→ Format Kindle Download [ ⫷ The Emotionally Abused Woman: Overcoming Destructive Patterns and Reclaiming Yourself ] For Free ⟀ By Beverly Engel M.F.C.C. ⢓

→ Format Kindle Download [ ⫷ The Emotionally Abused Woman: Overcoming Destructive Patterns and Reclaiming Yourself ] For Free ⟀ By Beverly Engel M.F.C.C. ⢓ → Format Kindle Download [ ⫷ The Emotionally Abused Woman: Overcoming Destructive Patterns and Reclaiming Yourself ] For Free ⟀ By Beverly Engel M.F.C.C. ⢓ CHAPTER 1 The Emotionally Abused Woman The emotionally abused woman is a particular type of woman, a woman who has established a pattern of continually being emotionally abused by those she is involved with, whether it be her lover or husband, her boss, her friends, her parents, her children, or her siblings No matter how successful, how intelligent, or how attractive she is, she still feels less than other people Despite perhaps having taken assertion training classes, she still feels afraid to stand up for herself in her relationships and is still victimized by her low self esteem, her fear of authority figures, or her need to be taken care of by others She was emotionally abused as a child, but she may or may not recognize how extensively this kind of childhood abuse continues to affect her life Sometimes I just hate myself I dont know why, but I let everybody walk all over memy boss, my husband, my kids, even my friends I agree to do things I dont want to do, I go places I dont want to go, and all the while I resent it I just cant bring myself to say no to people, no matter how hard I try I cant believe I did it again Each time I fall in love I think that he is the one, that I have finally found someone who will treat me with kindness and concern But they all end up to be jerks who he to me, use me, and end up not even caring about me Whats wrong with me that I keep doing this Why cant I spot the loser, the jerk, instead of always being taken in Im thirty seven years old, and yet when it comes to men I have the judgment of a teenager These words were spoken by women who have grown and changed in many significant ways Nevertheless, they continue to choose partners and friends who cause them pain and embarrassment They just cannot seem to stand up for themselves in relationships, no matter how hard they try Because they have worked on themselves so muchthrough therapy, Twelve Step programs, and or self help booksthese women often feel hopeless and increasingly critical of themselves They recognize that despite their efforts to change, there is still something very wrong with their ability to choose people who will treat them with respect and consideration It is often difficult for a woman to admit that she is indeed being emotionally abused, particularly if she is competent and successful in all other respects But emotional abuse is nothing to be ashamed of While it is hard to determine the exact number of women in the United States who are emotionally abused, we do know that the number is astronomical While emotional abuse is probably the most common type of abuse, until now it has received the least attention Many women who are being emotionally abused do not even realize what is happening to them Many suffer from the effects of emotional abusedepression, lack of motivation, confusion, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, low self esteem, feelings of failure, worthlessness, and hopelessness, self blame, and self destructivenessbut do not understand what is causing these symptoms Many women who seek help for their symptoms do so without any awareness of why they are suffering This was the case with Maggie At our first session, she said to me, I dont know why Im here exactly, except that Ive been feeling very depressed lately I cant seem to get myself going When I wake up in the morning, I just want to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep I have to drag myself out of bed and in to work At night when I come home I want to curl up in bed right away, but I have to make dinner and clean the house and get ready for work the next day By the time I get to bed Im too tired to have sex with my husband Hes been complaining a lot lately because he thinks I dont love him Do you love him Do you have a happy marriage I inquired, wondering whether there might be marital problems I do love him, but I just feel so much pressure in my life that I cant take any from him How does he pressure you Well, it seems that I cant do anything right I know Im not a very good wife, but Im under such pressure at work, and I feel so tired I guess I just cant be there for him in the ways that he needs me to be Maggie wasnt being very specific about what her problems were, but as the weeks passed I discovered that her vague description of her husbands never being pleased with her was an extreme understatement Her husband was tearing down her self esteem daily by constantly complaining that she was a lousy cook and a terrible housekeeper, that she never wanted to listen to him talk about his day, that she never wanted to have sex, that she didnt love him As Maggie opened up and shared about her situation with me, it became and evident that she was trapped in a vicious cycle The her husband complained about her, the depressed she became, the less energy she had, and the less desire she had to have sex with her husband This made him complain all the Even