ᗥ Free ৬ Dark Stranger The Dream: New & Lengthened 2017 Edition (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series) online pdf ᚃ ePUB Author I T Lucas ᛃ

ᗥ Free ৬ Dark Stranger The Dream: New & Lengthened 2017 Edition (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series) online pdf ᚃ ePUB Author I T Lucas ᛃ ᗥ Free ৬ Dark Stranger The Dream: New & Lengthened 2017 Edition (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series) online pdf ᚃ ePUB Author I T Lucas ᛃ I.T Lucass talent for the written word certainly deserves its own unambiguous round of applause If not for the aforementioned, then certainly for the accolade due to a read engrained with a flawless buildup and execution of developments OnlineBookClub.orgDefinitely More Interesting than Twilight TOP 500 REVIEWER Paranormal romance at its finest TOP 1000 REVIEWER Best series Ive read so far customerAwesome story, intriguing characters, Romance and intrigue that draws one in Better than Shades of Grey by a mile customerNo one can write like I.T Lucas customer Best new series Joins my other favs like J R Ward Angela Knight Read this book I stumbled on this book as a suggestion from to try their kindle unlimited and the reviews for it listed it a favorite to people who also liked my other favorite authors such as J.R Ward, Angela Knight etcso I said why not Im always looking for other series, other authors that create books stories that not only make me stay up all night reading but also I enjoy re reading many times Let me tell you, this story, this author has done that with a unique story characters that had me hooked from the very beginning I have read all 11 books within 4 days as I just couldnt stop reading I am eagerly awaiting the next book I know this will join my other top favorite series that I will read over and over again I have lots of books and series I read but only a select few that keep me coming back to relive the adventure as only these authors can tell it I hope this author keeps writing and sharing her imagination with us There are so many characters in this series with stories yet to be told Im so looking forward to those If you like the authors I mentioned above like supernatural fantasy romance genre, please read this book It will hook you you will not regret it I actually hardly ever leave reviews never want to put down my books lol but this author deserves to have as many readers as possible Now Im selfish because I really just want her to keep writing but I also know if it wasnt for others reviews, this probably wouldnt have caught my eye that is a terrible thought So read these books customerIncredible world building, awesome characters, Im hooked customer I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SERIES I was trying to find a series similar to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward and this hit the nail on the head I finished the entire series within two weeks and I cannot wait for Book 9 to release customerI.T Lucas is the Stephen Spielberg of paranormal writing Im in love with the story line and all the characters It is done so well that you miss these people while waiting for the next book to come out I will forever be a fan and hope this series NEVER comes to an end These books are classy, tasteful and oh so deliciously exotic If you like J.R Ward and J.L Drake, you will absolutely be a fan of I.T Lucas Love, love, love them Hurry up with your next book please customerWas looking for a new series to read while waiting for my favorite authors to write new books J.D Robbs, BDB series, kresley Coles immortals after dark to name a few.I ordered the 1st book in this series, The dream just to see I couldnt put that book down Ordered 4 and hoped they would also be as good Devoured them Ordered 6 to bring me up to book 11 I just started book 8 and I am ordering 12 and will get 13 as soon as it comes out customerAbsolutely perfect One of the best book series Ive ever read Im still trying to find something I like as much as this to read now customerYou HAVE to read this Wow This book was the beginning to my new addiction The writing is amazing I quickly became so immersed in this unique story In fact, I became so invested in the characters that I just kept reading And reading And reading I finished this series in two weeks I just couldnt wait to see what happened next Im on pins and needles waiting for the next installment customerThis series drew me in from the first page of the first book It is a fascinating exciting and riveting saga that I find spellbinding I am sure that like me you cant help but be drawn in to its magic and charisma as it weaves its way into your mind Hats off to the author, you have joined my list of greats customerLucas characters are unique, richly interesting, and they have depth I generally do not like reading sex scenes, because so often the are crudely or poorly written Lucas is an exception She writes about lovemaking tastefully and well It is a pleasure to read her books customerI love this series I am a huge BDB fan..never miss a book EVER Now I have added this series to that list So well written and never drags on always a page turner And it is not typical stuff, it is very unique An absolute must read customerJ R Ward meet L T Lucas I am a huge fan of J R Ward and her Brotherhood books While awaiting her latest book, I was on Facebook and read someones recommendation for these books The phrased their opinion as if you loved J R Ward, get ready for an equally great series I had to see if they were right Needless to say, Im on my 8th book customerOne of the best in the genre This is an awesome supernatural romance series It falls under the category of some of the best out there in this genre customerLove Love Love this book This book had me hooked right from the beginning I had to read every book in the series one right after the other and I cant wait for the next This is probably the best series Ive read and thats saying a lot since some of my favorite Authors are JR Ward, Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon customerDrop everything to get into this fantasy world Spellbinding Fantasy, action packed, thriller and passionate all at once Absolutely sucked me in from the very first chapter I really enjoy reading a book with different characters views and what they are feeling and doing with the plot when reading a book They kept my attention and couldnt wait to get the next book once I finished the one I was reading Very addictive and spellbinding I have read all 9 books and am waiting for the next one to come out You wont regret ordering this entire collection customerI am in love with this series and cannot get enough I try to find minutes here and there throughout my day to keep reading