⑅ Online ΍ Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity for kids ⑦ ePUB By Katherine Boo ┑

⑅ Online ΍ Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity for kids ⑦ ePUB By Katherine Boo ┑ ⑅ Online ΍ Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity for kids ⑦ ePUB By Katherine Boo ┑ 1.AnnawadiLET IT KEEP, the moment when Officer Fish Lips met Abdul in the police station Rewind, see Abdul running backward, away from the station and the airport, shirt buttons opening as he flies back toward his home See the flames engulfing a disabled woman in a pink flowered tunic shrink to nothing but a matchbook on the floor See Fatima minutes earlier, dancing on crutches to a raucous love song, her delicate features unscathed Keep rewinding, back seven months, and stop at an ordinary day in January 2008 It was about as hopeful a season as there had ever been in the years since a bitty slum popped up in the biggest city of a country that holds one third of the planet s poor A country dizzy now with development and circulating money.Dawn came gusty, as it often did in January, the month of treed kites and head colds Because his family lacked the floor space for all of its members to lie down, Abdul was asleep on the gritty maidan, which for years had passed as his bed His mother stepped carefully over one of his younger brothers, and then another, bending low to Abdul s ear Wake up, fool she said exuberantly You think your work is dreaming Superstitious, Zehrunisa had noticed that some of the family s most profitable days occurred after she had showered abuses on her eldest son January s income being pivotal to the family s latest plan of escape from Annawadi, she had decided to make the curses routine.Abdul rose with minimal whining, since the only whining his mother tolerated was her own Besides, this was the gentle going hour in which he hated Annawadi least The pale sun lent the sewage lake a sparkling silver cast, and the parrots nesting at the far side of the lake could still be heard over the jets Outside his neighbors huts, some held together by duct tape and rope, damp rags were discreetly freshening bodies Children in school uniform neckties were hauling pots of water from the public taps A languid line extended from an orange concrete block of public toilets Even goats eyes were heavy with sleep It was the moment of the intimate and the familial, before the great pursuit of the small market niche got under way.One by one, construction workers departed for a crowded intersection where site supervisors chose day laborers Young girls began threading marigolds into garlands, to be hawked in Airport Road traffic Older women sewed patches onto pink and blue cotton quilts for a company that paid by the piece In a tiny, sweltering plastic molding factory, bare chested men cranked gears that would turn colored beads into ornaments to be hung from rearview mirrors smiling ducks and pink cats with jewels around their necks that they couldn t imagine anyone, anywhere, buying And Abdul crouched on the maidan, beginning to sort two weeks worth of purchased trash, a stained shirt hitching up his knobby spine.His general approach toward his neighbors was this The better I know you, the I will dislike you, and the you will dislike me So let us keep to ourselves But deep in his own work, as he would be this morning, he could imagine his fellow Annawadians laboring companionably alongside him.ANNAWADI SAT TWO hundred yards off the Sahar Airport Road, a stretch where new India collided with old India and made new India late Chauffeurs in SUVs honked furiously at the bicycle delivery boys peeling off from a slum chicken shop, each carrying a rack of three hundred eggs Annawadi itself was nothing special, in the context of the slums of Mumbai Every house was off kilter, so less off kilter looked like straight Sewage and sickness looked like life.The slum had been settled in 1991 by a band of laborers trucked in from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu to repair a runway at the international airport When the runway work was complete, they decided to stay near the airport and its tantalizing construction possibilities In an area with little unclaimed space, a sodden, snake filled bit of brushland across the street from the international terminal seemed the least bad place to live.Other poor people considered the spot too wet to be habitable, but the Tamils set to work, hacking down the brush that harbored the snakes, digging up dirt in drier places and packing it into the mud After a month, their bamboo poles stopped flopping over when they were stuck in the ground Draping empty cement sacks over the poles for cover, they had a settlement Residents of neighboring slums provided its name Annawadi the land of annas, a respectful Tamil word for older brothers Less respectful terms for Tamil migrants were in wider currency But other poor citizens had seen the Tamils sweat to summon solid land from a bog, and that labor had earned a certain deference.Seventeen years later, almost no one in this slum was considered poor by official Indian benchmarks Rather, the Annawadians were among roughly one hundred million Indians freed from poverty since 1991, when, around the same moment as the small slum s