though Maggie was not being physically abused by her husband, the emotional abuse she sustained from him was damaging her just as much as if she were being beaten Maggie was also being emotionally abused by her boss An extremely demanding man, he complained constantly that Maggie was not doing her job He verbally berated her in front of other employees, stood over her to scrutinize her work, and docked her pay when she was even a few minutes late coming back from lunch even though he often insisted that she work late, with no overtime pay No wonder Maggie was depressed It was amazing that she was even able to continue functioning at all with the pressure she was under By the time she finally came in to see me, her self esteem was incredibly low, and she truly believed that she was a lazy, no good person who didnt deserve either her job or her husband The saddest part about Maggies case was that she didnt think she was being abused at all, even after I told her I believed she was But my husband and my boss cant both be wrong, she protested It must be mewhy else would they both be saying the same things I am lazy, and I dont do the best I could at home or at work I get confused easily, I cant make decisions, and half the time I seem to be in a daze Its a miracle that I even do as well as I do Those who are being emotionally abused often grow to believe their abusers accusations The abused women do, indeed, become less and less productive, less motivated, less affectionate, and less sexual And as their self esteem plummets and their depression deepens, they also feel less loving Like Maggie and many other women, you may not know that you are being emotionally abused While you may realize that your husband, boyfriend, or boss seems to be demanding and hard to please, you may not consider his behavior abusive So what exactly is emotionally abusive behaviorA sensible book, full of insight and hope, that offers support and guidance in freeing emotionally abused women from the cycle of abuse and establishing new healthy patterns of relating to others Booklist Does your husband or lover constantly criticize you and put his needs before yours Do you sometimes wonder if your best friend is truly a friend Does your boss try to control your every move Does your fear of being left alone keep you in chronically hurtful relationships If any of these questions sound familiar, you could very well be suffering from emotional abusethe most widespread but also the most hidden abuse that women experience This type of abuse is just as damaging as physical or sexual abuse.But there is help in this invaluable compassionate sourcebook As a marriage, family, and child therapist who has grappled with these issues herself, Beverly Engel guides you through a step by step recover process, helping you shed the habits begun in childhood and take the first few steps toward healthy change.Using numerous examples drawn from case history and her own therapeutic expertise, Engel will show you how to Recognize and understand the abusers in your life Identify the patterns that have kept you emotionally trapped Complete your unfinished business Decide whether to walk away from an abusive relationship or take a stand and stay Heal the damage of abuse by building self esteem Break the cycle of abuse and open yourself to the promise of healthy relationships The Emotionally Abusive Relationship How to Beverly Engel is an internationally recognized therapist with expertise in women s issues, relationships, sexuality, and abuse She the author of several nonfiction books dealing abuse, including Loving Him Without Losing You Power Apology, both from Wiley, Abused Woman The Overcoming Destructive A sensible book, full insight hope, that offers support guidance freeing emotionally abused cycle establishing new healthy patterns relating others Are Questions for Women Many find emotional difficult name or even talk about They often wonder if it serious because you cannot see it, like bruises broken bones Emotional Psychological Abuse Children Healthline Emotional psychological children defined as behaviors, speech, actions parents, caregivers, other significant figures a child life have negative mental Traits Adults Show If Have Been Here list things which adults do they been Let understand them Screaming, fighting, loud noises become unbearable Women Who Men Acculturated I once lived roommate who was narcissist treated me poorly, she her boyfriend accused everything under sun, abusing animals, were only keeping sane throughout entire ordeal animals than people You re Not Going Crazy Sure Signs Being Dec , Because has such popular topic self help psychology fields, may already be familiar 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period day bickering, teasing, insulting behaviors happen Poverty Mistreatment go Hand Hand Poverty working mothers absent fathers likely subject neglect Jan Jul Aug Jun Oct Nov John Lennon Quotes That Reveal His Dark Side years ago today, killed by Mark David Chapman front his New York City apartment building Since death, musician practically synonymous peace love Divorcing Free Yourself Past Live honors fact each human should get celebrate joys stand up instinctually, joyfully guilt free needs The Emotionally Abused Woman: Overcoming Destructive Patterns and Reclaiming Yourself


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