ῳ free ⇁ George and the Blue Moon (George's Secret Key) ῷ PDF Author Stephen Hawking •

ῳ free ⇁ George and the Blue Moon (George's Secret Key)  ῷ PDF Author Stephen Hawking • ῳ free ⇁ George and the Blue Moon (George's Secret Key) ῷ PDF Author Stephen Hawking • Stephen Hawkingwas a brilliant theoretical physicist and is generally considered to have been one of the worlds greatest thinkers He held the position of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge for thirty years and is the author of A Brief History of Time, which was an international bestseller His other books for general readers include A Briefer History of Time,the essay collection Black Holes and Baby Universe, The Universe in a Nutshell, The Grand Design, and Black Holes The BBC Reith Lectures, as well as the books in the Georges Secret Key series He died in 2018.Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawkings daughter, is a journalist and novelist She is the coauthor ofthe Georges Secret Key series for kids, as well as the author of the adult novels Jaded and Run for Your Life.She lives in Cambridge with her son.George and the Blue Moon Chapter One The pink fringed coral waved gently in the soft blue ocean as a shoal of millions of tiny silver fish dived past it Swimming as one, the swarm of fish jackknifed and suddenly shot upward and away, toward the turquoise water above Georges head A larger fish lay up there, hovering between George and the sunshine on the surface of the ocean The huge fish moved slowly across his field of vision, as stately and as well ard as any battleship On the floor of the ocean bed, where the coral reef dropped away to the sandy ground, little creatures scuttled along, waving their pincers furiously as though a catch would swim straight into them Wriggly sand worms snaked around them, creating curly patterns in the loose material on the sea bed Another group of fish swam past, so close to Georges nose that he thought he could reach out and touch them These fish were brightly colored, like a little carnival passing through, with stripes of red, blue, yellow and orange In the far distance, George thought he saw an immense flippered turtle turn and stare at him with its ancient unblinking dark eyes The turtle opened its mouth, and to Georges astonishment, it seemed to be calling him It seemed to know his name George, the turtle said George Strangely, the turtle seemed to have reached out a hand and was shaking his shoulder A hand How would a turtle have a hand George was just pondering this from his underwater idyll when George It was his best friend, Annie, standing in front of him, holding the cardboard 3 D virtual reality headset he had been wearing until just a few moments before George blinked, adjusting to the bright sunlight of a summer afternoon in Foxbridge rather than the murky blue gloaming in the depths of the Coral Sea, off the coast of Australia He felt completely disoriented A moment ago, hed been floating by the Great Barrier Reef Now he was back in the tree house at the bottom of his backyard, rather than at the bottom of the ocean There was no turtle talking to himjust his best friend Annie from next door, and she certainly seemed to have a lot to say Im taking back my VR headset she complained I should never have let you have it You spend all your time underwater now And I want you to look at this She waved her tablet at him and then pressed a button so the screen came to life George looked down at it, but he was still seeing fish shaped blue clouds in front of his eyes so it took him a few moments to focus his vision Compared to the marvels of the reef, it looked very dull You made me come out of VR to read a form he protested Like you fill in to get a train pass No, silly, persisted Annie You didnt look properly George looked again Oh he said, realization dawning like the sunrise on a planet with two suns in the sky See said Annie What does it say Astronauts wanted he read Astronauts wanted he repeated Thats so cool He continued reading out loud Do you have what it takes to leave Earth behind and travel farther than any human being has gone before Could you start a human habitation on the red planet Could you save the future of the human race by helping it spread out into space and colonize a whole new planet Do you have the skills to take us into a new era of manned space travel George rattled off quickly If so, apply here Hang on, he said suspiciously If they want astronauts, dont you think they mean grown up ones No said Annie triumphantly This is for junior astronauts It says sobetween the ages of eleven and fifteen Bit weird, isnt it asked George Why would you send a bunch of kids to Mars Duh replied Annie Any mission to Mars wont be ready for yearsby the time it lifts off, we wont be kids any But they must want to start the training now so theyve got lots of time to pick the best candidates can you fill them out She handed him the tablet Them said George One for you, one for me, said Annie Why am I he started to ask You cant change what youve typed, said