᠐ Download בֿ The Life-Giving Leader: Learning to Lead from Your Truest Self pdf ᠬ Author Tyler Reagin ᢤ

᠐ Download בֿ The Life-Giving Leader: Learning to Lead from Your Truest Self pdf ᠬ Author Tyler Reagin ᢤ ᠐ Download בֿ The Life-Giving Leader: Learning to Lead from Your Truest Self pdf ᠬ Author Tyler Reagin ᢤ Chapter 1 Its Just Your PersonalityIf you are not successful, its probably just your personality.Ive actually been told this twice in my life Once by a leader and another time by a friendpeople I trusted Even though the words pierced my heart, they later turned out to be a gift But in those moments I was really hurt.The second time was definitely painful, but it was also profound I now know that the most important leadership moment for me was also my most difficult It felt like failure, but God used it to change my leadership and me forever And I hope, because of that pivotal moment, He has changed many other leaders through my leadership.I wonder if the people who said these words even remember the situation I still believe they were trying to be helpful, and the message they delivered was helpful Just not in the way they intended.I had two thoughts when I heard the words.First, I thought about a couple of people who were wired as I was and who had been very successful.Second, and this was the game changerif what was said about me was true, then the Lord of the universe, who created me and my unique personality, must have made a mistake He must have misunderstood what I needed to be a great leader He failed to hand me the tools I needed to be successful A personality that wouldnt allow me to have a full life The lesson I received from these two individuals was that my personality was going to set me up for floundering and not flourishing, for failure and not success.But Psalm 139 makes me believe differently You formed my inward parts you knitted me together in my mothers womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are you works my soul knows it very well. verses 1314 If we believe Scripture to be true, then how could we conclude that God, who made us, does not have a plan for the uniqueness He knitted into every one of us The simple truth is that God gave each of us a distinct personality and wired every person for a specific purpose As we delve deeply into life giving leadership, we will explore this passage as the basis on which to build our leadership The light came on for me in the midst of a dark time, and I have spent the past decade trying to call out this truth in the lives of leaders When the light clicks for people and they begin to become life giving leaders by leading from their truest selves, their leadership explodes.Unfortunately, we have all seen leaders take too long to grasp this principle Because of their poor leadership, they lose valuable team members Striving to understand your uniqueness and building confidence in your calling will last a lifetime But the time to begin is now.How Leadership and Faith CollideI dont know anyone who walked away from his or her faith because of Jesus, but I know many who walked away because of the poor leadership of those who represent Jesus.All of us are familiar with stories of Christian leaders who, because of self centered decisions, have had moral failures involving finances, sex, or a multitude of other issues And how about leaders who burn through staff members at a staggering rate, all in the pursuit of the mission These leaders see their staff members as recruitspeople who will do everything necessary to ensure their leaders achieve their desired level of recognition and honor.What about leaders who choose to accept all the accolades for their teams hard work When Christian leaders operate in a posture that benefits only them and not the people around them, it can inhibit and damage the faith of other people We know the drill our faith should be strong enough to survive the damage caused by another persons failures Thats easy to say, but it doesnt prevent bad leadership from driving people away from Jesus.It doesnt matter whether youre a pastor or a librarian If you are a follower of Jesus, I want you to feel the weight of this We have probably all known someone who has walked away from faith because of another Christians poor leadership We must fight for our leadership to avoid this consequence.I have dedicated myself to bringing hope to churches, organizations, nonprofits, and businesses Christian leaders should be the best leaders in the world because we have the best Leader in history teaching us We have the Creator infusing creativity into us We have the Holy Spirit guiding us and giving us wisdom.Great leadership demands that we stay in step with the Spirit We need to learn the ways of life giving leadership because it brings out the best in those around us as we lead from our truest selves Look around Its not hard to see the need for bringing life to others You can do this only when you lead from your truest self, from your design God created you for a purpose, which is to lead and to lead well.Life giving leaders carry the name of Jesus throughout communities and to the person standing next to them They live out their calling with fulfillment and joy They live to the fullest, just as Jesus implores us in John 10 10.How we lead affects peoples lives and their faith Thats a short sentence with an eternal impact The weight of our leadership rests on our shoulders, and we need to carry it well This is why I refer to the leadership that God calls us to as life giving Heres what I mean.Grace should flow from leaders to those around them The most common type of leadership, however, is just the opposite How many people have you worked for who required grace from their team members Perhaps the leader was constantly late Or maybe the leader lacked integrity, held unrealistic expectations, was an ineffective communicator, or was morally corrupt Weve all been there and never want to go back Constantly having to give life and grace to those who lead you is exhausting In contrast, wouldnt it be amazing to work for a leader who gives you life The best leader is one who continually extends grace rather than requiring it from others The flow of grace is critical to the leaders ability to grow in influence When leaders require grace to flow to them, the system is corrupt Its backward Granted, as believers we are called to show grace and mercy to everyone, including bosses Life giving leadership flips the common scenario on its end Life giving leaders spread life, grace, hope, joy, and positivity like wildfire The flow is consistent and contagious.Rivers dont change direction because of a bad day Unless something