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⁁ Free $0.00 @1812: The Navy's War ⁜ By George C Daughan ⁽ ⁁ Free $0.00 @1812: The Navy's War ⁜ By George C Daughan ⁽ Other authors in the recent past have covered various aspects of the War of 1812, but George C Daughan has put it all together in one well written and interesting volume Its a book hard to put down and is most highly recommended as a good read Its coverage of an important time in the history of the United States will make it a worthy reference for years to come American SpiritThe fledgling U.S Navy had advantages that would surprise, infuriate and ultimately impress the British, as renowned naval military historian George C Daughan wonderfully illustrates in his new work, 1812 The Navys War Daughans love of the sea and naval history is infectious Those who are familiar with C.S Foresters Hornblower tales or Patrick O Brians stories of Captain Jack Aubrey will enjoy this narrative of the American side of the Napoleonic wars and thrill to the progress of an underdog along the route to world power 1812 The Navys War is an important, well researched and timely book next year marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 which scholars and lay persons alike will enjoy for its descriptions of the battles and Daughans analysis of the domestic and international dimensions of the war Charleston Post and CourierGeorge C Daughan again has penned a contributory history that is at once enjoyable to read and informative in its disclosures With considerable skill, the author has interwoven the political strife with the naval actions to form a coherent and well written story of that important transitional time in American history. Library Journal A compelling sequel to his award winning If By Sea.Daughan offers a rousing retelling of the war, strongly recommended for general readers, high school students, and lower classmen. Boston Globe A richly detailed, well documented, and compelling account.Daughans is a history that expands our understanding, debunking several popular myths In the end, this history of an oft forgotten war holds value for all.Readers who have been eagerly awaiting the bicentennial will find in Daughans 1812 an account that confirms why the conflict merits remembranceand celebration The Washington Independent Review of Books Kirkus ReviewsA naval experts readable take on the U.S Navys surprising performance in the war that finally reconciled the British to Americas independence A smart salute to a defining moment in the history of the U.S Navy Military History A finely researched volume.Readers are unlikely to find a engaging or stirring recounting of the conflict and its place in the rebirth of the U.S Navy San Francisco Book ReviewWith a sailors heart, Daughan follows the action of blue water battles on the Great Lakes, deep water fusillades, besieged ports, the razing of our nations capitol, and the victory at New Orleans that forever earned international respect for American resolve Expertly researched and illustrated, Daughan recounts the courage and skill of the men who gave birth to the United States Navy Roanoke Times 1812 should become a standard text for the serious history student This book will do well to remind us, in times of danger and uncertainty, of how welcome a bulwark is a powerful navy. The Wall Street JournalMr Daughan shows how the war at sea fitted into the American war effort and how the Navy and the country came out of the war better for the experience Mr Daughan suggests that the War of 1812 was indeed a second war of independence, completing what had been started in 1775, strengthening the nations democratic principles, and establishing a new and positive relationship in which Britain recognized Americas place in the world. San Antonio Express NewsA masterful, spellbinding account of maritime battles that pitted a fledgling republics 20 ship Navy against an experienced British fleet of than 1,000 men of war Daughan expertly walks his readers through the build up for war and its ensuing battles, keeping the action flowing with vivid descriptions of events that capture the imagination 1812 The Navys War is a mesmerizing tale.In this vitally important and extraordinarily well researched work, award winning historian George Daughan demonstrates the often overlooked impact of the 20 ship U.S Navys performance against the 1,000 ship British Navy in the War of 1812 Daughan makes a compelling case that the Navys performance in the war forced Europe to take the U.S seriously, initiated a fundamental change in the British American relationship, and enabled us to maintain a robust Navy even in peacetime.Thomas Fleming, author of Liberty The American RevolutionAt last, a history of the War of 1812 thatAmericans can read without wincing By focusing on our small butincredibly courageousNavy,George Daughanhas told a story of victories against awful odds thatmakes for a memorable book.In 1812 The Navys War, George C Daughan does a terrific job of explaining the wars origins in the British policy of boarding United States merchant ships and impressing sailors, and in its general treatment of America as an upstart challenging its supremacy on the high seas With painstaking attention to detail and the ability to make complex naval confrontations understandable, even gripping, Daughan pursues the war north to the St Lawrence River, east to the British coast where American privateers harassed British shipping, and south to New Orleans The Advocate Baton Rouge A deep and detailed page turner of a book With crystal clear maps and unadorned prose, Daughan gives new life to the personalities, strategies and desperate struggles of the consequential, yet ultimately unproductive War of 1812 Daughan narrates the story of the all important naval war with a palpable sense of expectancy on nearly every page with the clock ticking and the battle at hand.Vice Admiral Robert F Dunn, Washington TimesEdward L Widmer, author of Ark of the Liberties America and the WorldThe War of 1812 was a difficult test for the United States, still wobbly on the world stage nearly two decades after formal independence That Americans received a passing grade was due in no small part to the exceptional performance of the U.S Navy, which humiliated the legendary British Navy time and time again.With verve and deep research, George Daughan has brought those gripping naval battlesback to life For military historians and general historians alike, 1812 The Navy s War restores an importantmissing chapter to our nationalnarrative Richard Brookhiser, author of James MadisonThe War of 1812 was America s first great naval war, and George Daughan tells the story, from the coast of Brazil to the Great Lakes, from election campaigns to grand strategy to ship to ship combat Sweeping, exciting and detailed.Lawrence Korb, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and former Assistant Secretary of DefenseRobert Middlekauff, author of The Glorious Cause The American Revolution, 1763 1789 1812 The Navys Waris a sparkling effort It tells than the naval history of the war, for there is much in it about the politics and diplomacy of the war years The stories of ship to ship battles and of the officers and men who sailed and fought form the wonderful heart of the book These accounts are told in a handsome prose that conveys the strategy, high feeling, and courage of both British and Americans In every way this is a marvelous book.Douglas Brinkley, Professor of History, Rice UniversityEvery American should read George C Daughans riveting 1812 The Navy s War Daughan masterfully breaks down complicated naval battles to tell how the U.S thwarted the British armada on the Great Lakes and the high seas Highly recommended Publishers WeeklyA solidly researched, well crafted account of U.S sea power in the War of 1812 Daughans achievement is contextualizing the effect of the U.S Navys victories What kept the peace, Daughan argues provocatively, was Americas post war commitment to a strong navy, an adequate professional army, and the financial reforms necessary to support them in other words, an effective deterrent Tucson Citizen Daughan has written a concise, invaluable history of the War of 1812, placing it in context and making it accessible for modern readers The War of 1812 was Americas first great naval war and Daughans crisp writing and extraordinary research helps breath life into this defining moment of our national history.The Weekly StandardFrequently the War of 1812 is seen as a sequence of freestanding, intensely dramatic events rather than as the tightly intertwined series of battles, military campaigns, diplomacy, and domestic politics that it was But if a compulsion to concentrate excessively on the spectacular bits and pieces of the conflict has been an endemic problem among academics and writers, this volume is an antidote Daughan not only thoroughly illuminates the emotion triggering events of the conflict he also adds the background that connects the highlights That background includes, for example, the American and British domestic politics and diplomacy, which were continuously both cause and effect in the process. The Providence JournalGeorge C Daughan holds a Ph.D in American history and government from Harvard University and won the 2008 Samuel Eliot Morison Award for his previous book, If By Sea He resides in Portland, Maine. 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