◸ Free Format Kindle Download ✃ Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President ☜ Kindle Ebook Author Eli Saslow ♊

◸ Free Format Kindle Download ✃ Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President  ☜ Kindle Ebook Author Eli Saslow ♊ ◸ Free Format Kindle Download ✃ Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President ☜ Kindle Ebook Author Eli Saslow ♊ Chapter 1I lost my job, my health benefits and my self worth in a matter of 5 days.The nightly briefing book arrived at the White House residence just before 8 00 p.m., hand delivered to President Obama by a junior member of his staff It was a large, three ring binder that had been covered in black leather and stamped with the presidential seal, and Obama sometimes eyed it wearily and lamented the arrival of what he called his homework packet Each night brought another few hundred pages of policy memos and scheduling notes, another deluge of intelligence about two wars, terrorist plots, and the tumbling U.S economy Some documents Obama only skimmed Others he set aside to read the next morning.He opened the binder and reached for a thin purple folder the one item that he always read, and usually read first The contents inside the purple folder had become a fixture of his presidency, shaping his speeches and informing his policies Senior advisers had referred to it by turns as Obamas lifeline, inspiration, connection to reality, and guide to what people really care about On this evening, the folder had been labeled with the date January 8, 2010.It was a snowy Friday night, the end of another long day at the end of another long week inside the White House Obama and his family had recently returned from a ten day trip to Hawaii, but he joked to friends that he already craved another vacation In Washington, Obama had come back to a Republican resurgence that threatened the passage of his health care bill to the attempted terrorist bombing of a passenger flight over Michigan to the latest American death in Afghanistan, from an explosion on January 3 to the mounting resistance of Tea Party protesters, some of whom marched across the street from his house and waved Obama Hitler signs to an approval rating of 50 percent and dropping, the lowest for a second year president in than half a century to the increasingly feeble defense of his own press secretary, Robert Gibbs, who, on this day, had stood in front of eighty reporters during a regular briefing and said of his bosss current outlook I would say the president is worried about today and worried about the future.Hours earlier, Obama had made a short statement of his own It had once again fallen on him to deliver bad news, so he had entered the East Room of the White House at 2 45 p.m., displaying what had become some of his most familiar gestures the body language of disappointment He narrowed his eyes, pursed his lips, and offered a solemn nod once he reached the lectern Another eighty five thousand people had lost their jobs during the last month, he said More than four million had lost jobs in the last year Almost one million had given up on looking for work entirely Todays numbers, Obama said, frowning and squinting into the camera lights, are a reminder that the road to recovery is never straight.There were other reminders the new gray hair spreading across the sides of Obamas head, the heavy creases running across his cheeks, and the dark circles deepening below his eyes The president still looked remarkably fit for forty eight years old, but some medical experts believed the last twelve months had aged Obama by two or three years His cholesterol was climbing, and he continued to rely on the occasional cigarette to calm his nerves Like all presidents, he described his responsibilities as never ending, and his aides conceded that they had underestimated the range of issues Obama would face during his first term He had flown 152 times on Air Force One in the last year, visiting 30 states and 21 countries He had given 160 news interviews, delivered 412 speeches, and spoken at 5 funerals He had committed to a war in Afghanistan and received the Nobel Peace Prize On an average day, he squeezed in a morning workout after his daughters left for school, rushed to a national security meeting at 8 30 a.m., and continued working virtually uninterrupted until nearly midnight He usually spent the last two hours of his workday on a couch at home, where he fought off sleep and read the briefing book.Now he opened the purple folder and glanced at the cover sheet.Memorandum to the president, it read Per your request, we have attached 10 pieces of unvetted correspondence addressed to you.Inside, Obama found crumpled notebook paper, smudged ink, sloppy handwriting, and misspelled words a collection of ten letters from constituents that he considered his most important daily reading One letter was from a grade schooler asking for help on his spelling homework another was from an unemployed mother demanding a job Depending on the nature of each letter, Obama sometimes copied them for senior advisers, distributed them to members of his cabinet, or read parts aloud to his wife before bed.He had first requested a sampling of ten letters on his second day as president, and the purple folder had come six days a week ever since, couriered to Obama even when he was away at Camp David or traveling abroad The White House mail staff sorted through twenty thousand letters and emails addressed to Obama every day, screening for security threats, categorizing by topic, and then picking the most representative ten pieces for the purple folder The letters chosen each day were the most intimate connection Obama had left to