ᆎ Paperback @From Word to Kindle: Self Publishing Your Kindle Book with Microsoft Word, or Tips on Formatting Your Document So Your Ebook Won't Look Terrible (Kindle Publishing) ⚬ By Aaron Shepard ⚾

ᆎ Paperback @From Word to Kindle: Self Publishing Your Kindle Book with Microsoft Word, or Tips on Formatting Your Document So Your Ebook Won't Look Terrible (Kindle Publishing) ⚬ By Aaron Shepard ⚾ ᆎ Paperback @From Word to Kindle: Self Publishing Your Kindle Book with Microsoft Word, or Tips on Formatting Your Document So Your Ebook Won't Look Terrible (Kindle Publishing) ⚬ By Aaron Shepard ⚾ CONTENTSGetting Started1 FIRST STEPSWorking with Word Document Setup Text Cleanup2 KINDLE FORMATTINGSpecial Characters Font Formatting Paragraph Styles Paragraph Spacing Paragraph Justification Line Breaking Page Layout3 SPECIAL ELEMENTSOther Paragraphs Lists Tables Text Boxes and Sidebars Footnotes and Endnotes Pictures4 NAVIGATIONWeb Links Internal Links Tables of Contents Menu Items5 FINAL STEPSHTML Export Book Covers Book Data Submitting and Previewing SAMPLE 1By default, Word will apply the Normal style to your paragraphs knows this, so for some Kindles, it hijacks that style, changing its formatting to what prefers This can lead, for example, to unwanted space above or below a paragraph.If you want control of your own formatting, then, youll have to avoid the Normal style and apply something different Theres no problem, though, with applying styles based on Normal, or even with applying a duplicate of Normal under a completely different name.In regard to this, watch out for manual page breaks in recent versions of Word Unless youre in Compatibility Mode, each break is now placed in a paragraph of its own, and the Normal style is assigned automatically That in itself isnt a problem but if you then hit Return and start typing, your new paragraph will be in Normal as well This is another reason to stick to the paragraph format setting Page break before to start a new page You can change all paragraphs already in Normal style to a different one by using the Format menu in the Find and Replace dialog Dont enter any text, but place your cursor in first the Find box and then the Replace while choosing a style for each SAMPLE 2To save you some grief, Ill warn you right now that testing your Go To menu items may not do you much good For example, due to numerous bugs, they are unlikely to work right or at all in files generated or even just viewed with s desktop Kindle Previewer Your best bet is to test on a hardware Kindle with a preview copy converted on the KDP site.But even if you get everything to test perfectly, it may mean nothing, because KDP staff may manually change the start location after publication Yes, they may simply move it where they think it should be, and without telling you As far fetched as this sounds, it is not speculation KDP staff will confirm this themselves, if you ask them as I have The only way to know if this has happened is to get a copy after the book has gone on sale If you discover a change at that point, all you can do is ask KDP staff to change it back in the hope theyll comply or else send the book through again in the hope it will be treated better the next time But on the Kindle as in life, there are no guarantees SAMPLE 3Theres a great deal of confusion about Kindle tables of contents, and for good reason There are actually two different kinds, and a Kindle book may have one, both, or neither Try to get to explain that to you The first kind is an HTML table of contents, also called embedded, internal, or inline When you export to HMTL, Word will generate one from a linked table of contents youve constructed on a page of your source document Creating that table in Word is the subject of this section, while the next one tells how to get a link to your table of contents from the Kindles Go To menu The HTML table of contents is the only kind you can export from Word.The second kind is an NCX table of contents, also called logical NCX stands for navigation control file for XML or such, and it is a special type of file included in ebooks The NCX file can be used to place content items like chapter headings directly onto the Kindles Go To menu as a shortcut for readers It can also set jump points for Kindles with physical navigation controllers.While an NCX table of contents is a nice convenience, you dont really need one, as long as you have the HTML table But besides that, there is no way to generate an NCX table with Word alone Creating the NCX file requires special ebook software or hand building in HTML well beyond the scope of this book So, if youre trying