founding, the central government embraced economic liberalization The Annawadians were thus part of one of the most stirring success narratives in the modern history of global market capitalism, a narrative still unfolding.True, only six of the slum s three thousand residents had permanent jobs The rest, like 85 percent of Indian workers, were part of the informal, unorganized economy True, a few residents trapped rats and frogs and fried them for dinner A few ate the scrub grass at the sewage lake s edge And these individuals, miserable souls, thereby made an inestimable contribution to their neighbors They gave those slumdwellers who didn t fry rats and eat weeds, like Abdul, a felt sense of their upward mobility.The airport district was spewing waste that winter, the peak season for tourism, business travel, and society weddings, whose lack of restraint in 2008 reflected a stock market at an all time high Better still for Abdul, a frenzy of Chinese construction in advance of the summer s Beijing Olympics had inflated the price of scrap metal worldwide It was a fine time to be a Mumbai garbage trader, not that that was the term passersby used for Abdul Some called him garbage, and left it at that.This morning, culling screws and hobnails from his pile, he tried to keep an eye on Annawadi s goats, who liked the smell of the dregs in his bottles and the taste of the paste beneath the labels Abdul didn t ordinarily mind them nosing around, but these days they were fonts of liquid shit a menace.The goats belonged to a Muslim man who ran a brothel from his hut and considered his whores a pack of malingerers In an attempt to diversify, he had been raising the animals to sell for sacrifice at Eid, the festival marking the end of Ramadan The goats had proved as troublesome as the girls, though Twelve of the herd of twenty two had died, and the survivors were in intestinal distress The brothelkeeper blamed black magic on the part of the Tamils who ran the local liquor still Others suspected the goats drinking source, the sewage lake.Late at night, the contractors modernizing the airport dumped things in the lake Annawadians also dumped things there most recently, the decomposing carcasses of twelve goats Whatever was in that soup, the pigs and dogs that slept in its shallows emerged with bellies stained blue Some creatures survived the lake, though, and not only the malarial mosquitoes As the morning went on, a fisherman waded through the water, one hand pushing aside cigarette packs and blue plastic bags, the other dimpling the surface with a net He would take his catch to the Marol market to be ground into fish oil, a health product for which demand had surged now that it was valued in the West.Rising to shake out a cramp in his calf, Abdul was surprised to find the sky as brown as flywings, the sun signaling through the haze of pollution the arrival of afternoon When sorting, he routinely lost track of the hour His little sisters were playing with the One Leg s daughters on a makeshift wheelchair, a cracked plastic lawn chair flanked by rusted bicycle wheels Mirchi, already home from ninth grade, was sprawled in the doorway of the family hut, an unread math book on his lap.Mirchi was impatiently awaiting his best friend, Rahul, a Hindu boy who lived a few huts away, and who had become an Annawadi celebrity This month, Rahul had done what Mirchi dreamed of broken the barrier between the slum world and the rich world.Rahul s mother, Asha, a kindergarten teacher with mysterious connections to local politicians and the police, had managed to secure him several nights of temp work at the Intercontinental Hotel, across the sewage lake Rahul a pie faced, snaggle toothed ninth grader had seen the overcity opulence firsthand.And here he came, wearing an ensemble purchased from the profits of this stroke of fortune cargo shorts that rode low on his hips, a shiny oval belt buckle of promising recyclable weight, a black knit cap pulled down to his eyes Hip hop style, Rahul termed it The previous day had been the sixtieth anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, a national holiday on which elite Indians once considered it poor taste to throw an extravagant party But Rahul had worked a manic event at the Intercontinental, and knew Mirchi would appreciate the details Mirchi, I cannot lie to you, Rahul said, grinning On my side of the hall there were five hundred women in only half clothes like they forgot to put on the bottom half before they left the house Aaagh, where was I said Mirchi Tell me Anyone famous Everyone famous A Bollywood party Some of the stars were in the VIP area, behind a rope, but John Abraham came out to near where I was He had this thick black coat, and he was smoking cigarettes right in front of me And Bipasha Basu was supposedly there, but I couldn t be sure it was really her or just some other item girl, because if the manager sees you looking at the guests, he ll fire you, take your whole pay they told us that twenty times before the party started, like we were weak in the head You have to focus on the tables and the rug Then when you see a dirty plate or a napkin you have to snatch it and take it to the trash bin in the back Oh, that room was looking nice First we laid this thick white