the people he governed He believed the wide ranging feedback quick emails and thoughtful letters congratulations and condemnations offered him a unique view beyond the presidential bubble into what he called the real America, a place of uncensored opinion I will tell you, Obama had said, laughing, my staff is very evenhanded, because about half of these letters call me an idiot He loved the give and take, aides said He always read all ten letters and typically wrote back to one or two writers each day, usually responding by hand to those who offered articulate criticism or moving stories of hardship Obama often said that the letters not only reminded him of why he had run for president they also reminded him of all the work he had left to do.But lately the tenor of the letters had changed, becoming darker There were fewer glowing, post inauguration thank you notes and missives addressed to Dear Jackass, Dear Moron, or Dear Socialist Former campaign volunteers wrote to express disillusionment other people shared stories of how Obamas policies had failed them Earlier in the day, during his somber speech in the East Room, Obama had spoken about the America now reflected back to him in the mail at the beginning of his second year in office In the letters that I receive at night, he had said, I often hear from Americans who are facing hard times Americans whove lost their jobs or cant afford to pay their bills Theyre worried about what the future holds.This had become the unmistakable message delivered each day inside the purple folder America was struggling Its president was struggling Both desperately needed a better year ahead.Obama reached into the folder on January 8 and removed the first letter It was three pages long and written on lined notebook paper He had always preferred handwritten notes to emails, believing them to be thoughtful and to contain better stories The return address showed Monroe, Michigan The writing consisted of bubbly block letters, sometimes traced twice for emphasis Obama started to read.Dear Mr President, the letter began.Jennifer Cline, twenty seven, did not usually write letters, but she was not usually this bored Wheel of Fortune had ended Jeopardy had ended Her husband was out working the midnight shift, and her two sons had gone to bed She sat in the living room of their small duplex in Monroe, Michigan, flipping aimlessly through the channels on her big screen television Obamas face appeared on the screen, and she set down the remote.She had liked Obama ever since the beginning of his 2008 presidential campaign He seemed accessible than other politicians, she thought, and she viewed him as a contemporary He had two young daughters she had two young sons He came from the middle class, and so did she His campaign had converted her from a halfhearted Democrat into an advocate who stuck a sign in her front yard and argued with relatives who refused to vote for Obama because of his race Hes like us than any other politician, she had told them, but now the program on television gave her doubts It was a holiday special about life inside the White House She watched as Obama chased his dog across a manicured lawn, laughed with his daughters about their giant Christmas tree, tossed a football in the Oval Office, and stood next to a showcase of formal china Jen looked around her own low budget rental, with its faux brick interior, milk stains on the television screen, white sheets draped over used furniture, and an aging pit bull snoring at her feet She wondered Does he really know what this life is like She reached across the coffee table and ripped a few pages from her eldest sons elementary school notebook She had always loved to write, once spending a year on an unpublished autobiography and keeping a regular journal during times of high stress Lately she had been writing a lot in that journal She began her letter in the top left corner Dear Mr President and then skipped a line before writing again.Mr Obama, she continued, I am going to begin by telling you about my life over the past 2 years.Where to start She had been living in a two story, riverside home with her boyfriend when the Michigan economy began to collapse in 2007 She lost her longtime job as a pharmacy technician in May of that year, downsized with three days notice Her mother, also a pharmacy tech, was laid off on the same day Her boyfriends new swimming pool business sold two pools all summer, sunk 30,000 into debt, and was shuttered The bank foreclosed on their house Jen and her son, Brenden, moved into her parents double wide trailer in the Detroit suburbs, where her father, a mechanic, paid the bills even though his own work at the Chevrolet dealership had been cut to fifteen hours a week A few days after she moved in, Jen found out she was pregnant with her second son.In her letter to Obama, she reduced all of that to I lost my job, my health benefits and my self worth in a matter of 5 days.She applied for a dozen jobs every week while working part time as a bartender Kohls, a budget department store, asked her to come in for an interview, so she bought a new dress and showed up at the appointed time only to discover that it was a group interview shared with thirty five other candidates Home Depot offered her a job, but the store was forty five miles away and the 7 an hour wage was less than the cost of child care Finally, late in 2008, Jen programmed a new number into her cell phone under the name MARVIN Michigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network , and called it to request unemployment assistance She joked with other unemployed friends about throwing a MARVIN party since the android had become such