鋺 Format Kindle Download [ ഛ When We Were Orphans ] For Free ꘞ Author Kazuo Ishiguro 낍

鋺 Format Kindle Download [ ഛ When We Were Orphans ] For Free ꘞ Author Kazuo Ishiguro 낍 鋺 Format Kindle Download [ ഛ When We Were Orphans ] For Free ꘞ Author Kazuo Ishiguro 낍 Chapter OneIt was the summer of 1923, the summer I came down from Cambridge, when despite my aunt s wishes that I return to Shropshire, I decided my future lay in the capital and took up a small flat at Number 14b Bedford Gardens in Kensington I remember it now as the most wonderful of summers After years of being surrounded by fellows, both at school and at Cambridge, I took great pleasure in my own company I enjoyed the London parks, the quiet of the Reading Room at the British Museum I indulged entire afternoons strolling the streets of Kensington, outlining to myself plans for my future, pausing once in a while to admire how here in England, even in the midst of such a great city, creepers and ivy are to be found clinging to the fronts of fine houses.It was on one such leisurely walk that I encountered quite by chance an old schoolfriend, James Osbourne, and discovering him to be a neighbour, suggested he call on me when he was next passing Although at that point I had yet to receive a single visitor in my rooms, I issued my invitation with confidence, having chosen the premises with some care The rent was not high, but my landlady had furnished the place in a tasteful manner that evoked an unhurried Victorian past the drawing room, which received plenty of sun throughout the first half of the day, contained an ageing sofa as well as two snug armchairs, an antique sideboard and an oak bookcase filled with crumbling encyclopaedias all of which I was convinced would win the approval of any visitor Moreover, almost immediately upon taking the rooms, I had walked over to Knightsbridge and acquired there a Queen Anne tea service, several packets of fine teas, and a large tin of biscuits So when Osbourne did happen along one morning a few days later, I was able to serve out the refreshments with an assurance that never once permitted him to suppose he was my first guest.For the first fifteen minutes or so, Osbourne moved restlessly around my drawing room, complimenting me on the premises, examining this and that, looking regularly out of the windows to exclaim at whatever was going on below Eventually he flopped down into the sofa, and we were able to exchange news our own and that of old schoolfriends I remember we spent a little time discussing the activities of the workers unions, before embarking on a long and enjoyable debate on German philosophy, which enabled us to display to one another the intellectual prowess we each had gained at our respective universities Then Osbourne rose and began his pacing again, pronouncing as he did so upon his various plans for the future.I ve a mind to go into publishing, you know Newspapers, magazines, that sort of thing In fact, I fancy writing a column myself About politics, social issues That is, as I say, if I decide not to go into politics myself I say, Banks, do you really have no idea what you want to do Look, it s all out there for us he indicated the window Surely you have some plans.I suppose so, I said, smiling I have one or two things in mind I ll let you know in good time.What have you got up your sleeve Come on, out with it I ll get it out of you yet But I revealed nothing to him, and before long got him arguing again about philosophy or poetry or some such thing Then around noon, Osbourne suddenly remembered a lunch appointment in Piccadilly and began to gather up his belongings It was as he was leaving, he turned at the door, saying Look, old chap, I meant to say to you I m going along tonight to a bash It s in honour of Leonard Evershott The tycoon, you know An uncle of mine s giving it Rather short notice, but I wondered if you d care to come along I m quite serious I d been meaning to pop over to you long ago, just never got round to it It ll be at the Charingworth.When I did not reply immediately, he took a step towards me and said I thought of you because I was remembering I was remembering how you always used to quiz me about my being well connected Oh, come on Don t pretend you ve forgotten You used to interrogate me mercilessly Well connected Just what does that mean, well connected Well, I thought, here s a chance for old Banks to see well connected for himself Then he shook his head, as though at a memory, saying My goodness, you were such an odd bird at school.I believe it was at this point I finally assented to his suggestion for the evening an evening which, as I shall explain, was to prove far significant than I could then have imagined and showed him out without betraying in any part the resentment I was feeling at these last words of his.My annoyance only grew once I had sat down again I had, as it happened, guessed immediately what Osbourne had been referring to The fact was, throughout school, I had heard it said repeatedly of Osbourne that he was well connected It was a phrase that came up unfailingly when people talked of him, and I believe I too used it about him whenever it seemed called for It was indeed a concept that fascinated me, this notion that he was in some mysterious way connected to various of the higher walks of life, even though he looked and behaved no differently from the rest of us However, I cannot imagine I mercilessly interrogated him as he had claimed It is true the subject was something I thought about a lot when I was fourteen or fifteen, but Osbourne and I had not been especially close at school and, as far as I remember, I only once brought it up with him personally.It was on a foggy autumn morning, and the two of us had been sitting on a low wall outside a country inn My guess is that we would have been in the Fifth by then We had been appointed as