carpet you stood on it and sank right down Then they lit white candles and made it dark like a disco, and on this one table the chef put two huge dolphins made out of flavored ice One dolphin had cherries for eyes Bastard, forget the fish, tell me about the girls, Mirchi protested They want you to look when they dress like that Seriously, you can t look Not even at the rich people s toilets Security will chuck you out The toilets for the workers were nice, though You have a choice between Indian or American style Rahul, who had a patriotic streak, had peed in the Indian one, an open drain in the floor.Other boys joined Rahul outside the Husains hut Annawadians liked to talk about the hotels and the depraved things that likely went on inside One drug addled scavenger talked to the hotels I know you re trying to kill me, you sisterfucking Hyatt But Rahul s accounts had special value, since he didn t lie, or at least not than one sentence out of twenty This, along with a cheerful disposition, made him a boy whose privileges other boys did not resent.Rahul gamely conceded he was a nothing compared with the Intercontinental s regular workers Many of the waiters were college educated, tall, and light skinned, with cellphones so shiny their owners could fix their hair in the reflections Some of the waiters had mocked Rahul s long, blue painted thumbnail, which was high masculine style at Annawadi When he cut the nail off, they d teased him about how he talked The Annawadians deferential term for a rich man, sa ab, was not the proper term in the city s moneyed quarters, he reported to his friends The waiters say it makes you sound D class like a thug, a tapori, he said The right word is sir Sirrrrrrr, someone said, rolling the r s, then everyone started saying it, laughing.The boys stood close together, though there was plenty of space in the maidan For people who slept in close quarters, his foot in my mouth, my foot in hers, the feel of skin against skin got to be a habit Abdul stepped around them, upending an armful of torn paper luggage tags on the maidan and scrambling after the tags that blew away The other boys paid him no notice Abdul didn t talk much, and when he did, it was as if he d spent weeks privately working over some little idea He might have had a friend or two if he d known how to tell a good story.Once, working on this shortcoming, he d floated a tale about having been inside the Intercontinental himself how a Bollywood movie called Welcome had been filming there, and how he d seen Katrina Kaif dressed all in white It had been a feeble fiction Rahul had seen through it immediately But Rahul s latest report would allow Abdul s future lies to be better informed.A Nepali boy asked Rahul about the women in the hotels Through slats in the hotel fences, he had seen some of them smoking not one cigarette, but many while they waited for their drivers to pull up to the entrance Which village do they come from, these women Listen, idiot, Rahul said affectionately The white people come from all different countries You re a real hick if you don t know this basic thing Which countries America Rahul couldn t say But there are so many Indian guests in the hotels, too, I guarantee you Indians who were healthy sized big and fat, as opposed to stunted, like the Nepali boy and many other children here.Rahul s first job had been the Intercontinental s New Year s Eve party The New Year s bashes at Mumbai s luxury hotels were renowned, and scavengers had often returned to Annawadi bearing discarded brochures Celebrate 2008 in high style at Le Royal Meridien Hotel Take a stroll down the streets of Paris splurging with art, music food Get scintillated with live performances Book your boarding passes and Bon Voyage 12,000 rupees per couple, with champagne The advertisements were printed on glossy paper, for which recyclers paid two rupees, or four U.S cents, per kilo.Rahul had been underwhelmed by the New Year s rituals of the rich Moronic, he had concluded Just people drinking and dancing and standing around acting stupid, like people here do every night The hotel people get strange when they drink, he told his friends Last night at the end of the party, there was one hero good looking, stripes on his suit, expensive cloth He was drunk, full tight, and he started stuffing bread into his pants pockets, jacket pockets Then he put rolls straight into his pants Rolls fell on the floor and he was crawling under the table to get them This one waiter was saying the guy must have been hungry, earlier that whiskey brought back the memory But when I get rich enough to be a guest at a big hotel, I m not going to act like such a loser.A book of extraordinary intelligence and humanity beyond groundbreaking.Junot Daz, The New York Times Book Review Reported like Watergate, written like Great Expectations, and handily the best international nonfiction in years New YorkThis book is both a tour de force of social justice reportage and a literary masterpiece.Judges Citation for the PEN John Kenneth Galbraith AwardIncandescent writing and excruciatingly good storytelling The Philadelphia Inquirer Outstanding USA Today A richly detailed tapestry of tragedy and triumph told by a seemingly omniscient narrator with an attention to detail that