⛅ Types of text ‼ A Start With Forth 2017: Forth - Bits and Bites ⛎ Kindle Author Juergen Pintaske ⛹

⛅ Types of text ‼ A Start With Forth 2017: Forth - Bits and Bites  ⛎ Kindle Author Juergen Pintaske ⛹ ⛅ Types of text ‼ A Start With Forth 2017: Forth - Bits and Bites ⛎ Kindle Author Juergen Pintaske ⛹ And before the question comes up it is Bites and not Bytes the little bites from the Forth cake collected here.Have a Look Inside above the picture or order a free sample right hand side of the page and you have access to everything you need to try it out yourself and get a feel for how Forth works And see which of the demanding chapters are there Forth has been around for many years supposedly 2018 there will be a special event celebrating 50 YEARS OF FORTH, and hopefully the inventor Charles Moore will be participating.There is a wide range of information available on the Internet about Forth Too much information and too unstructured I think I faced the same problem, when I came back to learning a bit about Forth after 30 years Over the years, I had flicked through the Starting Forth by Leo Brodie book I had been given by a customer as a Thank You.When I looked around, there was a lot of information around, mostly for experienced people than I am in programming.Knowing MPE and Stephen Pelc at the time helped, but I could not find the documentation and hardware descriptions to be able to digest it in very small bites at my level Over the last 4 years I got into it, got to know many people in the Forth community who helped In this book, I want to collect the material I used for the software and hardware aspects and on the different platforms.Infection Area There is a danger that you might like the concepts shown here independent of other languages you use privately or in your work The concepts are the same everywhere.Risk of Addiction It seems that the way Forth works fits the brain setup of some people very well reflecting how they work anyway And there is the other group they detest Forth But it is probably like Marmite, very polarizing.Brain Massaging Forth probably adds another way of solving problems and this applies to ANY problem independent but including software and language independent.Problem Solving The very structured way, starting with very small bits and extending them into Words as they are called , basically defining new words, merging them into phrases, chapters and finally the book is ready your required solution of the specified problem Testing as Forth is interactive, and even the compiling only takes seconds often less you stay very close to your problem,can try out options, test them until ready, document this part sorry, no chance to go for lunch while the compiler takes over In this area Forth works best and fastest from my understanding compared to other languages.Mixed Language Programming MPE has introduced a product called Sockpuppet, where the MPE VFX is linked to other languages at the moment mostly C and all the testing advantages are accessible then via the Forth Add On Both groups can work independently in their best area of knowledge.Forth Bookshelf Over the last 4 years I got to know many people in the Forth community, and some agreed to have their documents formatted and published as eBook first and later probably as print if there is interest Get the information exposed to a wider audience.No Hardware to get a general understanding of Forth, the investment is just the eBook the examples can run on probably any PC and some parts as well on tablet and smartphones then using Gforth.On Controllers As hardware person, I want to see LEDs flash, make sounds and drive RC Servos here the TI MSP430 is used and as well an ST ARM board I must thank the many people that helped to make this book and the bookshelf possible and happen and here just a few names Charles Moore, Stephen Pelc, Leon Wagner, Michael Kalus, Paul Bennett, Dirk Bruehl, Matthias Koch, Ulrich Hoffmann, Chen Hanson Ting, Tim Hentlass, Leo Wong, Duncan Louttit, Bernd Paysan, and the Forth ev.de Website, where many news could be 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    • A Start With Forth 2017: Forth - Bits and Bites
    • 3.4
    • 274
    • Paperback
    • 268 pages
    • Juergen Pintaske
    • English
    • 19 April 2016

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