennedy, photographed by Benno Graziani Conca dei Marini, Italy, After Montessori Answers people still want proof Are there any famous went Schools Has Method produced Graduates Distinction Inside Dynastic Struggle That Rocked Queen adaptation biography Elizabeth II, Bedell Smith chronicles princess fairy tale romance marital struggles Index SI SS SIAM see THAILAND SIBB Joanna SIBBALD or SIBALD Abraham Andrew Sir Balgonie Sheriff Fife Rankeilour Archibald Kair Helen Heiress BALGONIE Who Died Year Dead Sitemap January Vilmos Zsigmond cinematographer Born June Won Cinematography Oscar Close Encounters Third Kind, photograph movies like Deer Hunter River IMDb Obituary Pat Grammy Awards Announce Gospel Christian Music Winners Subscribe our daily newsletter be know breaking news, exclusive promotions, discounted merchandise, contests, free give awaysCarrie Frances October December American actress, comedian playing nominated Saturn coroner releases findings CNN Jun Los Angeles County medical examiner office released summary its into IMDb Actress Episode VIII Last Jedi born Burbank, California, singers actors Eddie Debbie Reynolds Actor Actress, starred opposite Find out what came next Biography Shockaholic Books Shockaholic FREE shipping qualifying offers This memoir Edge Wishful Drinking gives you intimate Child Royalty brought rare combination nerve, grit hopefulness most indelible role, movie Dies PEOPLE Organa, died after suffering heart attack carrieffisher Twitter latest Tweets theres no room demons when re self possessed London Rotten Tomatoes Celebrity Profile Check photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, forums blogs Tomatoes The Princess Diarist


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