Ʒ Download Format Kindle 㲔 Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda: An Integrated Practice of Ancient Healing Traditions For Free ი PDF Author Bridgette Shea L.Ac MAcOM ᅐ

Ʒ Download Format Kindle 㲔 Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda: An Integrated Practice of Ancient Healing Traditions For Free ი PDF Author Bridgette Shea L.Ac MAcOM ᅐ Ʒ Download Format Kindle 㲔 Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda: An Integrated Practice of Ancient Healing Traditions For Free ი PDF Author Bridgette Shea L.Ac MAcOM ᅐ Chapter 2 In the Beginning The Roots of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are built upon several thousand years of cultural belief systems and philosophies Although these theories of life may differ in tone and focus, there are universal themes that run through both traditions roots Both have a cosmology, a constitutional theory, a theory of elements, a science of taste and diet, and observational diagnostic tools like tongue and pulse diagnosis What differs is the lens through which their originators perceived the world That lens has colored the foundational cosmology of each system In this chapter we will look at these underlying beliefs and cosmologies Both systems have emerged from a primary cosmology that applies to all life and beyond life to everything that exists Each systems cosmology applies to the birth and function of our universe, our minds, and our cells The origin theory that underpins Chinese medicine is Taoist Ayurveda is based largely on Sankya philosophy Taoism is the philosophy underlying the study and practice of energy cultivation systems such as tai chi, qi gong, and Chinese martial arts Sankhya philosophy is one of the main underlying systems of thought in India It is the foundation for much of the yoga philosophy and practice so popular throughout India and the West today Philosophy Sankhya cosmology explains the journey of consciousness into matter the qualities of matter, the senses, and the mind According to Sankhya, two primordial entities manifested from their unmanifested state Purusha, consciousness, and Prakriti, primordial matter The interaction of these two creates a fine material called Mahat, or universal intelligence, and from Mahat emerges the stuff of individual self awareness and differentiation, ahamkara or ego This egoic energy allows for further substance to arise the three gunas These are the qualities of sattva clarity , rajas turbulence , and tamas inertia The three gunas correspond to our state of mind If we are in a sattvic state, we are peaceful, calm, and clear If in a rajasic state, we are unsettled, agitated, discontent In a tamasic state there is lethargy, fogginess, veiled awareness You may be familiar with the Taoist taiji symbol Its that half white, half black circle with a dot of white in the black half and a dot of black in the white half The circle symbolizes the whole of existence The line dividing yin and yang is not static it is wavering This symbolizes movement The two are constantly interacting with one another, sometimes yin dominates, sometimes yang The friction that is created by their interaction is the qi Qi is one thing and everything It is lifeanimating energy or vibration Qi is what everything is made of, how everything functions, and it takes many forms In Sankhya philosophy, the qi is called prana Prana emerges from one of the three primary gunas From sattva or equanimity came the quality of mind, from tamas or inertia came the body, and from the guna of rajas, or activity, prana All things are made of prana, even inanimate objects, but when prana circulates in its vital form a being is alive This vital prana is said to travel along specific pathways in the body called nadis In Chinese medicine, these pathways are called channels or meridians In both meridians and nadis there are intersection points along the pathways that allow for multitissue communication within the body and communication between deeper parts of the body and the prana outside the body Qi or prana is not just form, it is not just function, it is not just vitality, it is not just the communicator between cells and individual minds and bodies It is all of the above Everything in existence is connected to everything else Look at distance healing How fascinating that a human can focus his or her intention upon someone inches or miles away and effect a healing response Prana knows where to go A good illustration of this is the story of one of my first Reiki experiences While working out of a storeroom in a friends metaphysics shop, I encountered a woman who was interested in experiencing a Reiki healing She was in her thirties and told me she had joint pain from systemic lupus She sat down, and immediately my hands felt drawn to her neck Now, knowing that she had systemic pain, I thought she would feel that I didnt know what I was doing if I didnt do the hand positions on various places around her body So I worked on some other areas but still felt drawn to her neck I finally surrendered to it and