᠕ Download Format Kindle [ וֹ Age of Myth: Book One of The Legends of the First Empire (English Edition) ] ᡣ ePUB Author Michael J Sullivan ᢠ

᠕ Download  Format Kindle [ וֹ Age of Myth: Book One of The Legends of the First Empire (English Edition) ] ᡣ ePUB Author Michael J Sullivan ᢠ ᠕ Download Format Kindle [ וֹ Age of Myth: Book One of The Legends of the First Empire (English Edition) ] ᡣ ePUB Author Michael J Sullivan ᢠ Chapter OneOf Gods and MenIn the days of darkness before the war, men were called Rhunes We lived in Rhuneland or Rhulyn as it was once known We had little to eat and much to fear What we feared most were the gods across the Bern River where we were not allowed Most people believe our conflict with the the Fhrey started at the Battle of Grandford, but it actually began on a day in early spring when two men crossed the river.The Book of BrinRaithes first impulse was to pray Curse, cry, scream, praypeople did such things in their last minutes of life But praying struck Raithe as absurd given that his problem was the angry god twenty feet away Gods werent known for their tolerance, and this one appeared on the verge of striking them both dead Neither Raithe nor his father had noticed the god approach The waters of the nearby converging rivers made enough noise to mask an armys passage Raithe would have preferred an army.Dressed in shimmering clothes, the god sat on a horse and was accompanied by two servants on foot They were men, but dressed in the same remarkable clothing All three silent, watching.Hey Raithe called to his father.Herkimer knelt beside a deer, opening its stomach with his knife Earlier, Raithe had landed a spear in the stags side, and he and his father had spent most of the morning chasing it Herkimer had stripped off his wool leigh mor as well as his shirt because opening a deers belly was a bloody business What He looked up.Raithe jerked his head toward the god, and his fathers sight tracked to the three figures The old mans eyes widened, and the color left his face.I knew this was a bad idea, Raithe thought.His father had seemed so confident, so sure that crossing the forbidden river would solve their problems But hed mentioned his certainty enough times to make Raithe wonder Now the old man looked as if hed forgotten how to breathe Herkimer wiped his knife on the deers side before slipping it into his belt and getting up.Ah Raithes father began Herkimer looked at the half gutted deer, then back at the god Its okay.This was the total sum of his fathers wisdom, his grand defense for their high crime of trespassing on divine land Raithe wasnt sure if slaughtering one of the deities deer was also an offense but assumed it didnt help their situation And although Herkimer said it was okay, his face told a different story Raithes stomach sank He had no idea what hed expected his father to say, but something than that.Not surprisingly, the god wasnt appeased, and the three continued to stare in growing irritation.They were on a tiny point of open meadowland where the Bern and Urum rivers met A pine forest, thick and rich, grew a short distance up the slope behind them Down at the point where the rivers converged lay a stony beach Beneath a snow gray blanket of sky, the rivers roar was the only sound Just minutes earlier Raithe had seen the tiny field as a paradise That was then.Raithe took a slow breath and reminded himself that he didnt have experience with gods or their expressions Hed never observed a god up close, never seen beech leaf shaped ears, eyes blue as the sky, or hair that spilled like molten gold Such smooth skin and white teeth were beyond reason This was a being born not of the earth but of air and light His robes billowed in the breeze and shimmered in the sun, proclaiming an otherworldly glory The harsh, judgmental glare was exactly the expression Raithe expected from an immortal being.The horse was an even bigger surprise Raithes father had told him about such animals, but until then Raithe hadnt believed His old man had a habit of embellishing the truth, and for than twenty years Raithe had heard the tales After a few drinks, his father would tell everyone how hed killed five men with a single swing or fought the North Wind to a standstill The older Herkimer got, the larger the stories grew But this four hooved tall tale was looking back at Raithe with large glossy eyes, and when the horse shook its head, he wondered if the mounts of gods understood speech.No, really, its okay, Raithes father told them again, maybe thinking they hadnt heard his previous genius Im allowed here He took a step forward and pointed to the medal hanging from a strip of hide amid the dirt and pine needles stuck to the sweat on his chest Half naked, sunbaked, and covered in blood up to his elbows, his father appeared the embodiment of a mad barbarian Raithe wouldnt have believed him, either.See this his father went on The burnished metal clutched by thick ruddy fingers reflected the midday sun I fought for your people against the Gula Rhunes in the High Spear Valley I did well A Fhrey commander gave me this Said I earned a reward.Dureyan clan, the taller servant told the god, his tone somewhere between disappointment and disgust He wore a rich looking silver torc around his neckboth servants did The jewelry must be a mark of their