ᙖ Free Download Format Kindle [ The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life ] ᛖ Kindle By Arthur Agatston 휬

ᙖ Free Download Format Kindle [ The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life ] ᛖ Kindle By Arthur Agatston 휬 ᙖ Free Download Format Kindle [ The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life ] ᛖ Kindle By Arthur Agatston 휬 Part ILiving The South Beach Diet1 Changing the Way America LivesThe South Beach Diet was always intended to be than just a diet In fact, it was originally developed to help my cardiac and diabetes patients lose weight in order to prevent heart attacks and strokes As a cardiologist, I have always felt that the South Beach Diet is less about dieting and about living a long, healthy, and active life I wrote the original book in 2003 because I wanted to help change the way America eats Now I have a new goal I want to change the way America lives, not only by helping people eat healthfully and lose weight, if necessary, but also by helping them become fit We must begin to overcome the poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle that are making us fatter and sicker with each passing year.Over the past several decades, we have witnessed an unexpected epidemic of obesity in this country One third of American adults over age 20 are obese, and two thirds of us are overweight The number of seriously overweight children has tripled Moreover, statistics show that 51 percent of Americans don t engage in any kind of regular physical activity The results have been catastrophic.This epidemic of obesity is causing an array of health problems that is much broader than we doctors ever imagined Beyond the cosmetic concerns that pervade our culture, the list of real problems arising from our toxic lifestyle is getting ever longer A partial list includes and you may want to sit down for this heart attack, stroke, prediabetes, diabetes, many types of cancer, Alzheimer s disease, macular degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, acne, depression, and attention deficit disorders And this is just a sampling.It also appears that if we do not reverse the health course that we are on, the cost in human and economic terms will reach crisis proportions Our poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are already exacting a steep toll in terms of mortality and money They re responsible for an estimated 300,000 premature deaths every year and 90 billion in health care costs, but I believe the real costs are much higher And as the baby boom generation gets older, these health costs will likely continue to soar.Sadly, this is not only an American problem Just as our sedentary, fast food lifestyle is being exported around the world, so are the attendant health problems The good news is that now that we better understand what s happening to us, we can start to create solutions.A Sedentary NationIn order to develop strategies to halt and reverse the epidemic of obesity, we must be aware of the trends that have gradually but inexorably brought us to the crisis situation we are in today I have found in my practice that by putting patients current problems into a context they can understand, they can easily become cooperative partners in moving toward solutions Perhaps because I was a history major not all doctors are bio majors , I also find that tracing today s health problems back to their original roots is fascinating.The truth is that while our bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle have been many decades in the making, the toxic changes in the way we live have really accelerated in recent years Our DNA is designed to live, eat, and exercise the way our hunter gatherer ancestors did, and it hasn t changed substantially since that time But we no longer live in the wild We don t have famine in this country to keep us thin We no longer burn calories hunting and gathering our food.On top of that, a completely sedentary lifestyle has gradually crept in, invention by incredible invention Due to the march of technology, we sit in front of computers both at work and at home Machines and gadgets lift, move, and carry things for us We communicate by e mail, and many of us don t even walk down the hall to chat with colleagues as often as we used to While studies document how much less physical exertion we re doing, we really don t need research studies to appreciate the trend All we have to do is look around.The preponderance of labor saving devices, from tractors and forklifts to remote controls and the personal computer, has had a major impact on the number of calories we expend daily at home and at work These devices have also had devastating effects on our muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments Sitting bent over at a computer for most of the day is simply not good for our health In Chapter 5, Boomeritis The New Epidemic I talk about these evolving physical problems and their solutions And in Part II of the book, I present the South Beach Supercharged Fitness Program Not only will this 20 minute a day program help you burn calories even when you re not working out, it will also strengthen the key core muscles in your abdomen, back, pelvis, and hips It s your core muscles that help you avoid the back pain and other muscle problems that so often result from our sedentary lives.Missing Our NutrientsOur unhealthy