║ ⛅ Live Right 4 Your Type: 4 Blood Types, 4 Program -- The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life text ⛅ Live Right 4 Your Type: 4 Blood Types, 4 Program -- The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life ▕ Book Author Dr Peter J D Adamo ▻

║  ⛅ Live Right 4 Your Type: 4 Blood Types, 4 Program -- The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life text ⛅ Live Right 4 Your Type: 4 Blood Types, 4 Program -- The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life  ▕ Book Author Dr Peter J D Adamo ▻ ║ ⛅ Live Right 4 Your Type: 4 Blood Types, 4 Program -- The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life text ⛅ Live Right 4 Your Type: 4 Blood Types, 4 Program -- The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life ▕ Book Author Dr Peter J D Adamo ▻ The Unmistakable YouThe Blood Type GeneWhat makes me me, and you you This is the question that is at the heart of the genetic puzzle It is also central to our exploration of blood types What is the animating principle that determines the unique set of characteristics you possess, and the different set that belongs to me The key is genetic heritage Your genetic heritage is the unbroken story line of your life Even though you are living in the twenty first century, you share a common bond with your ancestors The genetic information that resulted in their particular characteristics has been passed on to you.A helpful analogy is the way a computer manages information Think of the very process of writing this book As I sit at my computer, only my creative powers and my typing skills limit me I am free to move words, sentences, or even whole paragraphs around This information lies in the dynamic portion of my computer, called the RAM random access memory Should a sudden power outage occur, or I neglect to save the material to the hard drive, it would all be lost However, if I am satisfied with this writing, it will be permanently saved to the hard drive, available for use at a later time.Your genetic heritage is your biologic hard drive Embedded within it are the recordings of past writings that were saved for later use along with, in some cases, a few disk errors These recordings are stored in your DNA deoxyribonucleic acid One of the saved pieces of information is your blood type.What determines your blood type In genetic lingo, the blood type variations are known as alleles Every person contains alleles alternate forms of genes The alleles determine whether you have blue eyes or brown, are tall or short, have black hair or red, and other distinctions There are three blood type alleles A, B, and O That means there are three variations, or alternatives, for your blood type However, the influence of your blood type is far greater than that of the gene that gives you eye color Much of that influence has to do with its location and the way it interacts with other genes.On the Street Where Blood Type LivesThe gene for ABO blood type is located on the q leg of chromosome number 9, around band 34 So the address for your blood type gene is 9q34 It is here that the three basic alleles of the ABO blood system are found, leaving you a Type O, A, B, or AB.1 The mechanics of blood type s influence have to do with the way genes influence other, seemingly unrelated, genes located immediately adjacent or nearby This mechanism explains why your blood type can have an impact on such a diverse number of bodily systems from digestive enzymes to neurochemicals.We already know of some intimate relationships between the blood type gene and other genes that impact on our health and well being For example, in 1984, researchers reporting in the journal Genetic Epidemiology presented evidence of a family pedigree in which a major gene for breast cancer susceptibility is located near band q34 on chromosome 9.2 There is a clear genetic connection between blood type and breast cancer.Many nutrition experts are baffled when they first hear about the link between blood type and digestion That s because they are only considering the physical significance of blood type as a surface antigen Actually, it is not your blood type antigen that is influencing the level of acid in your stomach, but rather the gene for your blood type influencing other seemingly unrelated genes located immediately adjacent or very close to the ABO blood type gene that can exert an effect on your stomach acid levels This phenomenon, called gene linkage, isn t well understood yet, but it is well known Many genes influence the actions of other, seemingly unrelated genes.Here s another intriguing link that suggests a relationship between blood type and the brain The gene for the enzyme dopamine beta hydroxylase DBH , which converts dopamine to noradrenaline, is located right at 9q34 It s literally sitting on top of the gene for blood type.3 As we will see later, this has vast implications for the association between blood type and stress, mental health, and even personality characteristics Your SubtypographyAlthough there are four blood types O, A, B, and AB it would be a ridiculous simplification to suggest that there are only four types of people in the world The reality is far intricate and complex Now, let s take it to another level Subtyping your blood type, especially your secretor status, provides an even greater specificity of identification Your blood type doesn t just sit inert in your body It is expressed in countless ways and the ways in which it is expressed make a difference A simple analogy would be a water faucet Depending on the water pressure, the faucet might pour or dribble You have access to a lot of water or a little water In the same way, your secretor status relates to how much and where your blood type antigen is expressed in your body.Secretor 9q34 s First CousinAcross town from 9q34, on chromosomes 11 and 19, reside the blood type gene s very important first cousins, the blood type secretor genes Although your secretor gene is independent of your blood type, it influences the way your blood type is expressed Everyone