markers for a cross country run, and were waiting for the runners to emerge from the fog across a nearby field so that we could point them in the correct direction down a muddy lane We were not expecting the runners for some time yet, and so had been idly chatting It was on this occasion, I am sure, that I asked Osbourne about his well connectedness Osbourne, who for all his exuberance, had a modest nature, tried to change the subject But I persisted until he said eventually Oh, do knock it off, Banks It s all just nonsense, there s nothing to analyse One simply knows people One has parents, uncles, family friends I don t know what there is to be so puzzled about Then quickly realising what he had said, he had turned and touched my arm Dreadfully sorry, old fellow That was awfully tactless of me.This faux pas seemed to cause Osbourne much anguish than it had me Indeed, it is not impossible it had remained on his conscience for all those years, so that in asking me to accompany him to the Charingworth Club that evening, he was in some way trying to make amends In any case, as I say, I had not been at all upset that foggy morning by his admittedly careless remark In fact, it had become a matter of some irritation to me that my schoolfriends, for all their readiness to fall into banter concerning virtually any other of one s misfortunes, would observe a great solemnness at the first mention of my parents absence Actually, odd as it may sound, my lack of parents indeed, of any close kin in England except my aunt in Shropshire had by then long ceased to be of any great inconvenience to me As I would often point out to my companions, at a boarding school like ours, we had all learned to get on without parents, and my position was not as unique as all that Nevertheless, now I look back on it, it seems probable that at least some of my fascination with Osbourne s well connectedness had to do with what I then perceived to be my complete lack of connection with the world beyond St Dunstan s That I would, when the time came, forge such connections for myself and make my way, I had no doubts But it is possible I believed I would learn from Osbourne something crucial, something of the way such things worked.But when I said before that Osbourne s words as he left my flat had somewhat offended me, I was not referring to his raising the matter of my interrogating him all those years before Rather, what I had taken exception to was his casual judgement that I had been such an odd bird at school.In fact, it has always been a puzzle to me that Osbourne should have said such a thing of me that morning, since my own memory is that I blended perfectly into English school life During even my earliest weeks at St Dunstan s, I do not believe I did anything to cause myself embarrassment On my very first day, for instance, I recall observing a mannerism many of the boys adopted when standing and talking of tucking the right hand into a waistcoat pocket and moving the left shoulder up and down in a kind of shrug to underline certain of their remarks I distinctly remember reproducing this mannerism on that same first day with sufficient expertise that not a single of my fellows noticed anything odd or thought to make fun.In much the same bold spirit, I rapidly absorbed the other gestures, turns of phrase and exclamations popular among my peers, as well as grasping the deeper s and etiquettes prevailing in my new surroundings I certainly realised quickly enough that it would not do for me to indulge openly as I had been doing routinely in Shanghai my ideas on crime and its detection So much so that even when during my third year there was a series of thefts, and the entire school was enjoying playing at detectives, I carefully refrained from joining in in all but a nominal way And it was, no doubt, some remnant of this same policy that caused me to reveal so little of my plans to Osbourne that morning he called on me.However, for all my caution, I can bring to mind at least two instances from sc Ce texte fait r f rence l dition Broch.You seldom read a novel that so convinces you it is extending the possibilities of fiction Sunday Times Ishiguro is the best and most original writer of his generation, and When We Were Orphans could be by no other writer It haunts the mind It moves to tears Mail on Sunday His fullest achievement yet New York Times Review of Books Ce texte fait r f rence l dition Broch. 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debut Northampton, England, February, White Teeth take bow Books Author Go Goodreads ratings most popular origin Laureate Authors Faber Faber eight fiction earned many awards honours world, cluding NobelPrize who, force, sense connection Achievement drew unanimous critical praise, novel, brought acclaim Here guide writes lovely, trauma, repression, survival described London, United Kingdom REMAINS OF THE DAY NEVER LET ME GO Wikiquote fundamentally, end, writer, tell themselves rather Events Harvard Book Store GoHe received service Chevalier de l Ordre des Arts et Barnes Noble An expert constructing morally flawed sympathetic narrators, explores themes fallibility inability face books, often post settings Biography List Works, Study Guides citizen, DayIshiguro currently resides London wife daughter Buried Giant fantasy published March nominated Fantasy Mythopoeic Adult magnificent praised Swedish Wikipedia FRSL, Lorna Anne MacDougall since optimism LiteratureIt placed sixth Locus Best Spanish Italian Le gant eBooks, Audiobooks, atomic bomb attack city ended II spent Shanghai fiveIshiguro graduated University Kent bachelor degree Philosophy gained master East Anglia When We Were Orphans


    • When We Were Orphans
    • 1.4
    • 90
    • Format Kindle
    • 320 pages
    • 0571283888
    • Kazuo Ishiguro
    • Anglais
    • 02 April 2016

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