錄 Hardcover Download ƪ eBay Shipping Simplified: How to Store, Package, and Ship the Items You Sell on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy ﬇ Kindle Ebook Author Nick Vulich ײַ

錄 Hardcover Download ƪ eBay Shipping Simplified: How to Store, Package, and Ship the Items You Sell on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy  ﬇ Kindle Ebook Author Nick Vulich ײַ 錄 Hardcover Download ƪ eBay Shipping Simplified: How to Store, Package, and Ship the Items You Sell on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy ﬇ Kindle Ebook Author Nick Vulich ײַ Hey everybody, my name is Nick Vulich I just finished writing my newest book The Ogre in the Basement Strange Tales From the 1960s and 1970s It is an off kilter look at growing up as a Baby Boomer If you are from that era, read the book You will let out a sigh of relief, and scream AAH Now, I get it.TheOgre in the Basementwas the most fun I ever had writing.I started writing about five years ago, and let me tell it has been therapeutic than five years on a psychiatrists couch Most of my books offer short, easy to read solutions to lifes everyday problems My bestsellers focus on e commerce How to sell on eBay, , Fiverr, and Etsy Most recently, I have recently transitioned from writing about e commerce to one of my real passions History.Hands down,Shot All to Hellis my favorite of all the books I have written, so far.As a kid, I spent every free moment reading western magazines RealWest Westerner Frontier West Treasure Times You name a magazine that carried stories about the old west, badmen, lawmen, and gunfighters, and I read it.My lifes dream was to write for those magazines I never did Instead, I wrote one of the go to books on the topic.How cool is that Like everything else in my life, I have developed some crazy writing habits.I write best when I am laid back in the recliner watching TV and sipping on Diet Coke Just to put it out there Psych, Family Guy, American Dad, and theSimpsonsset the backdrop for my writing Sometimes Islip in an occasional episode ofMonkorTwo and a Half Men.I am a firm believer in that old saying Laughter is the best medicine.If you cannot laugh at yourself, you are probably a grumpy old man or on your way to becoming one.Shame on you If you are feeling down, my prescription is to grab a Diet Coke, a dose of your favorite dessert, sit back, and watch a couple of hours of FOX cartoons Those shows will reboot your funny bone, and get you to see life as it is one crazy ride.My favorite books are the historical novels of Kenneth Roberts written back in the thirties and forties Arundel, Northwest Passage, Boon Island, andLydia Bailey His stories are historically accurate, and totally absorbing no matter how many times you read them.Special thanks go out to my friend Mike, for introducing me to J R R Tolkien and theLord of the Ringstrilogy way back in my college days.I recommend this series to everyone.Right now my focus is history.I have got so many ideas rolling around in my head 1861 Prelude to CivilWar We Might Have Been Kings George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution And, so many .The problem is deciding which book to write first.People often ask me for advice on how they can get started writing.I tell them to read everything you can get your hands on Write as much as you can, and dont limit yourself to one subject or genre More importantly, dont be afraid to fail Not every book is going to be a success Some of them are going to sit there for six months, or a year before they take off and start selling Some are going to emerge stillborn.It is the nature of the beast.That is a little bit about me, what books and authors have influenced me, and which direction I am headed with my new material.As always, it has been a pleasure.The one sure thing about eBay is that it is always changing.I have been selling on eBay since 1999, and in that time the company has made dozens of changes that have affected my business some of them good, some not so good The best advice I can give sellers is open to change experiment often with new products, services, and apps understand that big changes come to eBay twice a year in the Fall and Spring Seller Updates.Sometimes the seller updates are easy to adjust to Perhaps a few minor category changes, or perhaps new shipping and handling or return policies The 2013 Seller Updates pushed many sellers to the limit Fees changed and became tied to the eBay store levels sellers have New picture requirements went into effect as sellers made a mad scramble to get their listings updated.The final outtake, as usual, is a better buyer experience.To thrive and grow in 2014 your eBay business needs to be fresh You need to be nimble and able to react quickly, no matter if you are responding to eBay mandated changes or competitive pressure from other sellers.That is what all of my books are about.They teach you the basics They share stories about how other sellers got started and grew their businesses They give ideas for sourcing products and writing strong product listings No BS, no filler Just lots of good useful information you can use over and over again, whether you are new to eBay or have been selling here for years.Whichever one of my eBay books you choose to read, please know they have all been updated, and reflect current information and policies for selling in 2014 and beyond. 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    • eBay Shipping Simplified: How to Store, Package, and Ship the Items You Sell on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy
    • 3.1
    • 257
    • Hardcover
    • 83 pages
    • Nick Vulich
    • English
    • 24 November 2017

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