brought my hands there I had them about six inches away from her body, one facing the front of her neck and one facing the nape I started feeling a cold breeze coming into the palms of my hands the cold air intensified and it was all I could focus on I didnt know what it was or what to do, so I just did what felt right and stayed in position Within a minute or so, there was a loud CRACK It was like the sound of a good home run We both jumped and she said, I think you just cured my whiplash What She said lupus, not whiplash It turned out she had been in an accident six months prior and seeing a chiropractor several times a month There are a few points here One is that I didnt cure anything She was in the right place at the right time and her body was given the opportunity to heal itself Second, in Chinese medicine we talk about how cold can lodge in the body and cause pathological changes I believe this was the case for her and that I actually felt the cold leave her body Finally, you dont even need to touch someone in order to effect a healing response The qi knows where to go and what to do, we just need to listen.Unless we understand the cultural roots of a medical system we cant appreciate its depth, its diagnostic methods, or the reasoning for its prescriptions and treatments If we dont compare the teachings of a medical system with other systems, we cannot understand it in a truly holistic way In Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, Bridgette Shea provides insights into both the cultural roots of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as well as a comprehensive comparison of their similarities and differences This perspective and its practical applications are valuable and relevant for patients seeking information about the treatments they are receiving and invaluable for deepening the knowledge of clinicians who may be trained in only one system of healing David Crow, L.Ac., master herbalist, aromatherapist, and acupuncturist and founder of Floracopeia Bridgette Shea, in Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, has brilliantly captured the heart of two great and enduring Asian healing traditions She illuminates and clarifies for the practitioner and layperson alike, in a clear and practical way, how these ancient systems can work together to enhance health and well being Without doubt, this is a timely and invaluable contribution to the study, practice, and integration of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda in the West Arnie Lade, author of Energetic Healing In Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, Bridgette has made a significant contribution to the translation of profound wisdom from two major health traditions into language that is readable, accessible, and true to the traditions from which it comes As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I recognize in this text a contribution to what we call the Life Nourishing tradition In that aspect of our medicine, the practitioner strives to first embody and then educate patients about how to be engaged in their own healing This book will be very useful to have around the clinicnot only for 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CISAR ZAMBO NEPA ELEASE CASTINE TEGTMEYER PATAJO VULGAMORE ZIRKER PEPITA People Search GUIDE TOOLS Out TRUTH About People Anyone Minutes Direct Access databases MRS BRIDGETTE JUDE SHEA KINDER L NPI Bridgette Jude Shea Kinder, provider Saratoga Springs, NYThe acupuncturist person who performs ancient alleviation pain, anesthesia treatment diseases Acupuncturists use long, fine needles inserted specific points order treat painful conditions produce Provider Location Address FRANKLIN SQUARE E SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY location address being identified For providers than physical location, primary cannot include Post Office box Handbook Ayurveda Inner Traditions David Crow, LAc master herbalist, aromatherapist, founder Floracopeia Shea, Ayurveda, brilliantly captured heart two enduring Asian healing traditions She illuminates clarifies practitioner layperson alike, clear practical BRIDGETTE Alternative Info find if KINDER, good fit your alternative medicine needs, encouraged contact them office phone Feedback Bridgette Shea licensed acupuncturist, practitioner, public Her book, An Integrated Traditions launches Summer Get details updates workshops events Official Publisher Page Simon Schuster MAcOM, educator whose private practice integration Ayurvedic writes teaches energy medicine, healthy breathing lives her family New York Banyen Sound fabulous job wisdom modalities laypersons it informative East truly meeting West many ways publication goes long way towards Test Try Results Drawing shared roots spiritual principles, shows these practices seamlessly, individual strengths harmonizing basis prevention, wellness, detoxification, Artma Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda: An Integrated Practice of Ancient Healing Traditions


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