lifestyle is made even worse by our poor diet Since we began growing fields of grain about 10,000 years ago and developed the ability to cultivate fruits and vegetables, the nutritional content of our foods has seriously deteriorated This is because we tend to breed plants for hardiness, taste, and aesthetics, not nutrients Today, the fruits and vegetables we find in most supermarkets are larger, sweeter, and better looking than those our ancestors gathered The problem is that they also have less fiber and fewer vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients than is optimal for our general health not to mention our waistlines Luckily, and Americans are embracing organic foods, heirloom fruits and vegetables, and sustainable farming methods, all trends that are bringing food back to its natural and nutritious state In Chapter 7, Supercharged Foods for Better Health, I recommend some foods with powerful nutritional benefits that can help you stay healthy and avoid the host of chronic and degenerative diseases currently affecting so many of us.A Nation OverprocessedBeyond our desire to cultivate and produce food almost exclusively to please our tastebuds, other social and technological trends have affected our food supply for the worse A few generations ago, our great grandparents walked to local markets on a daily basis to buy whatever produce they didn t grow themselves as well as fresh bread and other food for their families next meals They could only travel to local markets and take home what they were able to carry With the advent of the automobile and the home refrigerator, however, it became possible to travel farther to shop, and people could take home enough food to feed their families for a week or two But for that to be possible, foods had to have longer shelf lives This led to supermarkets and to food processing, which, unfortunately, removed important nutrients while adding substances like sodium and trans fats to prevent spoilage In a sense, we began digesting our food in factories instead of in our intestines.It s only now that we are appreciating the deleterious effects these technological advances have had on our weight and on our health In Chapter 3, A Diet You Can Live With For Life, I discuss the health and character of a Mediterranean society that thrived without many of our modern advances, and I show you how we can learn from this remarkable example.We Must Act NowIf you re like me, you find how we got into this sad state not only depressing but scary But there is hope if we take action today Because we finally understand so much of what has gone wrong, we can use our advanced technologies to turn things around We now know that our increasing waistlines, poor physical fitness, and worsening health are not different problems but, rather, part of the same problem We now know that what s good for our waistlines is also good for our hearts, our brains, and our general health.We must ask the food industry, including traditional and fast food restaurants, to help make healthy food convenient and convenient food healthier We must supply our schoolchildren with nutrient rich meals and make nutrition education and physical education integral parts of our schools curricula We must reinstate the family table and, despite our busy schedules, try to provide fresh foods for our children on a regular basis We must also create communities and workplaces where good food and exercise opportunities are readily available These steps will make for a healthier, happier, motivated, and productive America I guarantee it.In the chapters that follow, I explain the lifelong benefits of adopting a healthy diet and fitness program And in Parts II and III, I offer the specifics on how to get there Whether you have 10 ds, 100 ds, or no weight to lose, whether you are active or inactive, helping you to become healthy and fit for life is the mission of this book So read on and learn We can beat the epidemic of obesity in this country And we can all become part of the solution.2 The Basics of the South Beach DietRecently, an Associated Press story about the New York City subway system caught my eye According to subway officials, a leading cause of subway delays is crash dieters who faint on the platform or on the train That s right crash dieters who pass out and require medical help are a top cause of transit delays Clearly, these folks are not eating properly, and they re certainly not following the South Beach Diet On the three phases of the South Beach Diet, you will eat three meals a day and at least two snacks You will eat until you are pleasantly full, and you will not walk around feeling dizzy or hungry We don t want you to skip meals or snacks You ll be eating satisfying portions of real food, including nutrient rich, high fiber carbohydrates vegetables, fruits, and whole grains lean sources of protein good unsaturated fats and low fat dairy You can eat dessert on even the strictest phase of the diet in fact, we recommend it and enjoy an occasional glass or two of wine with a meal after the first 2 weeks South Beach dieters do not faint from lack of food on the subway, on the street, or anywhere else.The goals of the South Beach Diet are to help you lose weight safely and stay healthy and fit for the rest of your life and never walk around feeling famished and light headed.The South Beach Diet is not