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→ Free ᇃ Bound for Danger online ⢽ Author Franklin W Dixon ⤝ → Free ᇃ Bound for Danger online ⢽ Author Franklin W Dixon ⤝ Bound for Danger 1 A CAPELLA DREAMS FRANK HAVE YOU EVER HAD A dream A dream that was worth risking it all Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations Facing your fears I had that dream But Id only recently discovered it Three weeks ago, I joined the Bayport High B Sharps, an a cappella singing group Thats right A cappella I know most people picture dorky guys in cardigans singing yet another goofy version of Billy Joels The Longest Time, but the B Sharps arent like that For one thing, we dont wear cardigans For another, our captain, Max Crandal, has a strict no Billy Joel policy Its not that we have anything against Billy Joel, personally Its just the clich of the thing And so here I was, heart pounding in my chest, sweaty fists clenched in my pockets I was about to make my debut with the B Sharps, performing The Lion Sleeps Tonight at a freshman antibullying assembly I wasnt totally sure what the connection was, topic wise All I knew was that I had a solo In the village, the peaceful village, the lion How are you doing, Frank Max walked up to me and patted me on the back We were in the wings of the stage, waiting for the Bayport High Improv Group to finish up a sketch, and then we were up Im good, Im totally good, I lied The truth was I was freaking out, but I was determined to conquer my fears You really killed it in rehearsal yesterday, Max said with a sincere smile Im sure youll do great I smiled back and thanked him Max is a stand up guy, a great captain He was part of why I was enjoying my time with the B Sharps so much I turned back to the sketch that was wrapping up onstage The girl playing the person being bullied was being very open and honest about how the bullying made her feel, and the bully was talking about how problems at home were making her act out My palms started sweating even harder Oh God, were up in, like, one Frank Hardy I turned around, surprised Id been so focused on the skit that I hadnt noticed someone walking up behind me Now I looked down at Seth Diller, Bayport Highs own amateur filmmaker, president of the schools AV club, and a vague acquaintance Principal Gerther wants to see you, he said, flashing an official pink request form When you got one of those, you had to report to the office immediately What does Principal Gerther want I asked It still felt a little weird to refer to him that way For most of my high school career, hed been the low level coach who oversaw study hall But then my brother Joe and I had found the acting principal to be involved in some pretty serious shenanigans, and Gerther was promoted Seth shrugged Its not my job to ask why, he said, waving the form Its my job to come and get you, okay Im just a messenger The skit was finishing up now Can it wait five minutes I have a part in the next song I gestured around to my a cappella amigos Seth shook his head If you look at the form, he said in an annoyed tone, tapping an X on the pink paper, it says right here, VERY URGENT That means no waiting, no bathroom breaks, no stopping at your locker We need to go now I glanced back at Seth But Max stepped forward The skit had ended and the improv kids were shuffling backstage Its all right, Frank, he said Whatever Gerther needs you for, it must be important Go ahead, we can cover for you I sighed, hesitating I didnt want to go I wanted to kill it during my solo Seth waved the form at me again Gerther said if were not back in ten minutes, we both get detention, he said I dont know what this is about, but it must be serious Great, I thought All right, all right, I said, beckoning in front of me Lead the way, Seth Im sorry, Max No worries Max shook his head like I shouldnt give it another thought He really is the nicest guy I just hope it all works out With a wave to the others, I scurried off to follow Seth, who was already halfway down the aisle to the auditorium entrance He didnt slow down when he saw I was following him, and I ended up practically running after him the whole way to the office Where I found my brother, Joe, waiting He cocked his eyebrows in surprise when he saw me Hmmmm If Joe and I were both being called in, that narrowed down the possible topics To one Joe and I arent perfect students, but were not the types to get urgently called into the principals office that often either And if Gerther wanted to talk to the two of us together, it pretty much had to be about our sleuthing hobby What do you think this is about Joe whispered to me when I sat down in a hard plastic chair beside him Seth dropped off the URGENT pink form with the receptionist, then disappeared into the mailroom I dont know, I admitted We havent worked a case in a few weeks Before we could theorize much further, Principal Gerthers door opened and he nodded at us, shouting, HARDY BOYS GOOD COME IN, PLEASE Principal Gerther lost something like 80 percent of his hearing fighting in Vietnam He yells everything, and doesnt quite understand when people dont yell back Joe and I stood and wandered into his office HAVE A SEAT, he barked, settling into his fancy office chair As Joe and I sat, I noticed that Gerther had pulled out our encyclopedia size permanent files, and they were sitting on his desk in front of him SO, said Joe, smiling a friendly smile, and affecting the 50 percent volume increase necessary to communicate with our principal IS EVERYTHING OKAY FRANK AND I WERE A BIT SURPRISED TO BE CALLED IN TODAY Principal Gerther nodded impatiently YES, SURE EVERYTHING IS FINE, BOYS, BUT IVE BEEN LOOKING OVER YOUR TRANSCRIPTS He gestured to the huge files in front of him I COULDNT HELP NOTING THAT THERES A LACK OF EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I looked at Joe in surprise What Coach Gerther pointed a chubby finger at us YOURE GOING TO BE APPLYING TO COLLEGE SOON, he said, OR AT LEAST FRANK WILL YOU MUST KNOW HOW COMPETITIVE IT IS NOW RESPECTABLE GRADES ARENT ENOUGH TO GET INTO THE TOP SCHOOLS Joe and I frowned at each other I know