reads like fiction while in possession of the urgent humanity of nonfiction Los Angeles Times Rends the heart, thrills the mind, pricks the conscience, and burns the pages Washingtonian An exquisitely accomplished first book Novelists dream of defining characters this swiftly and beautifully, but Ms Boo is not a novelist She is one of those rare, deep digging journalists who can make truth surpass fiction, a documentarian with a superb sense of human drama She makes it very easy to forget that this book is the work of a reporter Comparison to Dickens is not unwarranted.Janet Maslin, The New York TimesA jaw dropping achievement, an instant classic of narrative nonfiction With a cinematic intensity Boo transcends and subverts every clich, cynical or earnest, that we harbor about Indian destitution and gazes directly into the hearts, hopes, and human promise of vibrant people whom youll not soon forget ElleRiveting, fearlessly reported Behind theBeautiful Forevers plays out like a swift, richly plotted novel Thats partly because Boo writes so damn well But its also because over the course of three years in India she got extraordinary access to the lives and minds of the Annawadi slum, a settlement nestled jarringly close to a shiny international airport and a row of luxury hotels Grade A Entertainment WeeklyA tough minded, inspiring, and irresistible book Boos extraordinary achievement is twofold.She shows us how people in the most desperate circumstances can find the resilience to hang on to their humanity Just as importantly, she makes us care People four stars A shockingand rivetingportrait of life in modern India This is one stunning piece of narrative nonfiction Boos prose is electric O The Oprah Magazine A landmark book TheWall Street Journal Moving a humane, powerful and insightful book a book of nonfiction so stellar it puts most novels to shame TheBoston GlobeA mind blowing read RedbookAn unforgettable true story, meticulously researched with unblinking honesty pure, astonishing reportage with as unbiased a lens as possible TheChristian Science Monitor The most riveting Indian story since Slumdog Millionaireexcept hers is true Marie ClaireSeamless and intimate a scrupulously true story Its tempting to compare Behind the Beautiful Forevers to a novel, but that would hardly do it justice SalonExtraordinary moving Like the best journeys, Boos book cracks open our preconceptions and constructs an abiding bridgeat once daunting and inspiringto a world we would never otherwise recognize as our own National Geographic Traveler Behind the Beautiful Forevers offers a rebuke to official reports and dry statistics on the global poor Boo is one of few chroniclers providing this picture Shes a moral force and an artist of reverberating power The American ProspectKate Boos reporting is a form of kinship Abdul and Manju and Kalu of Annawadi will not be forgotten She leads us through their unknown world, her gift of language rising up like a delicate string of necessary lights There are books that change the way you feel and see this is one of them If we receive the fiery spirit from which it was written, it ought to change much than that.Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, author of Random FamilyI couldnt put Behind the Beautiful Foreversdown even when I wanted towhen the misery, abuse and filth that Boo so elegantly and understatedly describes became almost overwhelming Her book, situatedin a slum on the edge of Mumbais internationalairport,is one of the most powerful indictments of economicinequality Ive ever read If Bollywood everdecides to do its ownversion of The Wire, this would be it.Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and DimedA beautiful account, told through real life stories, of the sorrows and joys, the anxieties and stamina, in the lives of the precarious and powerless in urban India whom a booming country has failed to absorb and integrate A brilliant book that simultaneously informs, agitates, angers, inspires, and instigates.Amartya Sen, Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard University, winner of the Nobel Prize in EconomicsWithout question the best book yet written on contemporary India Also, the best work of narrative nonfiction Ive read in twenty five years.Ramachandra Guha, author of IndiaAfter GandhiThere is a lot to like about this book the prodigious research that it is built on, distilled so expertly that we hardly notice how much we are being taught the graceful and vivid prose that never calls attention to itself and above all, the true and moving renderings of the people of the Mumbai slum called Annawadi Garbage pickers and petty thieves, victims of gruesome injusticeMs Boo draws us into their lives, and they do not let us go This is a superb book.Tracy Kidder, author of Mountains Beyond Mountains and Strength in What Remains It might surprise you how completely enjoyable this book is, as rich and beautifully written as a novel In the hierarchy of long form reporting, Katherine Boo is right up there.David Sedaris Behind The Scenes Sodor On Wednesday, th June , I visited the Sound Company in Gosfield 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and hope in a Mumbai undercity


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