a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, nor is it a low fat diet It is a nutritionally sound diet that consists of a wide variety of wholesome foods and teaches you how to make better food choices for life.Choose the Good CarbsDo you know the difference between a good carbohydrate and a bad one Many of my patients didn t until we published our original diet book 5 years ago In fact, until fairly recently, even many medical professionals did not know much about how carbohydrates differ For instance, it turns out that fiber plays a very important role in what makes a carbohydrate good.The concept of dietary fiber relating to disease was first introduced by Denis Burkitt, MD, a British army surgeon who served in Africa in the 1960s, but its role in nutrition did not become widely appreciated until the early 1980s That s when David Jenkins, MD, of the University of Toronto, introduced the concept of the glycemic index, a method of classifying carbohydrates based on their potential to raise blood sugar levels, which is in part due to the type of starch, sugar, or fiber they contain I discuss the glycemic index in detail in the next chapter Additionally, it wasn t until the last decade that we realized that high fiber good carbs are also great sources of literally thousands of micronutrients known as phytochemicals, including the antioxidants that are essential for preventing disease and simply keeping us healthy.When it comes to fiber, it s important to know that there are two types soluble and insoluble and both will help you achieve your weight loss goals Soluble fiber is found mainly in vegetables, fruits, legumes, barley, oats, and oat bran It slows down digestion, so food stays in your stomach longer, making you feel satisfied longer Insoluble fiber is found mainly in wheat, especially in wheat bran and other whole grains It speeds up the movement of food through your intestines, thereby helping to prevent constipation.Unfortunately, as I noted in the last chapter, fiber is often removed from grains during processing to produce a smoother texture and to extend the shelf life of breads and other baked goods Without fiber, processed grains become essentially chains of glucose sugar molecules known as starches, which are devoid of nutrients These starches are rapidly digested and converted into the simple sugars that can cause a sudden spike in blood sugar In fact, a piece of white bread will raise your blood sugar faster than a teaspoon of table sugar will That s why highly processed baked goods and sugary low fiber cereals are among the worst carbs you can eat.Let s say you typically start your day with a bowl of sweetened cereal or a Danish pastry Your breakfast is largely free of fiber and nutrients and is converted into simple sugars very quickly When your blood sugar rises, your pancreas a small, flat organ that lies behind your stomach responds by producing insulin, the hormone that facilitates the movement of blood sugar and fat from the bloodstream into your cells This is a crucial step that ensures that the energy you consume in the form of food gets into your body s tissues, where it is burned, stored, or incorporated into hormones in order to keep you functioning and healthy But when you consume a meal of nearly pure starch or sugar, your pancreas has to produce insulin than it normally does Once that additional insulin kicks in, your blood sugar falls abruptly While you may feel satisfied and energized for a while, relatively soon after your meal, when the sugar is cleared from your bloodstream, your sugar high rapidly becomes a sugar low And as your blood sugar drops, you feel tired, cranky, and hungry again.It s due to these exaggerated swings in blood sugar that many Americans are walking around much of the time in search of another sugary or starchy snack a quick fix to relieve their food cravings Over time, this cycle will disrupt your metabolism, making you susceptible to a condition called prediabetes, or metabolic syndrome I will tell you about prediabetes in later chapters Already some 40 percent of US adults ages 40 to 70 are affected by this condition, which, if left untreated, can cause an increase in heart attacks and strokes and eventually lead to full blown diabetes.Choose the Good FatsIt s hard not to like a program that promotes a healthy diet and promises faster results in less time Web MD Expert ReviewGive the Supercharged South Beach diet a try and be amazed at how you feel and look Dieting Smarter South Beach Diet Official Site Weight Loss Plan The South plan is available to Continental US residents only and cannot be shipped PO Boxes or military addresses Wikipedia Beach, also nicknamed SoBe, a neighborhood in the city of Miami Florida, United States, located due east proper between Biscayne Bay Atlantic Ocean area encompasses all barrier islands south Indian Creek W SPG Just steps away from Ocean, W offers cutting edge oasis cosmopolitan heart Iconic design swaying palms set stage for an unforgettable experience, where pulsating worlds music, fashion meet contemporary luxury JW Marriott Hotel Singapore Beach Unrivaled awaits at JW featuring star accommodations, designer amenities, spa dining near Suntec City The TripAdvisor Oct , Now Was on TripAdvisor See traveler reviews candid photos, great deals ranked hotels 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