blocks the river, it will always flow in the same direction Leaders who consistently change the flow of grace will lose influence.When Life Flows, Influence GrowsThe Colorado River, which created the Grand Canyon, is one of the most magnificent and powerful bodies of water in the United States The Colorado, however, starts as a stream that you can straddle La Poudre Pass is the simple beginning of this river whose beauty is known worldwide If the Colorado River were to remain the size of where it begins its course, it would hardly make an impact However, rivers grow as other streams join the flow What starts small, barely attracting notice, can turn into one of the most powerful forces humanity has experienced.Life giving leadership can do the same When leaders steward the small amount of influence they have in a God honoring, life giving way, it is no surprise when they are handed influence and opportunities to bring hope to others Everyone has influence over someone Great leadership involves stewarding or managing that influence over others to the best of our ability.The world needs life giving leadership Statistics indicate that than 65 percent of working adults would choose a new boss over a pay increase Governments and politicians have lost influence, and the level of trust we place in other people tends to be lower now than in the past The greatest management theories of our time are based on mistrust rather than trust The path of mistrust leads to protecting investments, not pursuing greatness.Many people would say the workplace is not a place where life is given but instead a place where life is taken Management steals the joy from work and from workers Team members live on their heels, constantly insecure because their leaders are managing them poorly.I know this sounds bleak It is bleak But life giving leadership changes the game It brings color to monotone organizations It manifests light in dark places It restores joy where joy has been lost It pushes people to be their best Who doesnt want to be known as a leader who does that Welcome to the lifelong pursuit of being a life giving leader You never arrive, but you get closer to the goal Jack Nicklaus never stopped trying to improve his golf swing, even though he is considered the best of all time Pablo Picasso never stopped trying to create his best masterpiece William Shakespeare did not stop honing his craft after writing Romeo and Juliet.Life giving leaders will keep pursuing a better version of their leadership for the rest of their days And trust me, its worth every minute If I were to ask people about the life giving leaders they work with, Im confident that they would say they are thankful for their leaders never quitting the race.Writing this book was one aspect of my attempt to get better I want to show others why life giving leadership matters in this world that needs it so desperately We are called to live a life worthy of the cross, to be salt and light in the world We are commissioned to share the good news of Jesus with others, people in our offices and elsewhere Evangelism is than the words we say its the lives we live We communicate the power of the Holy Spirit by the way He shows up in our day to day lives and in our leadership.It is difficult to grasp the extent of the positive impact that life giving leaders have on people Better performance and a productive work environment are a given, but the full extent of our impact comes about because we are called to live no other way.What Type of Leaders Can Be Life Givers I have been asked if these principles apply only to leaders who call themselves Christian The answer The process of discovering your unique identity can apply to any leader The truth that life giving leaders bring life to those around them is applicable to everyone.When I was in high school, I developed a relationship with Jesus This was not merely attending church or acting religious or pretending to go along with the faith of my family it was a true relationship with Christ From that day on, I have pursued Him As a teenager, I learned that two thousand years earlier Jesus died for me and my sins, He was resurrected from the dead, and He then offered me life It was the most life giving act the world has seen, and the world was never the same and I will never be the same.This is 100 percent a Christian leadership book I cant write about life giving leadership without putting Jesus at the center of the conversation Hes the reason I can attempt to lead others to be their best Hes the reason I look my weaknesses square in the face and strive to improve Hes the reason I see every person on my team as a life breathed version of our heavenly Father Life giving leadership is always filled with hope So is Jesus So is the gospel.Leadership should be a radical reflection of the life that flows from God to us and then overflows from us to those around us In keeping with that, youll notice that this book is divided into four parts.In this introductory section, well look at the calling of leadership on the lives of those who want to lead well Why does leadership matter What does great leadership look like How does life giving leadership change the game And how will placing the principles of Jesus at the center of our leadership change the world You will see that this divine directive is for you.Part 1 dives deeply into how you matter in your leadership The manner in which you lead comes from who you are This section helps you look closely at your unique personality and leadership skills You will see that God has wired you for your calling.Part 2 might be the most difficult for some readers, and yet it is the most important section of this book We cannot be the life giving leaders God is calling us to be without learning and leading from our truest selves We have to learn how to release the life givers within us Have you ever met a great leader who was acting like someone they are not This section will help you avoid the pitfalls of chasing other peoples uniqueness and, instead, lead from your own strengths.Part 3 shows practical ways that life giving leaders lead daily You will see why I believe the four Ss of leadership can serve as the basis for a lifetime of God honoring leadership.Finally, in Part 4, you will learn how life giving leaders change, and have an impact on, the businesses, churches, schools, and nonprofits they work for.I pray that grace and life will flow from me to you and from God to you I pray that you will see how life can flow from you and from your leadership.When life flows, your influence grows Its as simple as that, and yet its never easy.Tyler is a good friend of mine He doesnt just think