⑅ Free Format Kindle [ Fangoria's 101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen: A Celebration of the World's Most Unheralded Fright Flicks ] ② Kindle By Adam Lukeman ├

⑅ Free Format Kindle [ Fangoria's 101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen: A Celebration of the World's Most Unheralded Fright Flicks ] ② Kindle By Adam Lukeman ├ ⑅ Free Format Kindle [ Fangoria's 101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen: A Celebration of the World's Most Unheralded Fright Flicks ] ② Kindle By Adam Lukeman ├ Chapter 1 Alice, Sweet Alice a.k.a Communion If you survive this night, nothing will scare you again.Category Killers SlashersYear 1976Director Alfred SoleWriters Rosemary Ritvo, Alfred SoleCountry USADVD Availability Anchor BayLead Actors CharactersLinda Miller Catherine SpagesMildred Clinton Mrs TredoniPaula E Sheppard Alice SpagesNiles McMaster Dom SpagesBrooke Shields Karen SpagesThe StoryIf you like your slasher films filled with Catholic imagery and well developed characters, this movie is for you Two sisters Karen Brooke Shields , the beautiful one, and Alice Paula E Sheppard , the strange and twisted one who likes wearing her school s yellow slicker and a translucent mask are about to take their First Communion Alice is extremely jealous of Karen, steals her doll, and locks her sister in an abandoned building As those about to receive their First Communion file into the church, a masked character in a hooded school raincoat suddenly grabs Karen and strangles her The killer pulls off her crucifix before setting her on fire Smoke fills the church and panic sets in.Catherine Linda Miller , the girls mother, is naturally devastated, and her ex husband Dominick Niles McMaster soon arrives to help her Alice and Karen s aunt Annie, who hates Alice, believes the girl is the killer Other characters in this truly riveting movie include Father Tom, his suffocating housekeeper Mrs Tredoni, and a repulsive fat guy named Alfonso who lives downstairs and eats cat food.All suspicion turns toward Alice, who begins to have sordid encounters with Alfonso Alice is certified as schizophrenic and violent, so when Dominick receives a call from his niece to meet her in an abandoned building so she can return Karen s crucifix, we immediately suspect that Alice is striking again when he is met and slashed by someone in a mask and yellow raincoat Scenes of violence continue, including a character being beaten with a brick, another being thrown out a window, and brutal stabbings However, the most terrifying image throughout this film is that of the yellow school raincoat and translucent mask with a hint of lipstick underneath More can t be said without giving away the shocking and surprising conclusion.Alice, Sweet Alice is a first rate thriller, evocatively set in working class New Jersey, that raises many strange questions, keeping viewers firmly planted in their seats Paula Sheppard gives a fantastic performance as Alice The fear and horror of the film are augmented by the omnipresent Catholic imagery This is thinking person s horror, with a dash of blood and mystery, and a tense, suspenseful accomplishment.Terror TriviaPrior to Alice, Alfred Sole directed the X rated Deep Sleep, which got him hauled into court on archaic obscenity charges in New Jersey Sole plea bargained, and the case led to the abandonment of these morals laws but the director was excommunicated from the Catholic Church, which inspired Alice s antireligious bent.The movie was rereleased in 1981 as Holy Terror, with new poster and ad art playing up Brooke Shields s role she had Endless Love in theaters at the time Alone in the DarkThey re out for blood Don t let them find you .Category Killers SlashersYear 1982Director Jack SholderWriter Jack Sholder, from story by Jack Sholder, Robert Shaye, and Michael HarpsterCountry USALead Actors CharactersDwight Schultz Dr Dan PotterDonald Pleasence Dr Leo BainJack Palance Frank HawkesMartin Landau Byron Preacher SutcliffThe StoryDwight Schultz Lieutenant Reginald Barclay from both the Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager series plays Dr Dan Potter here, a psychologist and straight arrow family man who is starting a new job at an insane asylum, and who just moved his wife and young daughter into a new home He feels privileged to be working with the hospital s head doctor, Dr Leo Bain Donald Pleasence , well known for his untraditional yet effective methods of