station.The gangly man lacked a beard but sported a long nose, sharp cheeks, and small clever eyes He reminded Raithe of a weasel or a fox, and he wasnt fond of either Raithe was also repulsed by how the man stood stooped, eyes low, hands clasped Abused dogs exhibited self esteem.What kind of men travel with a god Thats right Im Herkimer, son of Hiemdal, and this is my son Raithe.Youve broken the law, the servant stated The nasal tone even sounded the way a weasel might talk.No, no Its not like that Not at all.The lines on his fathers face deepened, and his lips stretched tighter He stopped walking forward but held the medal out like a talisman, his eyes hopeful This proves what Im saying, that I earned a reward See, I sort of figured wehe gestured toward Raithemy son and I could live on this little point He waved at the meadow We dont need much Hardly anything, really You see, on our side of the river, back in Dureya, the dirts no good We cant grow anything, and theres nothing to hunt.The pleading in his fathers voice was something Raithe hadnt heard before and didnt like.Youre not allowed here This time it was the other servant, the balding one Like the tall weasel faced fellow, he lacked a proper beard, as if growing one were a thing that needed to be taught The lack of hair exposed in fine detail a decidedly sour expression.But you dont understand I fought for your people I bled for your people I lost three sons fighting for your kind And I was promised a reward Herkimer held out the medal again, but the god didnt look at it He stared past them, focusing on some distant, irrelevant point.Herkimer let go of the medal If this spot is a problem, well move My son actually liked another place west of here Wed be farther away from you Would that be better Although the god still didnt look at them, he appeared even annoyed Finally he spoke You will obey.An average voice Raithe was disappointed He had expected thunder.The god then addressed his servants in the divine language Raithes father had taught him some of their tongue He wasnt fluent but knew enough to understand the god didnt want them to have weapons on this side of the river A moment later the tall servant relayed the message in Rhunic Only Fhrey are permitted to possess weapons west of the Bern Cast yours into the river.Herkimer glanced at their gear piled near a stump and in a resigned voice told Raithe, Get your spear and do as they say.And the sword off your back, the tall servant said.Herkimer looked shocked and glanced over his shoulder as if hed forgotten the weapon was there Then he faced the god and spoke directly to him in the Fhrey language This is my family blade I cannot throw it away.The god sneered, showing teeth.Its a sword, the servant insisted.Herkimer hesitated only a moment Okay, okay, fine Well go back across the river, right now Cmon, Raithe.The god made an unhappy sound.After you give up the sword, the servant said.Herkimer glared This copper has been in my family for generations.Its a weapon Toss it down.Herkimer looked at his son, a sidelong glance.Although he might not have been a good fatherwasnt as far as Raithe was concernedHerkimer had instilled one thing in all his sons pride Self respect came from the ability to defend oneself Such things gave a man dignity In all of Dureya, in their entire clan, his father was the only man to wield a sworda metal blade Wrought from beaten copper, its marred, dull sheen was the color of a summer sunset, and legend held that the short bladed heirloom had been mined and fashioned by a genuine Dherg smith In comparison with the gods sword, whose hilt was intricately etched and encrusted with gems, the copper blade was pathetic Still, Herkimers weapon defined him enemy clans knew him as Coppersworda feared and respected title His father could never give up that blade.The roar of the river was cut by the cry of a hawk soaring above Birds were known to be the embodiment of omens, and Raithe didnt take the soaring wail as a positive sign In its eerie echo, his father faced the god I cant give you this sword.Raithe couldnt help but smile Herkimer, son of Hiemdal, of Clan Dureya wouldnt bend so far, not even for a god.The smaller servant took the horses lead as the god dismounted.Raithe watchedimpossible not to The way the god moved was mesmerizing, so graceful, fluid, and poised Despite the impressive movement, the god wasnt physically imposing He wasnt tall, broad, or muscled Raithe and his father had built strong shoulders and arms by wielding spear and shield throughout their lives The god, on the other hand, appeared delicate, as if he had lived bedridden and spoon fed If the Fhrey were a man, Raithe wouldnt have been afraid Given the disparity between them in weight and height, hed avoid a fight, even if challenged To engage in such an unfair match would be cruel, and he wasnt cruel His brothers had received Raithes share of that particular trait.You dont understand Herkimer tried once to explain This sword has been handed down from father to sonThe god rushed forward and punched Raithes father in the stomach, doubling him over Then the Fhrey stole the copper sword, a dull scrape sounding as the weapon came free of its sheath While Herkimer was catching his breath, the god examined the weapon with revulsion Shaking his head, the god turned his back