the captivating stories of each of the characters I.T Lucas, you have yourself another loyal fan who is excited to read anything that you write Keep up the great work customerA MUST READ SERIES Especially for Adults who Love a Shade of Vampire books I cant get enough of this series Im now on the 7th book hate that I am going to have to wait for 8.The author develops the characters, but keeps you in the dark about some so you want to read and see what happens It is scary that I feel like Im living the lives along with the characters, as I read of the story series I also love that the author not only gives you a complete story for a couple within a few books, but she keeps you wondering about the next couple and what will happen in their story customerExceptional masterpiece Incredible writing, I have not put down the book since I downloaded Read it in one day ReviewerYou make the reader feel like you are there experiencing the emotions of the characters.I can not get enough, wish you could write the stories faster, I know I am being selfish but you do bring it out of me customerI am obsessed So addictive I wasnt much of a reader before nothing really called my attention Thanks to your wonderful writing skills and imagery I have became a reader I read all 14 books in your series in just a week From the person that never pick up a book in her life it was so exciting I fell in love with each character I cant wait to see what happens Thank you so much for Awakening this in me My husband thanks you too customerExcellent series that I highly recommend Excellent series that I highly recommend I have purchased all 14 books so I am obviously addicted You really find yourself being drawn into this Children of the Gods world, their ethical struggles, personal dreams and desires The sex scenes are an interesting blend of fantasy and sex, the characters are all highly individual and you are drawn into their lives, what haunts them, what drives them, their intelligence and morality Then there is the larger world philosophy of the Immortals vs the DOOMers, that kind of reminds me of author Gloria Vitanzia Basiles world philosophy trilogy from the 1980s about how powerful factions behind the scenes manipulate world events in a power grab of greed to promote their various agendas Its a scenario that has played out over the millennia just here with a paranormal twist loosely based in Sumerian and Greek mythology and lore I am now invested in these characters I appreciate that Lucas resolves their lives with HEA endings after overcoming great personal obstacles Dalhu and Amandas love is a classic story of hope, finding a common ground and over coming prejudice and adversity And poor Kian, he needs to take a nice long vacation with his love Syssi, that poor man works too hard customerYOU BLEW ME AWAY I admit i started reading your books with hesitation i am a huge paranormal reader I started reading not wanting to like let alone even bother finishingWELL WRONG YOU BLEW ME AWAY I COULD NOT PUT THEM DOWN I HAVE NEVER EVER EMAILED AN AUTHOR TO TELL THEM HOW SHOCKED I WAS TO NOT ONLY LOVE YOUR BOOKS BUT I HAVE BEEN BRAGGING ON THEM TO EACH OF THE BOOK CLUBS I BELONG TO YOU ARE SUCH A BREATH OF FRESH AIR THANK YOU DOES NOT SEEM LIKE ENOUGH BUT WORDS CAN ONLY SAY SO MUCH I WORK ALOT AND HAVE A VERY HIGH STRESS JOB I AM A FEMALE FIREFIGHTER SO MY ME TIME IS LIMITED..I GLADLY GAVE IT ALL TO READ YOUR BOOKS I SO HOPE YOU KEEP GOING IN THIS SERIES FOR YEARS TO COME THANK YOU AGAIN customerLet me preface this by saying that I am a fan of JR Wards BRB and Sherilynn Kenyons League, Nemesis Rising and Pride and Prejudice This series ranks right up there with them.A dark brooding hero meets his match in the first book, Dark Stranger, The Dream The rest of the series builds on the first All of them are good and unlike the other two series I did not have to wait a year for the next book customerSumerian mythology meets cyber technology in an epic battle of good versus evil and scorching hot romance.The story behind The Children Of The Gods series.when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown Genesis 6 1 4Myths as persistent and as prevailing as those of the vampire, the shapeshifter, and other mythical creatures, as well as modern day UFO and alien sightings, may not be purely the product of overactive imaginations What if at the source of those myths were events and personalities that left an impact so profound that their echoes could be heard in the mythologies of civilizations continents and millennia apart Could they perhaps originate from realistic hallucinations induced by members of an advanced species who exhibit some of the characteristics of those mythical creatures More than seven thousand years ago, the first advanced human civilization appeared out of nowhere Archeological records show that the Sumerians knew about the solar system and placed the sun at its center, had schools for children, girls and boys, established laws to protect personal property, and afforded women the kind of rights they hadnt enjoyed since Sumers decline and up until modern times.The Sumerians accredited their gods with providing the blueprints for their civilization and their advanced scientific knowledge, as well as the creation of humankind itself a hybrid the gods engineered by combining the genetic material of a god with that of a lesser creature.The abbreviated version of their creation myth isnt the only one to find its way into the bible, albeit modified to fit its monotheistic agenda Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden are there as well Though in the Sumerian version, the snake is a sympathetic god who decides to grant humans knowledge of a carnal nature which is the way the term knowledge, or to know is used throughout the bible , giving humans the ability to procreate, which as hybrids they previously lacked.Another god, the head of the Sumerian pantheon, considers humans rapid procreation a threat to the gods implying that the gods were not as fruitful and throws them out of the gods garden. 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screenplay David KoeppThe set fictional island Isla Nublar, located Central Star News No, Isn Leaving As if some kind oracle, fans immediately pounced sketchy idea lame, dumb, and, basically, what expected hoped franchise Dark Stranger The Dream: New & Lengthened 2017 Edition (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series)


    • Dark Stranger The Dream: New & Lengthened 2017 Edition (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series)
    • 2.3
    • 160
    • Paperback
    • 356 pages
    • B0101EUY1O
    • I T Lucas
    • English
    • 02 November 2016

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