like a leader he lives like one He dropped everything to drive an hour and be at my side, simply because he knew I needed a friend When he arrived, he didnt tell me what to do but instead reminded me of who I am This is what great leaders doits what this book is about, and its written by a guy who services what he sells Bob Goff, New York Times best selling author of Love Does and Everybody, AlwaysThis book will absolutely set your soul on fire to become the most authentic, determined, and impactful leader you can be If you need a fresh wind or are simply looking for a dynamic leadership resource, you should read The Life Giving Leader Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times best selling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries Fresh Important Helpful Whether youre guiding one person or a massive organization, leadership can be a heavy load When we try to take the responsibility of carrying all that weight ourselves, well eventually be crushed under it or burned out by it In The Life Giving Leader, Tyler Reagin affirms Gods design for leaders by removing undue burdens and pointing you to the essentials that will multiply your impact Youll be relieved to know that this resource wont give you another checklist to accomplish Rather, it will give you a deep breath of the fresh air from Gods Word It will shift your focus back to His sufficiency to carry out the good work that He began in you As you consider resources to help you become a better and whole leader, I hope youll add this one to your short list Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church and founder of Passion Conferences In my many years of interacting with leaders, I have yet to see a person who understands the dynamics of leadership better than Tyler Reagin He exemplifies the love of Jesus perfectly His wisdom and useful applications will allow readers to shatter outdated paradigms and rebuild their philosophy about leadership Readers must make time to absorb Tylers knowledge and immediately apply it to their lives Buzz Williams, Virginia Tech basketball coach The Life Giving Leader is than a book its a powerful blueprint that shows us how to truly lead as God calls us toso that we can positively influence others and the world Trust me, this is not just another leadership book Tyler shows us how to lead with true power so we can energize, encourage, inspire, and give life to others I guarantee it will be one of the most powerful leadership books youll read this year Jon Gordon, best selling author of The Power of Positive Leadership The Life Giving Leader is the book we have all been waiting for Tyler offers inspiring, thought provoking, and powerful lessons in unlocking the truest and best version of yourself This is a must read DeVon Franklin, producer and New York Times best selling author Tyler, a passionate lover of Jesus, has focused his life on nurturing the potential within others He is also an extraordinary example of servant leadership, possessing personal understanding of the cost and value of the leadership journey The Life Giving Leader is a thought provoking rendering of Tylers unique insights into what it means to be a life giving leader who lives for a purpose far beyond self To quote Tyler The pursuit of life giving leadership begins and ends with Jesus Brian Houston, global senior pastor of Hillsong Church I cant think of a better person to write on life giving leadership than Tyler Reagin His approach to leading the people around us is not only refreshing, but it is also Jesuss model And when we lead with God, instead of for God, we can step back and let Him go crazy through us Jennie Allen, author of Nothing to Prove, and founder and visionary of the IF Gathering There are two kinds of people in this world There are those who walk into a room and say, Here I am And there are those who walk into a room and say, There you are In this important and timely book, my friend Tyler will teach you how to become the kind of leader who notices and enhances the lives of those around you Youll see how new levels of usefulness in your own life are unlocked in the process The upside down secret that will change everything is that giving, not keeping, is the key to receiving Levi Lusko, author of I Declare War Four Keys to Winning the War with Yourself We are all called to step into our God given destiny, but we often get distracted trying to lead like everyone elserather than being the leader God uniquely designed us to be In The Life Giving Leader, Tyler shares practical leadership principles that will equip you to stay laser focused on the plan God has for your life as a leader Christine Caine, best selling author and founder of A21 and Propel Women When Tyler told me he was writing a book on leadership, I instantly thought, Yupmakes perfect sense Tylers life giving leadership is real, tested, and replicable because hes truly a builder He builds people who build the church that Jesus is building Tyler is the real dealno one talks it, walks it, and lives it like he does Judah Smith, lead pastor of Churchome and New York Times best selling author of Jesus Is _____. Home SallyClarkson Together they offer a treasury of wise advice and spiritual principles to help you create place for all that is beautiful, good, holy, foundational life The Lifegiving Home will lead on new path creating special memories your children, establishing God centered traditions, cultivating loving atmosphere family cherish their lives The Life Giving Leader Tyler Reagin Leader, thought provoking rendering s unique insights into what it means be giving leader who purpose far beyond themselves To quote pursuit leadership begins ends with Jesus Learning Lead from Your Truest self Life Definition by Merriam Webster or having power give spirit invigorating definition Free Dictionary sailing ship, her unthrobbing body, seemed mysteriously sort unearthly existence, bordering upon the magic invisible forces, sustained inspiration death Define at definition, imparting, ability impart, vitality vitalizing love praise See Kitchen Kitchen Join community, share story find support other 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sacrifice THE BIG IDEA uniquely specific talents, divinely calls these strengths Characteristics Team Leaders Conference July list For know me, nothing excites coaching teams fulfillment developing highly efficient, excellent, healthy things Hospitable Create Environments Where Everyone somewhere Whether parent, pastor, coach, CEO, anyone learn hospitably big idea The Life-Giving Leader: Learning to Lead from Your Truest Self


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