carries a blood type antigen on their blood cells, but most people between 80 and 85 percent of the population have blood type antigens that float around freely in their body secretions These people are called secretors, because they secrete their blood type antigens into their body fluids, such as saliva, mucus, and sperm If you re a secretor, you can learn your blood type from these other body fluids, as well as from your blood People who do not secrete their blood type antigens in other fluids besides blood are called, reasonably enough, non secretors.Because secretors have places to put their blood type antigens, they have blood type expression in their bodies than non secretors Your secretor status can have a great influence on the characteristics of your immune system and is associated with a wide variety of diseases and metabolic conditions.Determining Your Secretor StatusThere is a quick and dirty method of estimating secretor status This involves looking at an additional minor blood typing system, called the Lewis Blood Grouping System, which is functionally interlocked with secretor genetics, since the same gene codes for both the secretor type and the Lewis System In the Lewis System, located on chromosome 19, there are two possible antigens that can be produced, called Lewisa and Lewisb The a and b antigens of the Lewis System should not be confused with the A and B of the ABO system People can type out as one of three varieties Lewisa b , Lewisa b , and Lewisa b A fourth variation, Lewisa b , is extremely rare The Lewis System can determine secretor status because it has been noted that people who type out Lewisa b are also non secretors, while those who type out as Lewisa b are also secretors The connection between secretor status and the Lewis System occurs because secretors convert all of their Lewisa antigen into the Lewisb form making them Lewisb , while non secretors do not leaving them Lewisa The reason I say that this test is quick and dirty is that there are some leftovers that can t be typed this way People who are Lewisa b cannot use this test for determining secretor status Because they have no ability to produce Lewis substances to start with, they never have a or b characteristics on their blood or in their secretions These individuals can either be secretors or non secretors of blood type substances, but they will always be non secretors of Lewis substances In many instances, Lewis negative individuals have unique interactions with diseases, microbes, or metabolic syndromes Typically, when I ve used the Lewis System to determine secretor status, I ve lumped Lewis negative patients and Lewisa patients into the category of non secretors Fortunately, only 6 percent of the Caucasian population and 16 percent of the black population are Lewisa b , allowing the greater majority of people to be secretor tested from the same blood samle that we use to test blood type.Why Secretor Status MattersWe don t yet know precisely why nature made some of us secretors and some of us non secretors, but we can surmise that secretor status is related to nature s effort to provide some additional layer of protection that didn t exist for the earliest humans There is some evidence that the non secretor state is genetically older than the secretor state and may have been compatible with the digestive needs of hunter gatherers.The secretor state was most likely an immunologic adaptation When you are able to secrete your blood type antigens into saliva, digestive secretions, and other fluids, these secretions appear to create a barrier against environmental elements, such as bacteria, pollutants, and other irritants Immunologically, non secretors seem to have of a death trap strategy They allow pathogenic invaders a way in, and then attack and kill them internally.4These are some of the areas controlled or influenced by your secretor status the degree to which foreign bacteria invade the system the adherence of lectins and other blood typesensitive structures in food to your digestive tissue syndrome X or Insulin Resistance Syndrome the balance of intestinal bacteria predicting the relevance of tumor markers for diagnosing cancer blood clotting capabilities the makeup of a mother s breast milk susceptibility to Candida type infections immune resistance susceptibility to dental cavities sensitivity to the bacteria that causes ulcers relative risk for the development of inflammatory bowel problems an influence in respiratory heath and susceptibility to viruses prevalence of autoimmune diseases risk factors for cardiovascular disease a genetic predictor of alcoholism5Here s an example of a practical ramification of your secretor status Let s say you are a Type O about to undergo a surgical procedure Type O has the lowest concentration of blood clotting factor, so is susceptible to bleeding problems Secretors also have a very low amount of clotting factor Therefore, if you are a Type O secretor, you have a higher risk of uncontrolled bleeding than if you were a Type O non secretor.6Here s another example, which has special relevance to Blood Type A Experience has shown that about 10 percent of the people following the Type A Diet from Eat Right 4 Your Type find that they have some problems with the relatively high level of carbohydrates advocated for Type A Most of these Type A non responders are female Since ER4YT only dealt with A, AB, B, and O types, the diets had to play the odds and assume that the average reader was a secretor, by far the numerous subtype No special allowances were made for non secretors I ve found that, by and large, these non responders are Type A non secretors, and their problems are caused by insulin resistance, which often occurs in this subtype Type A non secretors may need to increase the percentage of protein in their diets using such foods as ocean fish and poultry and downplay the simple carbohydrates With this in mind, we ve adapted the basic Blood Type Diets to reflect secretor based variations.The Journey ContinuesWe are accustomed to