ጃ Free Format Kindle [ ಮ Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology ] ፓ Book Author David Abram ።

ጃ Free Format Kindle [ ಮ Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology ] ፓ Book Author David Abram ። ጃ Free Format Kindle [ ಮ Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology ] ፓ Book Author David Abram ። Introduction Between the Body and the Breathing Earth Owning up to being an animal, a creature of earth Tuning our animal senses to the sensible terrain blending our skin with the rain rippled surface of rivers, mingling our ears with the thunder and the thrumming of frogs, and our eyes with the molten gray sky Feeling the polyrhythmic pulse of this placethis huge windswept body of water and stone This vexed being in whose flesh were entangled Becoming earth Becoming animal Becoming, in this manner, fully human This is a book about becoming a two legged animal, entirely a part of the animate world whose life swells within and unfolds all around us It seeks a new way of speaking, one that enacts our interbeing with the earth rather than blinding us to it A language that stirs a new humility in relation to other earthborn beings, whether spiders or obsidian outcrops or spruce limbs bent low by the clumped snow A style of speech that opens our senses to the sensuous in all its multiform strangeness The chapters that follow strive to discern and perhaps to practice a curious kind of thought, a way of careful reflection that no longer tears us out of the world of direct experience in order to represent it, but that binds us ever deeply into the thick of that world A way of thinking enacted as much by the body as by the mind, informed by the humid air and the soil and the quality of our breathing, by the intensity of our contact with the other bodies that surround Yet words are human artifacts, are they not Surely to speak, or to think in words, is necessarily to step back from the worlds presence into a purely human sphere of reflection Such, precisely, has been our civilized assumption But what if meaningful speech is not an exclusively human possession What if the very language we now speak arose first in response to an animate, expressive worldas a stuttering reply not just to others of our species but to an enigmatic cosmos that already spoke to us in a myriad of tongues What if thought is not born within the human skull, but is a creativity proper to the body as a whole, arising spontaneously from the slippage between an organism and the folding terrain that it wanders What if the curious curve of thought is engendered by the difficult eros and tension between our flesh and the flesh of the earth Is it possible to grow a worthy cosmology by attending closely to our encounters with other creatures, and with the elemental textures and contours of our locale We are by now so accustomed to the cult of expertise that the very notion of honoring and paying heed to our directly felt experience of thingsof insects and wooden floors, of broken down cars and bird pecked apples and the scents rising from the soilseems odd and somewhat misguided as a way to find out whats worth knowing According to assumptions long held by the civilization in which Ive been raised, the deepest truth of things is concealed behind the appearances, in dimensions inaccessible to our senses A thousand years ago these dimensions were viewed in spiritual terms the sensuous world was a fallen, derivative reality that could be understood only by reference to heavenly realms hidden beyond the stars Since the powers residing in such realms were concealed from common perception, they had to be mediated for the general populace by priests, who might intercede with those celestial agencies on our behalf In recent centuries, an abundance of discoveries and remarkable inventions have transformed this cultures general conception of thingsand yet the basic disparagement of sensuous reality remains Like an old, collective habit very difficult to kick, the directly sensed world is still explained by reference to realms hidden beyond our immediate experience Such a realm, for example, is the microscopic domain of axons and dendrites, and neurotransmitters washing across neuronal synapsesa dimension entirely concealed from direct apprehension, yet which presumably precipitates, or gives rise to, every aspect of our experience Another such dimension is the recondite realm hidden within the nuclei of our cells, wherein reside the intricately folding strands of DNA and RNA that ostensibly code and perhaps even cause the behavior of living things Alternatively, the deepest source and truth of the apparent world is sometimes held to exist in the subatomic realm of quarks, mesons, and gluons or the still theoretical world of vibrating ten dimensional strings or perhaps in the initial breaking of symmetries in the cosmological big bang, an event almost inconceivably distant in time and space Every one of these arcane dimensions radically transcends the reach of our unaided senses Since we have no ordinary experience of these realms, the essential truths to be found there must be mediated for us by experts, by those who have access to the high powered instruments and the inordinately expensive technologies the electron microscopes, functional MRI scanners, radio telescopes, and supercolliders that might offer a momentary glimpse into these dimensions Here, as before, the sensuous worldthe creaturely world directly encountered by our animal sensesis commonly assumed to be a secondary, derivative reality understood only by reference to primary domains that exist elsewhere, behind the scenes I do not deny the importance of those other scales or dimensions, nor the value of the various truths that may be found there I deny only that this shadowed, earthly world of deer tracks and moss is somehow less worthy, less REAL, than those abstract dimensions It is palpable to my skin, substantial to my flaring nostrils, preciousinfinitely preciousto the heart drumming within my chest This