to keep things simple, I suggest you forget about NCX tables of contents.Theres another reason you might want to ignore them In late 2013, has been adding an NCX table of contents automatically to at least some books submitted without one Chapter headings and other phrases might now be added to the Go To menu some time after publication not just by the time the book goes on sale If you see such items in the menu for this book, thats how they got there.BOOKS ON PUBLISHING BY AARON SHEPARDFROM WORD TO KINDLE Self Publishing Your Kindle Book with Microsoft Word, or Tips on Formatting Your Document So Your Ebook Wont Look Terrible Using Word to prepare a Kindle book isnt nearly as difficult as many will tell you, but its also not as simple and straightforward as others claim In this book, Aaron offers his own tips for creating attractive, professional text with reasonable effort.PICTURES ON KINDLE Self Publishing Your Kindle Book with Photos, Art, or Graphics, or Tips on Formatting Your Ebooks Images to Make Them Look Great Almost everything youve read about formatting pictures for Kindle is wrong Aaron brings his years of experience in book design, webmastering, and photography to bear on a single question How do you make pictures look great on the Kindle HTML FIXES FOR KINDLE Advanced Self Publishing for Kindle Books, or Tips on Tweaking Your Apps HTML So Your Ebooks Look Their Best Saving HTML from Word or another program can bring you maybe 80% of the way to a well formatted ebook but what about the other 20% Aaron provides the tips to bring your Kindle book to the next level.THE BUSINESS OF WRITING FOR CHILDREN Writing books for children is both art and business If you dream of becoming a childrens author or even if youre well on your way this handbook can help you in writing sellable stories, getting them published, and promoting your books Read The Business of Writing for Children to learn the secrets you might spend years discovering for yourself.ADVENTURES IN WRITING FOR CHILDREN Fifteen years after publishing The Business of Writing for Children .coms all time bestseller among guides to childrens writing Aaron returns with a new collection of articles on the art and business of creating literature for young people Whether youre aiming at traditional publishers or choosing to self publish, let Adventures in Writing for Children help you pursue an adventure of your own.AIMING AT The NEW Business of Self Publishing, or How to Publish Your Books with Print on Demand and Online Book Marketing on .com There has never been a self publishing manual like this Aiming at is NOT about getting your book into bookstores Instead, it lays out an innovative approach that targets sales on .com It reveals how to make a book sell well online, with tips never before offered And it doesnt stop there it gives you a way to publish your book that can greatly increase your profit per copy Avoid publishing plans that handicap you almost before you begin Let Aiming at introduce you to the NEW business of self publishing.POD FOR PROFIT More on the NEW Business of Self Publishing, or How to Publish Your Books With Online Book Marketing and Print on Demand by Lightning Source CreateSpace uses it Lulu.com uses it So do AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Xlibris, and almost every other self publishing company in the US, Canada, and the UK Lightning Source is the printer and distributor at the heart of the print on demand industry So, why pay a middleman In this follow up to his groundbreaking book Aiming at , Aaron Shepard explores how to greatly increase your profit by working directly with Lightning If youre serious about making money with POD publishing, this book can show you the way.PERFECT PAGES Self Publishing with Microsoft Word, or How to Design Your Own Book for Desktop Publishing and Print on Demand Word 97 2003 for Windows, Word 2004 for Mac Nowadays, new technologies and services have made it easier than ever to publish your book, but theres one question you may still face Do I need an expensive page layout program, or can I just use a word processor like Microsoft Word With this book as guide, youll soon be producing pages from Word that no reviewer will scoff at. 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    • From Word to Kindle: Self Publishing Your Kindle Book with Microsoft Word, or Tips on Formatting Your Document So Your Ebook Won't Look Terrible (Kindle Publishing)
    • 3.1
    • 240
    • Paperback
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    • Aaron Shepard
    • English
    • 27 May 2016

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