on Herkimer to show the tall servant the pitiable blade Instead of joining the gods ridicule of the weapon, the servant cringed Raithe saw the future through the weasel mans expression, for he was the first to notice Herkimers reaction.Raithes father drew the skinning knife from his belt and lunged.This time the god didnt disappoint With astounding speed, he whirled and drove the copper blade into Raithes fathers chest Herkimers forward momentum did the work of running the sword deep The fight ended the moment it began His father gasped and fell, the sword still in his chest.Raithe didnt think If he had paused even for an instant, he might have reconsidered, but there was of his father in him than he wanted to believe The sword being the only weapon within reach, he pulled the copper from his fathers body With all his might, Raithe swung at the gods neck He fully expected the blade to cut clean through, but the copper sliced only air as the divine being dodged The god drew his own weapon as Raithe swung again The two swords met A dull ping sounded, and the weight in Raithes hands vanished along with most of the blade When he finished his swing, only the hilt of his familys heritage remained the rest flew through the air and landed in a tuft of young pines.The god stared at him with a disgusted smirk, then spoke in the divine language Not worth dying for, was it Then the god raised his blade once as Raithe shuffled backward.Too slow Too slow His retreat was futile Raithe was dead Years of combat training told him so In that instant before understanding became reality, he had the chance to regret his entire life.Ive done nothing, he thought as his muscles tightened for the expected burst of pain.It never came.Raithe had lost track of the servantsso had the god Neither of the combatants expected, nor saw, the tall weasel faced man slam his master in the back of the head with a river rock the size and shape of a round loaf of bread Raithe realized what had happened only after the god collapsed, revealing the servant and his stone.Run, the rock bearer said With any luck, his head will hurt too much for him to chase us when he wakes.What have you done the other servant shouted, his eyes wide as he backed up, pulling the gods horse away.Calm down, the one holding the rock told the other servant.Raithe looked at his father, lying on his back Herkimers eyes were still open, as if watching clouds Raithe had cursed his father many times over the years The man neglected his family, pitted his sons against one another, and had been away when Raithes mother and sister died In some waysmany waysRaithe hated his father, but at that moment what he saw was a man who had taught his sons lessons to fight and not give in Herkimer had done the best with what he had, and what he had was a life trapped on barren soil because the gods made capricious demands Raithes father never stole, cheated, or held his tongue when something needed to be said He was a hard man, a cold man, but one who had the courage to stand up for himself and what was right What Raithe saw on the ground at his feet was the last of his dead family.He felt the broken sword in his hands.Praise for Michael J Sullivan Hair raising escapes, flashy sword fights, and faithful friendship complete the formula for good old fashioned escapist fun Publishers Weekly , on Theft of Swords Filled with adventure and clever dialog and featuring a pair of not quite heroes whose loyalties to each other provide them with their greatest strength, this epic fantasy showcases the arrival of a master storyteller Library Journal , on Theft of Swords With less gore and a smaller cast of characters than George R R Martins Song of Ice and Fire but equally satisfying, Sullivans epic fantasy will be gaining fans at exponential rates Library Journal , on The Rose and the Thorn Age of Myth Book One The Legends the First Empire Praise for Age Sullivan brings his masterful world building and agile imagination to bear on a host interesting characters Kindle edition by Michael J Download it once read your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Silver age Wikipedia A silver is name often given particular period within history coming after an historical golden whereby Silver replication, being similarly prestigious eventful but 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adventures Profiles profiles people Join Facebook connect with may gives Executive Profile Biography Mr Sullivan, Esq Chairman Board HarborOne Bancorp, Inc MHC May He Partner Ashcroft Group, LLC Series Order novelist fiction fantasy, introduction PhD St Mary University Biography Professor research interests focus ethics immigration enforcement, ethics, civil military relations, rights obligations citizenship New York Estate Litigation Lawyer msullivan novicklawgroup attorney Novick Associates Background Brooklyn, New Colgate NYC Business Law EGS LLP member Firm, seasoned counselor, experience specializes litigation, defense D matters, class Change Management Manager preview LinkedIn members say dedicated passionate professional deep expertise Talent Development Age of Myth: Book One of The Legends of the First Empire (English Edition)


    • Age of Myth: Book One of The Legends of the First Empire (English Edition)
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