directly experienced terrain, rippling with cricket rhythms and scoured by the tides, is the very realm now most ravaged by the spreading consequences of our disregard Many long standing and lousy habits have enabled our callous treatment of surrounding nature, empowering us to clear cut, dam up, mine, develop, poison, or simply destroy so much of what quietly sustains us Yet few are as deep rooted and damaging as the habitual tendency to view the sensuous earth as a subordinate spacewhether as a sinful plane, riddled with temptation, needing to be transcended and left behind or a menacing region needing to be beaten and bent to our will or simply a vaguely disturbing dimension to be avoided, superseded, and explained away Corporeal life is indeed difficult To identify with the sheer physicality of ones flesh may well seem lunatic The body is an imperfect and breakable entity vulnerable to a thousand and one insultsto scars and the scorn of others, to disease, decay, and death And the material world that our body inhabits is hardly a gentle place The shuddering beauty of this biosphere is bristling with thorns generosity and abundance often seem scant ingredients compared with the prevalence of predation, sudden pain, and racking loss Carnally embedded in the depths of this cacophonous profusion of forms, we commonly cant even predict just whats lurking behind the near boulder, let alone get enough distance to fathom and figure out all the workings of this world We simply cant get it under our control Weve lost hearing in one ear the other rings like a fallen spoon Our spouse falls in love with someone else, while our young child comes down with a bone rattling fever that no doctor seems able to diagnose There are things out and about that can eat us, and ultimately will Small wonder, then, that we prefer to abstract ourselves whenever we can, imagining ourselves into theoretical spaces less fraught with insecurity, conjuring dimensions amenable to calculation and control We slip blissfully into machine mediated scapes, offering ourselves up to any technology that promises to enhance the humdrum capacities of our given flesh And sure, now and then well engage this earthen world as well, as long we know that its not ultimate, as long as were convinced that were not stuck here Even among ecologists and environmental activists, theres a tacit sense that wed better not let our awareness come too close to our creaturely sensations, that wed best keep our arguments girded with statistics and our thoughts buttressed with abstractions, lest we succumb to an overwhelming griefa heartache born of our organisms instinctive empathy with the living land and its cascading losses Lest we be bowled over and broken by our dismay at the relentless devastation of the biosphere Thus do we shelter ourselves from the harrowing vulnerability of bodied existence But by the same gesture we also insulate ourselves from the deepest wellsprings of joy We cut our lives off from the necessary nourishment of contact and interchange with other shapes of life, from antlered and loop tailed and amber eyed beings whose resplendent weirdness loosens our imaginations, from the droning of bees and the gurgling night chorus of the frogs and the morning mist rising like a crowd of ghosts off the weedlot We seal ourselves off from the erotic warmth of a cellos voice, or from the tilting dance of construction cranes against a downtown sky overbursting with blue From the errant hummingbird pulsing in our cupped hands as we ferry it back out the door, and the crimson flash as it zooms from our fingers.For too long weve closed ourselves to the participatory life of our senses, inured ourselves to the felt intelligence of our muscled flesh and its manifold solidarities Weve taken our primaryThis book is like a prehistoric cave If you have the nerve to enter it and you get used to the dark, you ll discover things about storytelling which are startling, urgent and deeply true Things each of us once knew, but forgot when we were born into the 19th and 20th centuries Extraordinary rediscoveries John Berger David Abram is among the most important interpreters of the wild voice within us At no other time in Western history have we needed to listen to that voice, and David s, as much as we do today Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit DisorderAs with many deeply originaland radicalbooks, this work may startle, even provoke the reader in its electric reversal of conventional thought Worth any provocation for the profundity of its insights, this is a portrait of the artist as a young raven, arguing, with all the subtlety of his mind, for the mindedness of the body An exercise of uncanny imagination by a writer who has a sixth sense for the intelligence of the first five Jay Griffiths, author of Wild An Elemental Journey Provocative, boldly recalibratingA creative and visionary ecologist and philosopher, Abram offers perception heightening insights into the disastrous consequences of our increasing detachment from the living world as we funnel our attention to the cyber realm He tells extraordinary tales of his encounters with wildlife from whales to ravens, and illuminates the planetsup1 s myriad forms of sentient life In addition to writing with poetic precision about sensory experiencehis analysis of shadows and lifesup1 s reciprocity are phenomenal feats of observation and eloquencehe draws on his adventures as an itinerant sleight of hand magician and apprentice to indigenous shamans to forge an inspirited physics of being Prodigious, transfixing, and rectifying Booklist, starred reviewThis brave and magical book summons wild wonder to re mind us who we are.Amory B Lovins, Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain InstituteDavid Abrams new book is so invigorating, its teachings leap off the page and translate immediately into lived experience Shaking us free from the prisons of our mental constructions, Becoming Animal brings us home to ourselves as living organs of