Annie, who was getting confident now about admitting she was dyslexic And theres no autocorrectthe form goes automatically, as soon as youve typed it So it would be way better if you did it Will spelling really matter on Mars questioned George There are far important things for traveling in space, you know that No, said Annie firmly It wont But I might not get there if I call it the planet Rams by mistake This form is quite long, said George, scrolling down Of course it is scoffed Annie You dont think they are going to let just anyone fly to Mars Or Rams, added George with a mischievous grin Yes, Rams, the new home of the human race cried Annie Right, come on Whats the first thing Um Explain in your own words why you would be a great candidate to join a trial program for junior astronaut training in preparation for a Mars mission in 2025 Easy cried Annie Ive got a very high IQ, Im excellent at problem solving, I have lots of experience traveling in space Can we put that interrupted George While it was definitely true that he and Annie had traveled in space before, no one was supposed to know about their out of this universe adventures When does training start he asked Hang on It starts really soon How are we going to get places in this Havent they chosen people already Hey, chill out It says that a few places have become vacant, said Annie I cant believe we missed the ad the first time And its timed to start at the beginning of the school vacation Thats in a few days time said George At that moment, the screen pinged with an incoming message Dont read that Annie cried out Glancing up in surprise, finger frozen above the tablet, George saw that Annie had turned white Cmon, I I wouldnt read your text messages he said Well, dont said Annie Just dont Go back to Astronauts Wanted But the screen pinged again And again And again, until there was a whole list of incoming unread messages, all from the same number Right Mars, said Annie defiantly, brushing her long bangs out of her eyes, clearly determined to ignore the messages, which were piling up by the minute Lets leave this planet behind I dont want to stay here with the horrible people What horrible people said George slowly Annie, whats going on NOTHING said Annie Why has something always got to be going on No Thing is Going On Except me, leaving Earth forever to become a space superhero so I can look down on those earthy worm idiots Silently George swiped one of the messages at random U R STUPID AND EVIL AND NO 1 LIKES U Yuck he exclaimed, recoiling from the screen Thats nasty Im going to write back Before Annie could snatch back her tablet, George tapped out, WHO ARE YOU U NO, came a message only seconds later U NO AND U R SCARED OF US COS U R WEAK AND SILLY AND WE HATE U WHY DONT YOU SHUT UP, UGLY FACE George tapped back furiously UGLY LOL AS IF U R THE UGLIEST PERSON ON EARTH came back at him Stop it said Annie furiously Messaging back only makes it worse Have you told your mom and dad about this asked George No way cried Annie Theyll think its my fault Why would they think that asked George He was so disgusted by the messages that he flinched away from the screen as though it was burning hot I dont understand I dont either, said Annie miserably I thought I was friends with everyone She seemed to find it hard to explain at first, but then the words came tumbling out This group of girls suddenly started whispering about me As soon as I came into the room, they all started muttering behind their hands, and when I asked them why, they just laughed in my face and said they werent whispering about me and I had a really big head to think they were talking about me But as soon as I went out of the room, they stopped Did you tell your teacher She just said that she would look into itand it would help if I could identify the ringleaders, which I cant But the best thing is to be mature enough not to react, because if I ignored the bullies they would stop And if I didnt they would keep on bullying me I figured that meant it was my fault for paying them any attention Thats stupid said George Bullies dont just stop because you ignore them And then I started getting left out of everything, said Annie Like, everyone else would be going somewhere at lunchtime or after school And Id be the only person who wasnt invited If I tried to sit next to anyone in my class, they would get up and walk away and everyone else would laugh But why said George, bewildered I dont get it Annie was the coolest person hed ever met and he couldnt begin to imagine how anyone would think differently I dont either, said Annie Its so random and weird exclaimed George And, like, there are all these stories about me at school now Annie looked distraught I heard some girls saying that everyone knew I was actually really thick, but my dad did all my homework for me, which is why Im top of the class Well, thats not true said George Theyre probably just jealous Do you know who is sending these messages Its one of them, said Annie Its got to be But I dont know which one She wrapped her arms