working with psychotics Dr Bain is a far out, pot smoking shrink who acts like a friendly fellow inmate than a medico Bain s philosophy is that nobody is insane, just on a journey In Alone in the Dark Pleasence carries the same intense aura displayed in his performance as Halloween s Dr Loomis, the hunter of Michael Myers.Unfortunately for Dr Dan, he is replacing a doctor who was popular among a particularly dangerous clique of psychotic killers In the paranoid mind of Frank Hawkes Jack Palance , the leader of this group, Dr Dan has killed their former psychiatrist to gain his new position Inciting the motley crew of nuts, which includes Martin Landau, Frank hatches a plot to take sweet revenge All they need, he says, is to wait for the right moment.A citywide blackout comes upon them almost like an act of the devil, inciting their plan into action and a bloodbath to come Controlled by electricity, the locking mechanisms at the asylum fail, freeing our group of gruesome buddies Finding themselves in the midst of mass civil looting and burning on the outside, they take full advantage, entering a shopping mall and arming themselves to the teeth with knives, crossbows, guns, and baseball bats Emerging out of the darkness, they surround Dr Dan, his family, and some friends inside his home, and the murderous siege begins.At its essence, Alone in the Dark is about an otherwise nonviolent and vulnerable family who must join together in self defense and are forced to kill for survival The film includes a scene where the mother must stab a psycho to death, and she does so with all the disgust and hesitation any normal person would feel We feel her horror as she penetrates with the knife The tension runs high as we watch Dr Dan, who must embrace murderous rage and kill the very people he was intent on curing, and his visiting sister, who works to hold together her already weakened nervous system.Though released on the heels of landmark slashers such as Friday the 13th and Halloween and obviously inspired by the same , watching this otherwise mundane American family having to embrace their primitive sides, the several nice plot twists, and so many good actors in one place makes Alone in the Dark a memorable viewing experience.Terror TriviaAlone in the Dark was the first horror film produced by New Line Cinema, which had previously found success distributing genre fare It paved the way for such productions as the Nightmare on Elm Street series, for which Alone director Jack Sholder helmed the second installment.Sholder made his directorial debut on this film after working as an editor on projects like the slasher cheapie The Burning In his original concept for Alone in the Dark, the villains were mafiosi.Tom Savini Friday the 13th was called in to provide a last minute effect for the nightmare scene Apt PupilIf you don t believe in the existence of evil, you have a lot to learn.Category Killers SlashersYear 1998Director Bryan SingerWriter Brandon Boyce, from novella by Stephen KingCountry USADVD Availability Columbia TriStarLead Actors CharactersIan McKellen Kurt DussanderBrad Renfro Todd BowdenBruce Davison Richard BowdenElias Koteas ArchieJoe Morton Dan RichlerThe StoryApt Pupil was a recipe for quality right from the start, directed by Bryan Singer coming off the success of The Usual Suspects , adapted from a novella by Stephen King from the Different Seasons collection , and starring such a high caliber actor as Ian McKellen, whose credits include The Keep see later entry in this book , Gods and Monsters, and most recently the Lord of the Rings trilogy.McKellen plays Kurt Dussander, a Nazi who committed atrocities and has been hiding in an American suburb for forty years, now nothing but a frail, old alcoholic Teenager Todd Bowden, played by Brad Renfro The Client , is studying the Holocaust in school when he recognizes the Nazi from a picture in a book Todd has a dark side, and instead of turning in the old man, he blackmails him, forcing him to share the deeds of his horrible past in gruesome detail.Apt Pupil is an examination of evil, how it can spread and develop a life of its own The stories of the Nazis have a profound effect upon Todd s thinking, and he begins to transform, becoming evil himself Encouraging the Nazi and feeding off his anguish, Todd brings him an old SS uniform, forcing Kurt Dussander to put it on and march the way he once did When the elderly Nazi objects, Todd replies, What you ve suffered