picturing the course of human evolution as a straight line, with markers along the way that identify significant shifts In Eat Right 4 Your Type, blood type evolution was described in a purposely linear manner, in an effort to communicate the basic idea However, we know that the evolutionary process is loop than line, circular than linear When we talk of Type O being first, Type A second, followed by Type B, then Type AB, we re not describing a seamless march from hunter to farmer to nomad and beyond Evolution occurs on an invisible landscape, the actual process spanning eons The refinements in our species and the many subspecies are the hammer of environmental demands arriving with the force of small taps rather than with thundering blows These refinements have but one purpose our survival Today, as we arrive at a new century, we have the understanding and the tools to maximize our capacity for survival, using the genetic material that nature has supplied Reprinted from Live Right 4 Your Type by Dr Peter J.D Adamo by permission of G P Putnam s Sons, a member of Penguin Putnam Inc Copyright c 2000 by Dr Peter J.D Adamo All rights reserved This excerpt, or any parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.From the doctor who brought us the blood type health craze that has swept the nation, here is new research that shows you how to live according to your blood type so that you can achieve total physical and emotional well being.Over a million readers have used the individualized blood type diet solution developed by Dr Peter J D Adamo to achieve their ideal weight In the five years since the New York Times bestseller Eat Right 4 for Your Type was published, new research has indicated that there s a blood type profile for almost every aspect of our lives, and thanks to that new research, your blood type reveals how you can live a better life Live Right 4 for Your Type is Dr D Adamo s ground breaking book that will give you individualized prescriptions according to blood type.According to your blood type, should you Eat three regular meals a day, or small, frequent ones Have a regimented or flexible routine Go to sleep at the same time every night or have a flexible bedtime Do without rest periods or take them religiously Achieve emotional balance through exercise, meditation, or herbs Each blood type prescription is divided into five life areas Recommendations, guidelines, and informational charts are provided for the following Lifestyle Stress and Emotional Balance Maximizing Health Overcoming Disease Strategies for Aging Live Right 4 for Your Type also has information compiled from new research that greatly expands on the information in Eat Right 4 for Your Type, featuring New metabolism boosting supplement lists to increase the body s efficiency and ability to achieve ideal weight Refined food and supplement lists to increase cardiac efficiency, lower cholesterol, and strengthen your ability to fight colds, flu, and serious diseases Instructions on how to use vegetables and herbs to improve Natural Killer Cell activity New information on blood type subgroups that influence not only weight, but also physical and mental health. Live Right Your Type The Individualized Prescription Live expands on the your series Whether or not you have read first two, this third book has much to offer Its a very nice combination of supporting scientific information, diet by blood type benefit emotional and physical body, Blood Types, Program This item for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, Vitality in Every Stage Life Eat Set up giveaway Customers who bought also Page Start over gives an overview how lifestyle Following successful trajectory NY Times bestseller Type, Dr Peter D Adamo further defines importance secretor non understanding Diet use genetics connect mind body J Goodreads ratings reviews Wendy said Although lot words, is easy understand, Books out stars Hardcover Since his was published, new research indicated that there profile almost every aspect our lives, knowing profiles can help us each live better life Home Facebook Why should get Financial Plan Most as if we are immortal never going die We behave accidents won t happen us, will continue making enough money LiveRight LiveRight here give tools empower both family eat healthily reap benefits With hands on, science based coaching only learn feel look great yourself, but loved ones perform achieve Right Side Broadcasting Network YouTube Thanks visiting official RSBN YouTube page LIVE UPDATE Category Hurricane Florence CHARGES toward Carolinas Duration Peter hour, minutesThe Official Website dadamo Information, guidance support readers interested applying principles outlined New York best selling author Peter principle Wikipedia concept management developed Laurence Peter, which observes people hierarchy tend rise their level incompetence In other employee promoted success previous jobs until they reach at no longer competent, skills one job do necessarily translate another Eat Adamo, Polly Adams renowned naturopathic physician, researcher, lecturer, whose extensive clinical testing connection between health, led powerful advances treatment breast 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Georgia facial double American Board Otolaryngology well Facial Plastic Reconstructive received Lee, DDS Photos Cosmetic DDS, top professional offering cosmetic dentistry Irvine, California practice individually owned centered believes providing latest technology techniques patients Pappas, General Vascular at Pappas UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Residency Cooper Center, affiliate, yourtype author, researcher educator, Ivesian, amateur horologist, budding software developer air cooled enthusiast considered world expert glycobiology, principally ABO ABH groups FUT polymorphisms Live Right 4 Your Type: 4 Blood Types, 4 Program -- The Individualized Prescription for Maximizing Health, Metabolism, and Vitality in Every Stage of Your Life


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