a regular part of their lives After Jen called a few dozen times, MARVIN granted her unemployment assistance of 850 a month.In the letter, that became In Michigan, Mr President, jobs are very difficult to land.The 850 wasnt enough, not even close, so Jen used food stamps to buy groceries and credit cards to buy almost everything else She got a card from Bank of America with a 3,000 limit and maxed it out within a few months Interest and late fees mounted to a debt of 15,000 and Bank of America sued So did another credit card company And another Soon Jen owed than 50,000 debts to three credit card companies, two doctors offices, a car dealership, and a community college.Her skin started to break out in rashes, but she put off seeing a doctor because she no longer had health insurance It was probably just stress, she thought But the rashes kept spreading, so she applied for Medicaid and was repeatedly denied until, on her fourth visit to the caseworker, she pulled up her shirt in the middle of the office to reveal a series of deep red streaks on her chest and back.That became I was then diagnosed with both melonoma and basal cell skin cancer and had to begin chemotherapy without health insurance.Her letter was starting to feel like a downer, Jen thought, which was not what she had intended She reached into her sons notebook and ripped out another page She wanted to tell Obama about how she and her boyfriend, Jay, had finally gotten married in November and splurged on the open bar How Brenden had secretly stashed away months of his allowance and offered to contribute 95 to the wedding reception How, after radiation, two rounds of chemo, and some plastic surgery, doctors now believed she would outlast the cancer How her husband had found a job working the midnight shift for Delta Air Lines, and how she had received a government Pell Grant to take classes toward a nursing degree at the local community college.That became And in just a couple of years, well be in a great spot We can both have a great job, and hopefully stop renting, and buy a home.Jen had filled almost three pages in less than ten minutes, a stream of consciousness journal entry than a formal note She considered it unlikely that anyone would ever read it, let alone Obama, but she hardly cared She felt the same way about the letter as she did about her unpublished autobiography It was cathartic just to share her life story Hope this letter finds you in great health and happiness, she concluded Then she signed her name at the bottom Jennifer Cline, which was what only bill collectors called her, but somehow Jen seemed too informal for the president She had never been to Washington, and she looked up the zip code on the Internet Then she grabbed a standard white envelope and addressed it to The White House.As Jen walked downstairs to the mailbox, she thought about the one item she had decided against including in the letter She and Jay had begun to consider filing for bankruptcy Jen had already been granted a Chapter 7 bankruptcy a year earlier, but Jay was still than 60,000 in debt Their combined annual income was 24,000 They had spent a few weeks running through the calculations and determined that, in a best case scenario, it would take them forty years to pay off what they owed Bankruptcy, which would erase almost all of Jays debt, seemed like their only way out.Praise for Ten Letters A luminous book Saslow has found his way around the cynicism and superficiality of Washington politics to show the profound real life connections between the White House and the people David Maraniss Saslow has a feel for the tender spots in these people s stories The plainspokenness, decency and human dignity they display leave a lasting impression W ashington Post Saslow is a master at evoking the authors stories through vivid dialogue, vignettes of daily life, and powerful language He does not romanticize these individuals the people Saslow introduces his readers to are those they run into on the street every day Ten Lettersgently reminds us of those defining elements that remain as true as ever in Americans relationship to their president Harvard Political Review In this testament to the power of the written word, the country s most vexing challenges, from immigration to education, healthcare to housing, are seen through the eyes of both persons directly affected by them and one person uniquely positioned to do something about them Booklist The stories offer an intimate glimpse into the lives of people who are hopeful, and sometimes desperate, to be heard Kirkus Reviews Exceptionally relevant and poignant an in depth look at the misfortunes, needs, opinions, and, yes, anger over the current state of the country that inspired ten people to put pen to paper Inspiring and important FrogenYozurt.com Online Magazine Ten Letters The Stories Americans Tell Their President by Jan , Ten is a book about letters Obama receives from across America Each day s staff sorts through the emails and provides him with that are representative of what people send Letter Words Word Finder Jump to letter words Having list specific letter, or combination letters, could be you need decide your next move gain advantage over opponent for % Invisible After Reeves chooses ten president, she hands them off someone who scans them, then passes person puts together nightly briefing Unlike almost everything else reaches these have You Go Words Find names their second, third fourth up eighth eazy search like second b Puzzle solver missing Wordbrain Themes, With Friends, Scrabble, PicsWord, Cookies cheats, answers, From Everyday People On Other Side Of May 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