that, I began, but, ah SPEAK UP, BOY I PLAY BASEBALL Joe shouted IN THE SPRING WERE BOTH INVOLVED IN THE GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION CLUB AND BESIDES THAT, OUR TIME IS KIND OF TAKEN UP WITH UM EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, I put in, THAT ARE SORT OF WELL OFF THE BOOKS Sleuthing, I tried to tell Principal Gerther telepathically I wasnt sure how much he knew about our continuing detective work or how he felt about it, so I didnt want to bring it up before he did But he was waving his hand dismissively THOSE ARENT ENOUGH, he said Suddenly I remembered something that made me sort of righteously indignant Somehow this led to me raising my hand YES Gerther asked, looking a tad annoyed I JOINED THE B SHARPS A CAPPELLA GROUP I shouted defensively AND WE WERE JUST GOING TO HAVE OUR FIRST CONCERT WHEN I GOT CALLED OUT TO COME HERE Principal Gerther looked at me like he smelled something bad A CAPPELLA he yelled THOSE BOYS IN CARDIGANS WHO SING THE FOUR SEASONS SONGS NO He looked down at a piece of paper on his desk and shoved it across to us IM TALKING ABOUT REAL EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, BOYS IVE TAKEN THE LIBERTY OF SIGNING YOU BOTH UP FOR THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Wha I glanced at Joe Is he serious Joe looked as startled as I felt UM, he said, looking down at the paper, which looked like a practice schedule The first practice was this afternoon THANK YOU BUT DONT YOU HAVE TO TRY OUT FOR BASKETBALL ISNT THEIR SEASON, LIKE, NEARLY OVER AND I HAVE PLANS THIS AFTERNOON, WITH MY GIRLFRIEND Thats when I remembered, the basketball team was actually doing really well this season According to the morning announcements, they were only two games away from being regional champions, and then they would go to the state championships Great, I thought So Joe and I will be diving right into the fire Gerther shook his head dismissively NORMALLY YOU WOULD HAVE TO TRY OUT, BUT IVE MADE AN ARRANGEMENT WITH COACH PEROTTA, he said YOU BOYS JUST SHOW UP AT PRACTICE TODAY IM SORRY, JOE, BUT YOU CAN SEE YOUR GIRLFRIEND SOME OTHER TIME I KNOW, JOE, THAT YOURE A TALENTED ATHLETE AND FRANK He paused and turned to look at me IM SURE YOU WILL CATCH ON Yup, greeeeeeeat WHAT ABOUT THE B SHARPS I demanded What about my dream I thought Principal Gerther shrugged IF YOU CAN HANDLE BOTH, FINE, he said BUT IF NOT, BASKETBALL COMES FIRST I INSIST I pulled my mouth into a tight line, biting back any argument I knew Principal Gerther I knew he wasnt going to change his mind Joe shot me a sympathetic look Principal Gerther settled back in his chair IF WE UNDERSTAND ONE ANOTHER, he said, YOU BOYS CAN LEAVE I BELIEVE ITS YOUR LUNCHTIME GO ON AND HEAD TO THE CAFETERIA I looked behind us at the clock over the doorway Gerther was rightthe assembly would have ended five minutes earlier My chance at stardom had been dashed I would have to bury my disappointment in a turkey sandwich AH, OKAY, said Joe, standing slowly, like he expected Gerther to explain at any moment THANK YOU YOURE WELCOME, barked Principal Gerther, gathering up the loose files on his desk It was clear the meeting was over This is just freakin weird, Joe muttered, poking his plastic fork into a row of peas Im really sorry, Marianne Joes girlfriend of two weeks, Marianne Sugarman, shrugged and took a sip of coconut water Marianne was New Agey and a little ethereal, and I honestly had no idea what she and Joe had in common She was nice, though Its okay, she said in her melodic voice I wish we could hang out, but I get it Its not like you can say no to Principal Gerther I just dont get why he needs us to play basketball, Joe muttered, suddenly squishing the pile of peas under the flat side of his fork I knew he was upset then Joe is protective of his peas Maybe its just what he said, Marianne suggested with a shrug Hes worried about your transcripts and wants you to have a better shot with colleges Thats nice of him, right Joe shot me a look that said, There is no way Principal Gerther would do something nice for us, and we both know it There has to be some reason behind it, I said mildly And I guess well find out soon enough.Brother detectives Frank and Joe find themselves on the basketball court and in the midst of a dangerous team initiation scheme in this thrilling Hardy Boys adventure.Joe and Frank are taken aback when Principal Gerther announces that they need extracurriculars on their school transcript, and hes signed them up for the basketball team They think its odd because they both stink at basketball But the Hardys soon find out that their principal isnt acting out of concern for their college applications he wants them to solve a dangerous mystery on the team It turns out that a band of masked players are kidnapping new team members and then beating them up, blackmailing them, and threatening themall in an effort to boost performance Can the boys step up to the line and 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Nicolle, Alexa Von Tess, Amber Rayne, Angelina Valentine, Cristina Carter Franklin Wikipedia pen name used variety different authors Charles Leslie McFarlane, Canadian author, being first Books, Author Biography, Reading Level was pseudonym devised Edward Stratemeyer author series mystery books he developing which became The book, Tower Treasure, originally published , written MacFarlane went write including through Treasure wrote novels Syndicate now owned Simon Schuster Fantastic Fiction Wiki house has been all books, except graphic Nancy Drew SuperMystery For crossover name, Carolyn Keene Dixon Secret Skull Mountain digital EPUB ebook direct download PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader but Kindle A DRM capable reader equipment required Kidsreads McFarlane novelsThis also Ted Scott Flying Stories Books Goodreads with ratings most popular book Treasure Boys, The Hardy, fictional characters appear several children teensThe were created American writer Stratemeyer, founder packaging firm ghostwriters collective Bound for Danger


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