ₒ Format Kindle Read [ The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch ] For Free ₧ Kindle Author Dora Kunz ⃚

ₒ Format Kindle Read [ The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch ] For Free ₧ Kindle Author Dora Kunz ⃚ ₒ Format Kindle Read [ The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch ] For Free ₧ Kindle Author Dora Kunz ⃚ From Section I Consciousness and HealingCentered HealingCentering the ConsciousnessBefore we start Therapeutic Touch, we take a moment to be quiet and to center our thoughts and feelings in the heart In that moment of silence, we try to dissociate from our own troubles and concerns and to feel at peace with the inner self.Those who work with people who are ill particularly in hospitals and other places where several sick persons are being given care sympathetically try to help them by sending out energy to encompass and embrace the ailing persons with whom they come into contact The nurse, for instance, may feel sorry for a patient and want to take away his or her pain, sadness, or troubles This approach very often drains ones vitality.When we do an assessment and try to determine what the problem is with a person, we are stretching our subtle energy fields and taking in, or being sensitive to, the other persons energetics We are also going outward when we heal, in directing energy to the ill person Centering is essentially the opposite approach When we center, we lessen the flow to the outside and go inward Even without thinking about the inner self specifically, we can feel its characteristic peace and quiet working through us.If as a TT therapist you are quiet within yourself before touching a patient or getting involved in an emergency situation, then that center of calmness and peace protects you from taking in chaotic energy, even if you pick up the fear, panic, or anxiety of the persons involved Having centered first, compassion will be directing your energy flows outward and simultaneously helping you to connect with the patient at a deeper level even before you begin This is not an easy state to maintain, but to the many thousands who practice it, it has become an essential feature of their practice of Therapeutic Touch and of their inner growth.Centering in the HeartFocus your attention in the heart and feel very quiet In that quiet, envision a symbol or sense of your own inner self and dwell in the feeling evoked for a full minute After a few moments, affirm to yourself I am that peace In this meditation you will experience that within yourself there is a center of peace and quiet.Staying with that feeling of peace, send your energy to someone who might need your help In other words, project your thoughts to that person Stay with the sense of peace radiating from within you as you continue your meditation on the stillness you feel in the region of your heart When you have finished your meditation, take a deep breath and open your eyes You may be working with people in a great deal of pain, but you cannot work well with TT if you are only responding to the pain You can be aware of the pain, and you are doing your level best to alleviate it using Therapeutic Touch However, it is the centering that is the most important factor to have in place, and you will confirm that for yourself through experience If you do not learn that, when you come upon someone who is suffering, you automatically take in some of that suffering If you are centered, you will be aware of the suffering, but energetically you will not take it in while you work to help the healee dissipate it.When we are centered, we do the healing from a place of profound peace and stillness and with a sense of certainty If you are calm within, then you can encounter with equanimity another persons hostility, sadness, or any difficult emotional pattern the patient is facing It is from this centered state of consciousness, which invites the presence of the inner self, that we can help the patient meet the necessities of his or her karma At first one may find the act of centering difficult, but with time it becomes an ingrained way of life that can be called upon when needed.The Patients Role in the Healing ProcessIn the practice of TT there are times no matter how much you want to help when the patients body will respond very little and not be able to absorb the healing energy flow The prime factors in the patient that impact the healing flow are his own destiny his willingness to engage himself in the healing process, that is, to allow it to happen and his ability to relax or to permit others to help him relax, so that the healing energies can most easily and smoothly permeate his body.Very often what blocks the effect of healing energies is that the patient has become completely identified with his disease and it has become an intrinsic part of his consciousness Many patients who have been ill a very long time have made a picture in their mind of their sickness, and they have begun to think of it as part of themselves They may want to be healed, but at that mental picture making level they have a persistent image of themselves as sick Everybody who has pain or who has been sick for a long time is hooked to a cyclic, repeating pattern of pain The hook itself has something cyclic to it, and it catches the patient unawares Then he begins to identify with the hook When you project healing energy, that identification with illness acts as a barrier and prevents healing from happening It may take healing force than you had expected to break through that mental picture. a powerful tool for rebalancing the body s energy through touch, visualization, and spiritual acceptance of life s inevitable cycle The book examines the dynamic interrelationship between healer and patient and the vital role of expanded levels of consciousness as they relate to the healing process Making Scents, Winter Spring, 2005 practitioners gain the sensitivity and spiritual connection needed to effectively promote physical healing as well as spiritual peace A special book for those adventurous enough to try energy oriented healing Irene Alleger, Townsend Letter for Doctors Patients, Jan, 2005 an invaluable contribution to the pool of thought regarding esoteric healing The Beacon, May June 2005 Kunz and Krieger s unique collaboration has put genuine healing into health care at once engaging and informative in the areas of the nature of consciousness and healing New Dawn Magazine, Issue No 115, Jul Aug 2009 Whether you are a healer, or a healee, The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch offers insights into the flow of healing energies and how one can connect to this source in order to bring health and peace to oneself and the world Spirit of Change, Nov Dec, 2004 Dora Kunz Wikipedia Dora ne Theodora Sophia van Gelder April , August was a Dutch born American writer, psychic, alternative healer, occultist and leader in the Theosophical Society America Inner Traditions Online Bookstore Kunz, former president of America, author The Personal Aura Spiritual Aspects Healing Arts coauthor Profiles Facebook View profiles people named Join Facebook to connect with others you may know gives power share DIMENSIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS By Kunz Shafica Karagulla Publishing House, Chakras Human Energy Fields, Wheaton, Ill dora kunz Books More about Bestselling Books Real World Fairies A First Person Account, Aura, Dimension Therapeutic Touch Apr by Dolores Krieger PhD RN Paperback Find Grave Memorial Grave, database images accessed memorial page for Dec Jan Memorial no citing Saint Mary Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Gillespie County, Texas, USA Maintained Maggie contributor Theosophy Wiki an serving as tenth President that organization twelve years The Van Be Kind at camp called Tjeweng located five kilometers south Djombang city situated East Indies, which time colony today is known Java THERAPEUTIC TOUCH DrElizabethBarrett TT developed natural Krieger, PhD, nursing professor New York University extension Website Homepage International holistic, evidence based therapy incorporates intentional compassionate use universal energy promote balance well being all aspects individual body, mind, spirit dora eBay great deals on eBay Shop confidence What Organization early s through pioneering work RN, University, healer scientifically practice Therapeutic Based Science persons most influential developing technique are late gifted clairvoyant past emeritus Graduate School Nursing touch theosophy promoter one now Professor Emerita Science, therapeutic The Spiritual Dimension of Therapeutic Touch


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