with me is nothing compared to what the Israelis would do to you Now move It is a chilling moment.Director Bryan Singer creates a thick, suffocating atmosphere, while Ian McKellen gives an authoritative and powerful performance Apt Pupil is a study of the dark side of humanity and delivers its fear through the exposure of what can lie inside mankind.Terror TriviaStephen King s novella ends with Todd going on a shooting rampage, but the movie opts for a subtle ending This decision had nothing to do with current events, as the film opened several months before the Columbine tragedy The critically acclaimed movies Stand by Me and The Shawshank Redemption are also based on stories from Different Seasons From this collection, only The Breathing Method remains to be filmed.A previous film version of Apt Pupil was attempted in 1987, but ran into financing problems and was shut down This version starred Rick Schroder N.Y.P.D Blue and Nicol Williamson Excalibur , and was directed by Alan Bridges.Ian McKellen plays a Nazi victim in both The Keep and X Men, his second film with director Bryan Singer The AsphyxIf it were in your power would you sacrifice yourA FEAST OF FRIGHTFUL FLICKS WAITING TO BE REDISCOVEREDAs the leading name in the world of horror, Fangoria magazine has been the source of information for fans of fright flicks for than twenty yearscovering feature films, video games, comic books, collectibles, and all aspects of horror entertainment Working closely with Fangorias experts, including Editor in Chief Anthony Timpone, Adam Lukeman has compiled a must have guide for casual horror fans and hardcore horror junkies with Fangorias 101 Best Horror Films Youve Never Seen With a brief synopsis for each of the included films, lists of cast and crew, Terror Trivia, and little known facts about these lesser known but must see gems, Fangorias 101 Best Horror Films Youve Never Seen offers a feast of gruesome information Featured here are flicks that were dumped by their distributors or were initially flops, like Cherry Falls, Manhunter, and Pumpkinhead, foreign winners such as Cronos, The Vanishing, and Funny Games, and straight to video sleepers waiting to be discovered, including Shadowbuilder, Jack Be Nimble, and Nomads There are even surprise entries directed by industry giantsmovies like George A Romeros Day of the Dead, Brian De Palmas Sisters, or Dario Argentos Operathat are frequently overshadowed by the filmmakers other, better known works but are worthy of further examination Entertaining and informative, Fangorias 101 Best Horror Movies Youve Never Seen offers than a hundred reasons to look beyond the often ho hum Hollywood hype fests when youre really in the mood to feel your flesh crawl. Fangoria s Best Horror Movies You ve Never Seen How A The NOOK Book eBook of the Fangoria Celebration World Most Unheralded Fright Flicks by Adam Membership Gift Cards Stores Events Help Barnes Noble Press Publish your book with BN Learn More Lukeman BEST HORROR MOVIES YOU VE NEVER SEEN CELEBRATION OF THE WORLD S MOST UNHERALDED FRIGHT FLICKS is a great resource for fans horror genre, and younger or those new to genre that is, who don t have time resources go back check out every obscure flick past might especially find it helpful Entertaining informative, offers than hundred reasons look beyond often ho hum Hollywood hype fests when you re really in mood feel flesh crawl best movies never seen Get this from library celebration world most unheralded fright flicks Anthony Timpone For flicks, compendium explores such favorites as Christmas Evil, Cold Light Day, Alone Dark, Changeling, Ninth Gate, Stir Echoes, Nest, Author Frippotronic See Email friends Share on Facebook opens window tab Twitter Pinterest In early Crescent published FANGORIA thirteen each decade s, Having Read Rory Gil Reading Challenge NPR Top Science Fiction Fantasy Books Classic Selling All Time Be Considered Well BBCProTour Order Merit PDC ProTour based prize money won Players Championship events, Coral UK Open Qualifiers European Tour events over rolling month period Cult Midnight Discover Weird, Sleazy Cult Sleazy, Sexy, Crazy Good Cinema Classics Kindle edition Danny Peary Download once read device, PC, phones tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Fangoria's 101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen: A Celebration of the World's Most Unheralded Fright Flicks


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