around her knees and buried her head so that George could just see a blonde crown above shaking shoulders Ive only got like one or two friends left now, and even they dont dare hang around with me too much So thats why you havent wanted to do anything lately George realized Every time hed asked Annie to go skating or to the movies with him, shed made up some kind of really obviously flimsy excuse In case you see any of those girls Yup, said Annies muffled voice It would just make it worse She sounded like she was crying now I dont want to go anyplace or do anything She swallowed, then added fervently, Except space I still want to go into space Right, thats enough, said George fiercely, snatching up the laptop Cmon He scaled quickly down the ladder, the tablet under his arm pinging all the time, while Annie followed him at top speed shouting, Where are you going George jumped through the hole in the fence that divided the next door backyards belonging to his and Annies families, and ran up the overgrown path to Annies back door Eric he hollered Annies dad was on the phone Yes, I know, Rika, he was saying rather testily I havent been a scientist for all this time without understanding how experiments work Im just saying that I dont think your suggestion is going to produce the kind of results we need The two friends heard a furious high pitched squeaking from the other end of the phone If youll just let me make some simple changes to your plan for the space mission, he said Rika Rika Are you there He put the phone down Can you believe it he said, spotting Annie and George Rika seems to have hung up on me We used to get along so well I dont understand why shes changed so much He took off his glasses and started cleaning them on his shirt, a process which only seemed to make them filmier I do wish I had a second in command who liked me a little , he complained It is making everything incredibly complicated, not to mention embarrassing now, that my deputy treats me like I am some kind of dangerous fool He put his glasses back on and looked at Annie and George and noticed they were both very upset But that isnt what youve come to see me about it, is it Whats wrong Eric said George Annies getting nasty messages And she wont tell you because she thinks you will blame her Annie stood beside George, unable to wrestle the tablet back from him as he was now holding it with both hands over his head Its all right, Dad, she said bravely George is making too big a deal out of it Theyre jokes Its just silly A lot of it is my fault really And Ive got it all under control Ill be the judge of that, said Eric Give me the tablet He took the computer and looked at the messages on the screen His face changed instantly from sunny and friendly to thunderous Dont wailed Annie, who was mortified I dont want you to read them She collapsed into sobs while Eric read the contents of her inbox, his eyes widening in disbelief These arent jokes, he said angrily This is not funny And its certainly not your fault Have you told your mom about this Annie shook her head and said nothing What can we do asked George Ive got an idea, said Eric Follow me The two friends trooped behind him into his study, where Cosmosthe worlds greatest supercomputerwas humming to himself on the desk WAKEY WAKEY Eric summoned his high tech helper Professor replied Cosmos cordially, his screen springing into artificial life Cosmos, my old friend, said Eric, leaning on the desk The youngest member of the Order of Science, Annie Bellis here, has an issue with which we require your assistance My pleasure Cosmos glowed The supercomputer had a special fondness for Erics daughter What can I assist you with today Annie is receiving malicious communications, said Eric seriously On this tablet, through an Internet messaging service Has this matter been referred to you by another member of the Order asked Cosmos Thank you, yes, by George Greenby, also a member of the Order, the second youngest scientist in our number In that case, under the International Agreement for the Use of Supercomputers in matters pertaining to the Order of Science, part two, paragraph three, sub clause B, amended in 2015 by annex K, reeled off Cosmos I find He paused while his circuits muttered Eric waited, as did the two friends They knew from Erics constant grumbling that he and Cosmossince new regulations over supercomputer use had come into forcenow had to work with far rules and regulations about everything he did than they had done in the past Before, Eric had been pretty much free to be as creative with how he used Cosmos as he had wished I find I can act on your behalf said Cosmos delightedly Please attach the tablet so I can download the information George ran forward and plugged the tablet into the supercomputer Whats Cosmos going to do Annie whispered to her dad I dont know said Eric gleefully But I bet it will be fabulous Within, he added hastily, the provisions of the International Agreement for Response to Defamatory Statements about scientists within the Order, as mandated in