this wild planet.Joanna Macy, buddhist scholar and activistIf we are to surviveindeed, if we are to stop the dominant culture from killing the planetit will be in great measure because of brave and brilliant beings like David Abram This is a beautifully written, deeply moving, and important book Derrick Jensen, author of Endgame and A Language Older Than Words This startling, sparkling book challenges the technological temper of our times by returning us to the animal body in ourselves Abram shows brilliantly how this body brings us back to Earth in a series of acutely moving descriptions of its polysensory genius An original work of primary philosophy, it is written with verve, passion, and poetry Edward S Casey, author of The Fate of Place A Philosophical HistoryAbram brings the magicians sense of mystery and playful surprise to these experimental and improvisational forayshis celebratory embrace of all that surrounds him is refreshing in the extreme The author is an inspired force who invites the neglected yet ever present serendipities of the natural world to show themselves KirkusAbrams prose is lighted from within, happy, solid and clear Its fun to read and helps the reader remember his or her place in the larger, luminous world Los Angeles TimesFascinatingHighly readable, Becoming Animal sets a new benchmark for the human appraisal of our place in the whole world Tucson Citizen Becoming Animal An Earthly Cosmology Audible David Abram s This book is so poetically beautiful and startling that it hard to describe says this a about becoming two legged animal, entirely part of the animate world whose life swells within unfolds all around us But not at suggesting we unleash our inner beasts Becoming Quotes by Goodreads quotes from Breathing involves continual oscillation between exhaling inhaling, offering ourselves th Abram, ecologist author Spell Sensuous , hierophant group best described as environmental ecstatics nature writers with primary interest in studying or 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Emma Davie Driven wonder, curiosity desire balance ecological technological imperatives, invitation explore relationship recognise what exquisitely intricate system which everything alive expressive, humans, landscapes inextricably interdependent, such thing Kindle edition Download once read device, PC, phones tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Reviews Books Spirituality It seeks way speaking, enacts interbeing earth rather blinding illuminates forward restoring led vibrant bodies re inhabit glittering Orion A stunning, compelling journey into embodied, earthly intelligence, philosophy engaging By Abram searched pdf form, then ve come site present complete version ebook ePub, DjVu, doc, txt, PDF Download mythic imagination, was response threat i discovered some years earlier when, cross country skiing along snow covered stream northern rockies, emerged woods small, frozen member organizations Behavior Society Association Study want join organization specific discipline Attend conferences including panels any social events offered Steps Learn Research steps need take trainer earning degree, finding certified find out if Step Guide Individuals searching Guide found links, articles, information page helpful Exotic educational route exotic vet begins Bachelor Degree provides strong background sciences Graduates must begin veterinary college, although competition admission extremely competitive order cop, applicants number qualities Find cops here websiteDavid Center Humans Nature PhD cultural philosopher lectures teaches widely several continents He Pantheon Perception Language More Human World Vintage, Dr The Ecology Magic unusual combination anthropologist, sleight hand magician Though he worked United States Europe years, attributes most knows magic time spent Indonesia, Nepal Sri Lanka learning indigenous medicine people Help improve Author Pages updating bibliography submitting current image biography Similar authors follow Abrams novels Brave Deeds Fobbit, named New York Times Notable Montana Honor Book, finalist L Art Seidenbaum Award Fiction ImDavidAbrams Twitter latest Tweets both groveatlantic Blogger Quivering Pen Work esquire, glimmertrain, Salon Curator SundaySentence Butte, MT Sensuous born June American philosopher, ecologist, performance artist, known bridging philosophic NYU College Global Public Health focuses systems thinking theory conceptual approaches health enhancement chronic disease prevention IMDb Abrams, Actor House Cards actor writer, Black ish Wikipedia philosophical tradition phenomenology issues Short Jul gives interview recent course Martin Shaw, Wild Land Dreaming Living Erotics Place Finding Interest Everything Nature Center after asserting nothing unique looks makes CheapyD Owner Cheap Ass Gamer videogamedeals CAGcast podcast host tweet games No ads, affiliate links except RTs, naturally Nassau County, NY Capital Management graduated University Pennsylvania BA degree 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Professional Standards Legislation Legal practitioners employed Lawyers Pty Limited Significance Britannica Abraham, called or, Hebrew, flourished early nd millennium bce first patriarchs figure revered monotheistic Christianity, IslamAccording biblical Genesis, left Ur, Mesopotamia, God him Terrible Pieces Of Retirement Advice Forbes Jan those dreams picturesque condo spouse spotted second honeymoon quickly fade BBC Religions Judaism Abraham Jun Introduction Bronze Age times Middle East when promised nomad leader would A tent Sarai renamed Easy make Old Testament Stories Sarah baby Isaac activity other includes Ezra Okonsar, pianist composer Classical concert pianist, modern composer, orchestra conductor, musicologist writer Okonsar DoctorYourself Niacin Therapy Details Follow Hoffer instructions see niacin therapy safe Dosages supporting references provided Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology


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