Yes, we know, said Annie Paragraph Y, annex X, and sub clause Z Something like that, agreed Eric Annie, perhaps you should be a lawyer when you grow up No thank you, Dad exclaimed Annie Im going to be a scientist I told you already Okay, okay, said Eric, shaking his head Just sayingmaybe there will be jobs in the future for lawyers than there will be for scientists Well, dont, said Annie firmly I bet Nana and Grandad didnt say to you Dont be a cosmologist, little Eric, because youll never get a job that way Actually they did, said Eric mildly But I didnt pay attention Well, now you know how that feels, said Annie firmly George was very pleased to see how much cheerful she looked I dont think I ever spoke to my parents the way you speak to me, complained Eric Perhaps they inspired respect asked Annie innocently Eric gave her a mock frown, but George knew he wasnt angry with Annie It was just how they were, bickering endlessly about everything but in a funny and friendly way Mostly Standing right next to Cosmos and Annies tablet, George was the first to see an outgoing message on the tablet screen, sent by Cosmos via the tablet to the same number that had been harassing Annie But there wasnt just one message there was a first one, which was followed instantly by another and another and another Cosmos, what are you doing asked George in wonder I, the supercomputer replied happily, am sending over, in one hundred and sixty character chunks, the full text of Principia Mathematica, the great work of Isaac Newton Once that has been sent, I will continue with Charles Darwins On the Origin of Species, which will be superseded by the collected works of Einstein It should take around one hundred and fifteen hours for all the text to go through I do not think you will hear from this correspondent again, not given the amount of interesting reading matter we have supplied Genius cried Eric You have invoked the Respond by Education, Not Threat clause of the agreement To the very letter, said Cosmos Would you like me to show you from whence your messages originated Yes said Annie You know who sent them then Oh, Cosmos, lovely Cosmos, I wish Id asked you to find out stuff about this for me before Cosmos didnt answer, but simply posted a map on his screen with a big red arrow pointing to a nearby address Is this location known to you he asked Annie had turned a sickly whitish green again Thats Belindas house I thought she was my friend, she whispered, sounding brokenhearted I thought she wasnt joining in with the others She said they were awful and should know better Her dad put his arm round her Im sorry, darling, he said We think we know people, but His face brightened up Cosmos Can you continue performing this action and open the portal at the same time Cosmos snorted Of course, Professor, he said This task uses around 0.000000000001 percent of my full capacity Good said Eric Under the Entertainment and Welfare section of the agreement in relation to scientists suffering from distress, I have a request He winked at the two friends They knew he was treating them like real grown ups, like proper members of the Order of Science in order to cheer them upand it was working They both loved pretending that they were adult scientists with important experiments and ideas that might change the future of the world Annie and George looked at each other, not daring to hope Dr Bellis, I presume, murmured George Professor Greenby, replied Annie politely Such an honor to know your work Put your space suits on, said Eric firmly Cosmos, open the portal I will give you the coordinates Because, fellow scientists of the Order of Science, we are going on a field trip. 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inspired global audiences millions Biography Space regarded brilliant physicists history His origins structure universe, Big Bang holes, revolutionized beliefs God Heaven Oct On final, posthumous book Answers Questions released, detailing final thoughts Mind matter obituary Roger image motorised wheelchair, head contorted slightly hands crossed controls, caught public renowned CNN Mar overcame debilitating disease publish wildly popular books probing mysteries Thoughts Atheism, Death Atheist What Said God, Heaven Own Death How Did Live So Long ALS Time lost scientific minds Wednesday, when age cause likely amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Affair, Divorce, Ethnicity Hawkin Birth Family, Childhood England, Frank Isobel dad therapeutic scientist Has Lived Past Editor Note Renowned story, originally th birthday being resurfaced CH CBE FRS FRSA author, director research Britannica primarily field general particularly physics In he suggested formation, following big bang, numerous objects containing billion tons mass occupying only space proton George and the Blue Moon (George's Secret Key)


    • George and the Blue Moon (George's Secret Key)
    • 3.4
    • 268
    • Hardcover
    • 336 pages
    • Stephen Hawking
    • English
    • 17 June 2018

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